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Inaugural World Beach Games to be held in 2015


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Today in Saint Petersburg, Russia, SportAccord announced that they will be launching the first ever World Beach Games in 2015, and have received bids from three nations: Brazil, United Arab Emirates and United States.


When I read this news I was excited about the idea that some lesser known cities, or smaller cities who happen to be on a coast might be able to host a large scale sporting event. The event is intended to be low cost because of natural resources of the beach (sand and ocean...) and temporary venues that are used for the event. In my opinion, I think that Brazil and USA could stage an outstanding Beach games, but need more information about the UAE. So which cities do you think could make good bids for the World Beach Games??

For the United States, I think cities that should be considered as bids are:

*Atlantic City, New Jersey: They could use the games to show that they are not dead after Hurricane Sandy. Also known for having a great boardwalk and a great vacation spot.

*Long Beach, California: A well known city for surfing and other beach sports, also hosted some of the events from the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics. Could also could co-bid with Los Angeles.

*Honolulu, Hawaii: Who doesn't want to go to Hawaii?? Wikiki Beach would be an amazing venue for the beach games, and Honolulu definatly has the infrestructure and hotel space to support the games.

*Miami, Florida: Just like Hawaii, who doesn't want go to Miami?? Miami does have the experience of hosting large scale events from hosting the Super Bowl multiple times, and is also a highly multicultural area.

*San Diego, California: San Diego is also a great city that could host the games, having a beach on the Pacific, and also plenty of hotel space to host the crowds.

*Virginia Beach, Virginia: I had to throw in Va. Beach, since it's just 20 miles from my hometown. Virginia Beach would be an example of a smaller, lesser known town that could bid for the games. Having grown up neatby, I could tell you that the area has plenty of hotel space, and has hosted events such as the East Coast Surfing Championships and the North American Sand Soccer Championships since 1994.

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