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Memories of Albertville 1992

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I found this --


with very interesting comments about visiting the 3 French winter Olympic host cities many years after. Among these are:

about Albertville: "You can’t even buy any Olympic memorabilia from the 1992 games. There are no souvenir tee shirts, no posters, nothing. You can see a scattering of 1992 Olympic logos around town for pictures but nothing you can take home. I don’t know if there is a licensing agreement with the IOC or something but I found that strange, especially given how recent the games were held there. That is the town’s legacy and I can guarantee you, the Olympics in their current state of media madness, will never be in a small alpine village like Albertville again."

(If he only knew how and why Albertville got chosen to do the 1992 honors. :lol: :lol: )

about Grenoble: "The 1968 Olympics help to really modernize the town. It got an airport and really helped with infrastructure and of course notoriety. Those Olympics also featured Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy winning 3 gold medals and of course American figure skater Peggy Fleming winning her own which really helped the popularity of the Winter Olympics in the United States.

The other cool thing about Grenoble, which has become a great college town, is that anywhere you are in town, if you look up, you’ll see high alpine peaks surrounding the town. It is very cool and a nice place to be. Nothing spectacular but very pleasant."

The blog was written September 2012.

Also, found this equally interesting poster of the 1992 Winter Paralympics -- a broken bird/plane headed for a certain mountainside crash? (What is it with these French designers?? :(


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^^ I kinda liked Albertville logo, it was a change from the snowflake trend that almost all of the previous logos (sans Innsbruck and Lake Placid) had which was starting to get annoying. As for the games legacy, besides having some nice sport infrastructure which is still used, there are not many traces that the Olympics were held there, which is a shame, and many only know of Albertville just because it hosted the olympics. However he is a bit wrong that a small location can't host the Winter Olympics again. Pyeongchang is also kinda small and much like Albertville, many didn't knew of that place until they were given the honors.

(Also, you meant that thing many assume that Albertville was the consolation prize for France after losing the 1992 Summer Olympics ?)

I hope France host an Olympics again, but most french people seem to be opposed to it (you just had to see how low was the popular support for Annecy. I think Paris has a lot of chances if they bid for 2024 now that America and Asia are hosting in a row....as long as no stupid politician does a foot in mouth moment again.

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Another one -- article on what would have been the 2nd Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1940) Olympic winter Games. Note the poster with the Olympic and Nazi flags sie by side.


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