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Peru to boost expenditure on elite sports training, facility infrastructure
Lima, Oct. 13 (ANDINA). Peruvian government will increase the overall budget on the enhancing of sporting facilities and on the training of elite athletes for the 2019 Pan American Games, said Juan Jimenez, President of Peru's Cabinet of Ministers.
Jimenez praised the joint work of the government along with the institutions committed to Peruvian sport as it was decisive in the election of Lima, Peru's capital, as the host city of the major sporting event in the Americas.
Moreover, he stressed the Games will allow a greater implementation of the ongoing social inclusion policy carried out by the Ollanta Humala's administration.
Likewise, he highlighted the national unity prior to the election as well as the hard work of the delegation in charge of promoting Lima's bid in Toronto, Canada, which differed from the others by having the presence of top representative authorities.
"Peru is committed to use its full potential to organize and deliver the best edition of the Pan American Games in history," the Cabinet Chief said while noting the government is thinking in the country's future earning from this sporting mega-event.
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I think it should be ideal sort of Incas children, showing how proud is Peru of their millenial history and culture. Children figures were "mascots" in Lillehammer '94, for instance...

(Still hurting Santiago failure.... Ouch!.. snif!!!)

Something like this??

Do you agree??



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Yes!! It should be... By coincidence the Spanish word LLAMA stands for two meanings:The Andean animal and for FLAME...

When is spanish we reffer to "The Olympic flame" we say "La LLAMA Olímpica"

So, this time the very word LLAMA reffers to the Animal and the flame itself. by saying "LA LLAMA PANAMERICANA" (the animal and the flame just in one :P:D:lol:

Do you agree?

Visit this link and you will see the two words in one concept:


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the olympic panamerican llama, love it.

and about the mascot, some people are propuosing to La Tigresa del Oriente. :P



In November, work will begin to modernize the Villa Deportiva Nacional de San Luis , which will be the first step to start improving sports infrastructure towards 2019 Pan American Games to be held in our capital city .
Precisely, this remodeling project was part of the record Lima 2019 that was presented in the assembly of the PASO , Toronto , Canada , where our country was chosen for the third event of the planet.
On a total area of ​​224 000 628.27 square meters, will be built 27 000 630.66 square meters prioritizing two gymnasiums, Velodrome reconstruction , improvement of artificial light on the athletics track and the town of concentration for athletes.
In the Sports 1 of 9000 500 square meters , will benefit sports Handball , Basketball , gymnastics and table tennis .
In the Sports 2 11 thousand 500 square meters will benefit Judo, Taekwondo , Karate , Kung Fu , Bowglin , shot airgun , weightlifting, badminton , wrestling, kick boxing , and fencing .
Currently, the center has a Volleyball High Performance Floating three tennis class for training and there is also the High Performance Centre where he practiced Tae Kwon Do , Judo and Wrestling.
Also cycling will be favored when rebuilding the velodrome . The athletic track of the Sports Village will be improved artificial light , thus inaugurated , night racing . The concentration villa athletes will have the capacity to accommodate about 300 athletes from all over Peru .
The works of this great national sport transformation will begin in November and will have a term of 10 months. The estimated investment for this project is around 130 million soles .
(the piece of new is in spanish)
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Neven Ilic, president of Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) stated Santiago will bid for 2023 Pan Am Games.

(Note in Spanish)


He stated.

"Chile took a road, and we will not quit. If we do, everything which have been done so far will be useless and should be like start from square one"

Personally speaking bidding for 2023 is a strong challenge. Vasquez Raña is encouraging US to bid and this make things too difficut. On the other hand, US is interested in an Olympic bid for 2024. Just in that case Chile bid could be possible. Two bordering countries hosting 2 games in a row should be unpreceded. Besides, Chile at that time will have already hosted 3 important international events: South American Games in 2014, America Cup in 2015 and FIFA U-17 World Cup also in 2015.....

Should it be possible??

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The IPD done this great thing for the national sport with an investment of 162 million soles in construction and equipment benefiting 18 sports.
The president of the republic, Ollanta Humala Tasso, was responsible for putting the first stone today High Performance Centre ( CAR) - The Videna in the district of San Luis . The head of state was accompanied by the Minister of Education , and Jaime Saavedra Chanduví holder Peruvian Sports Institute ( IPD ), Francisco Boza Dibos .
The ceremony was also attended by Congresswoman Cenaida Uribe, director of affiliate IPD sport , Akio Tamashiro , General Secretary IPD , Saul Barrera, the recreation director of IPD , Abelardo Castillo , former president and member of the IPD International Olympic (IOC ) , Ivan Dibós , presidents of various sports federations such as gymnastics , judo , shooting among other qualified athletes and CEO Cosapi , Fernando Valdés Torero .
"The state 's sport t sets. This High Performance Center will look for you athletes. It is they who give us hope and add medals that the country needs . This infrastructure will help the present in Peru world in all disciplines . We are committed to give more funding . Today I will lay the foundation stone and put the last of this great sports complex , "he said in his address President Ollanta Humala.
"This is a historic moment for the Peruvian sport. 's An honor to share this moment with you and the President of the Republic . This High Performance Center began to take shape two years ago thanks to the support of this government becomes reality . 's teamwork . they will be opening the 2015 . I say this as a former athlete , this will benefit the future of the country , school . Peru -achievers Let us because we are champions , "he said on his part the head of IPD , Francisco Boza Dibos .
Then President Ollanta laid the foundation stone of the CAR , while the minister Saavedra Chanduví , Congresswoman Cenaida Uribe and self Francisco Boza , cemented the base with the cement mix in what is the start of construction of the spectacular sports complex country .
The old San Luis Videna happen to a better name, but above all, a spectacular modern center bringing together the various sporting disciplines in what will be the High Performance Center - The VIDENA , the most important project executed by the IPD , after the election of Lima to host the 2019 Pan American Games .
The new CAR have a great infrastructure , together with the latest equipment for the high-level athletes to develop their activities in an environment first , on par with the great powers of the used to achieve sporting success for your country region.
To make the dream of elite athletes actually the IPD through their own resources to invest the sum of 132 million soles for the execution of the work, and 30 million soles in equipment for a total of 162 million suns . This modern infrastructure has been entrusted to the company COSAPI , one of the leading construction companies in Latin America .
On a total area of ​​224 000 628.27 square meters, will be rebuilt and build 27 000 630.66 square meters.
The duration of the work has an estimated one year of implementation, and today we had to lay the foundation stone of the start of this great work to become one of the main centers for high-level athletes competition in Latin America.
After receiving the stages and equipment, year-end , ie in December , athletes can make use of the facilities.
Among the new features is the presence of two sports halls. The first will be nine thousand 500 square meters and sports such as handball , basketball and gymnastics will benefit four tennis training and retractable stands.
The second sports center, have an area of ​​11 thousand square meters and 500 sports badminton , judo, taekwondo , karate , bowling , shooting , weightlifting , wrestling , fencing and table tennis are included.
The Center for High Performance Volleyball three tennis premier sport for workouts that give so much joy to the country from generation to generation will be maintained.
For lovers of speed and adrenaline, what better news that the new velodrome to be built in the CAR . The former was forgotten . Now cyclists train and participate in important international events in the circuit will have regulations requiring the international federation.
Thus will begin to further promote cycling as well go and winning more top athletes for the country.
Note that the main objective is to get as many athletes to the Pan American Games 2019 Lima , where the idea of ​​adding historical medals, as never before achieved .
Two gymnasiums, a velodrome , improving the artificial light of the athletic track and residence with 240 beds for the exclusive use of the Peruvian high-level athletes in times of rigid preparation of the 18 sports that will house the Center for High Performance .
Worth mentioning that the sports centers will pop stands and basketball courts which shall become handball and gymnastics , as when the event requires. The same will happen with space for badminton , table tennis , wrestling , weightlifting , shooting, bowling , karate, taekwondo and fencing.
Finally , this is the most important project implemented by the Peruvian sport IPD under the
presidency of Francisco Boza , to support high-level athletes ahead of the Games
Pan Lima 2019, in what is a historic sporting event for the country.
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Lima 2019: organizing committee will be presented on February 2

Lima, Jan. 23 (LIP). The organizing committee for the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima will be presented to society on Sunday 2 February at the Olympic hostel Videna, announced today the authorities of the national sport.

After 104 days of the election as the host city of Lima, this morning a press conference was held to announce the next conformation of the management group.
The meeting was attended Francisco Boza and José Quiñones, president of the Peruvian Sports Institute and the Peruvian Olympic Committee, respectively. Ivan also appeared itself Dibós, member of the International Olympic Committee.
In addition to the aforementioned announcement, it emerged that the same day will be scheduled on a clock counting down 2,000 days to the start of the contest.
The 2019 Pan American Games in Lima represent a major advance for the country, come to Lima for more than 6,000 athletes from 41 nations.
The 38 sports disciplines in the competition shall be made from 26 July to 11 August 2019.
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Facilities for 2019 Pan Am Games to be ready before 2016

Lima, Feb. 02 (ANDINA). Major sports facilities to be used by athletes taking part of the 2019 Pan American Games are expected to be complete before 2016, the Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP) President, Jose Quiñones, said on Sunday.

"We have committed to the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) to complete all major works before 2016, even when there are 65 months left for the start of the Games in Peru; however, the athlete village is not including to be finish within this period," the COP's top official said.
This requirement obeys the fact that from 2016 until 2018, a year before the sporting event is held, test events are needed to be conducted.
"Peru will have to carry out no less than 21 world-class events to test all the venues, equipment and organization. That compels us to introduce the government's master plan for the Games with all the investment alternatives," Quiñones noted
Likewise, the project aims to finish the list of 600 Peruvian athletes who are to compete at the Pan American Games representing the Andean nation.
Lima was named as the host city of 2019 Pan American Games at the 51st Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) General Assembly held in Toronto, Canada.
The Peruvian capital will receive more than 6,000 top North and South American athletes from 41 countries who will be fighting for returning home bearing honor and medals.
Lima's budget for the Pan Am Games is set at US$ 712 million. Thus, the 18th edition of the major multi-sport event in the Americas will be held from July 26 to August 9 in 2019.


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Lima 2019 reports: Continue the fitting and remodeling Videna part of the project presented to the XVIII Pan American Games to be held between 26 July and 11 August 2019 in the Peruvian capital.

This is the report of the work four months after work started.

The report has been prepared María Delgado and Paul Huanqui, Communications Team Lima 2019.

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PASO President Vázquez Raña congratulates Peru on early preparations for Lima 2019

February 19 - Mario Vázquez Raña, President of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), has congratulated Peru on its "excellent work" so far as it prepares to host the 2019 Pan and Parapan American Games in the capital Lima.

The Mexican's comments came after a meeting with Peruvian Olympic Committee (POC) and Lima 2019 officials, where he was presented with a report that outlined the progress already achieved since the city was awarded the Games at the PASO General Assembly in Toronto last October.

José Quiñones, President of the POC, also discussed the development of the master plan for Lima 2019, the forming of the Organising Committee, construction work, the sports programme and the establishment of an anti-doping laboratory.

Speaking earlier this month, he said he expects all of the major sports facilities for the Games, which have been allocated a budget of $712 million (£426 million/€517 million), to be complete before 2016.

"We have committed to the Pan American Sports Organization to complete all major works before 2016, even when there are 65 months left for the start of the Games in Peru; however, the athletes' village is not included to be finished within this period," Quiñones added.

He also spoke with Jimena Saldaña and Reynaldo González, PASO secretary general and executive secretary respectively, about the calendar of events ahead of the upcoming PASO Executive Committee Meeting and the General Assembly in Mexico in September of this year.

Vázquez Raña reiterated the full support of the Americas Olympic Movement and said it has confidence in Peru to deliver a great event.

The 2019 Pan American Games are expected to attract more than 6,000 top athletes from 41 countries across the continent.


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New Logo Contest for Lima 2019 Pan Am Games is launched

A new image. The Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games 2019 Lima, led by José Quiñones, made ​​the call to contest that seeks the new logo for the continental tournament.
The competition is now open until June 30 and may be freely downloaded from the website of the www.lima2019.org games. Winner will be announced on July 26 at a special ceremony and will receive a prize of S/. 10 000 (US$ 3 534)
One of the main objectives is to ensure that pervades the town and feel part of Lima 2019 Pan American Games.
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San Marcos University would host Pan American Games

The main goal is the remodeling of San Marcos Stadium to make way for the great Pan American Athletics Stadium .

The National University of San Marcos ( San Marcos) could be chosen as one of the venues for the Pan American Games of 2019 thanks to the refurbishment and construction of sports facilities in this university , Lima under the 2019 Master Plan.
At an extraordinary meeting of the University Council , developed on 21 May , company representatives Ayesa Peru SAC , responsible for carrying out the aforementioned infrastructure , presented a proposal to adapt the sports facilities of San Marcos for conducting the Games of 2019 .
The proposal comprises, as main goal, the remodeling of San Marcos Stadium to make way for large Pan Athletics Stadium .
This enclosure can hold up to 40,000 spectators and will feature a racetrack Category II IAAF , FIFA football field for international competition, medical, physiotherapy room , among other places .
The project required an investment of approximately $ 200 million , would also include the construction of a modern sports - in an area of ​​14 thousand square meters , with capacity for 5,000 people.
In addition , the implementation of a drug testing lab in an area of ​​2,500 square meters, with which the University could become an international reference for this is prepared and must meet stringent global quality parameters such as WADA regulations.
It should be noted that there are only two similar laboratories , specifically in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Bogota in South America while worldwide include 32 laboratories with high quality standards .
From July 26 to August 11, 2019 , Lima will host for the first time -a 6,000 athletes from 41 countries participating in the XVIII Pan American Games .
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Lima will invest between U.S. $ 800 and U.S. $ 1,500 million in the 2019 Pan American Games

The Peruvian Olympic Committee president Jose Quinonez, said business forum in Spain that the final investment figure for the Pan depend on the Master Plan for adoption in a few months President Ollanta Humala.

From July 26 to August 11, 2019, Lima will host the XVIII Pan American Games, the biggest sporting event the continent. To have in place the necessary infrastructure, the city plans to invest between $ 800 million and U.S. $ 1,500 million (from 590 million to 1,100 million euros), announced last week José Carlos Quiñones, president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee and Chairman of Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games in 2019.
Quinones was the protagonist of the last Latin American Business Forum, organized by expansion with the special patronage of Ferrovial, Endesa and Ontier, and collaboration of IE Business School.
The final investment figure will depend on the Master Plan for adoption in a few months the president of Peru, Ollanta Humala. In any case, Quiñones said in his speech, the number will move from a low of U.S. $ 800 million and a maximum of U.S. $ 1,500 million.
"In recent decades, Peru has managed to demonstrate that delivers what it offers and hopefully in the Games back into compliance," said the president of the Olympic Committee.
Ferrovial, with activity in Peru since 2012, is one of the Spanish companies that are showing more interest in participating in the development of the city.
The program includes sports event celebrating 370 tests 40 sports, which will take place at 25 competition venues, backed by 30 training scenarios. 90% of the meetings will be held in two urban loops located in the center of the Peruvian capital and in the port area of ​​Callao, which will host competitions sea. The forecasts of the committee is involved around 6,000 athletes, 1,000 judges and referees and 2,500 journalists. The Games will attract About 100, 000 visitors.
The organizing committee shuffles several proposals to build infrastructure. One is the University of San Marcos, which provides for the redevelopment of San Marcos Stadium to make way for the great Pan American Athletics Stadium. This enclosure will accommodate up
40,000 spectators, requires an investment of approximately U.S. $ 200 million and, in addition to running track and football field, would also include the construction of a sports center.
In addition, the University proposes the creation of an antidoping control laboratory of 2,500 square meters in extent, with the aspiration of becoming a leading international center for the world of sport, for which you must adhere to the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency .
If built, it would be just three laboratories of its kind in Latin America, together with the existing ones in Rio de Janeiro and Bogota.
Other proposals include the Villa Deportiva Panamericana, which provides for the construction of two gymnasiums, a velodrome and high performance centers for volleyball, swimming, tennis and baseball. There is also a plan to build a theater with capacity for 10,000 people and it could be completed in 2016.
Lima, 9 million, earned the organization of the Pan American Games in 2019 after passing the first round of voting their opponents Santiago de Chile, Ciudad Bolivar of Venezuela and La Punta de Argentina.
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From Lima 2019 facebook:

Some enthusiastic students of sports journalism, ISIL, spent several minutes of his morning show at the Pan American Games # Lima2019. They discussed the progress of the Organizing Committee of the possible inclusion of 40 sports-subject to confirmation by the PASO-and the works that are already running state.


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