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The organizers probrably felt with having three official languages for Sochi that it was best to have the countries' names along the chest instead of above the head. IMO, it would work better if there was an LCD screen showing all three for better viewing. But that would be too costly.

I could see the nations' names though. But English was wasn't as prominent like Russian and French when they walked.

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I didn't see this. (Was it cut out?)

Member of the Austrian team was having heart attack and collapsed...


He didn't have a heart attack, he simply stumbled. He wasn't hurt. His name is Alpo Suhonen, he's sports director of the Austrian ice hockey association.

See here: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/olympics-fourth-place-medal/the-guy-who-fell-during-the-opening-ceremony-used-to-coach-the-chicago-blackhawks-203306114.html

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Hockey's Chu to carry US flag at closing ceremony

SOCHI, Russia (AP) — Four-time Olympian Julie Chu will carry the U.S. flag at the closing ceremony of the Sochi Games.

The U.S. Olympic Committee made the announcement Friday, a day after Chu earned a silver medal with the U.S. women's hockey team. It was her fourth Olympic medal — she has three silvers and a bronze.

Chu says she is "completely humbled and kind of in shock" to be chosen.

A Harvard graduate, Chu has been with Team USA since the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

The Americans lost 3-2 in overtime to Canada in the gold medal game Thursday night.



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Unsurprisingly for Germany, it will be Felix Loch, the luge singles & team gold medalist.

Since men's luge is always on the schedule on the first two days, he'd probably never get asked for the Opening, so that's a very logical choice for the Closing Ceremony.

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Below is a list of flag bearers for all participating countries, listed in the order they will enter Fisht Stadium.

Australia: Cameron Rahles-Rahbula (alpine skiing)

Austria: Philipp Bonadimann (alpine skiing)

Andorra: Xavier Fernandez (alpine skiing)

Argentina: Pablo Javier Robledo (Nordic skiing)

Armenia: Mher Avanesyan (alpine skiing)

Belarus: Yadviha Skorabahataya (Nordic skiing)

Belgium: Denis Colle (snowboard)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ilma Kazazic (alpine skiing)

Brazil: Andre Pereira (snowboard)

Bulgaria: Svetoslav Georgiev (Nordic skiing)

Great Britain: Millie Knight (alpine skiing)

Germany: Andrea Rothfuss (alpine skiing)

Greece: Efthymios Kalaras (alpine skiing)

Denmark: Ulrik Nyvold (alpine skiing)

Iran: Sadegh Kalhor (alpine skiing)

Iceland: Erna Fridriksdottir (alpine skiing)

Spain: Jon Santacana Maiztegui (alpine skiing)

Italy: Andrea Chiarotti (ice sledge hockey)

Kazakhstan: Yerlan Omaraov (Nordic skiing)

Canada: Sonja Gaudet (wheelchair curling)

China: Ye Tian (Nordic skiing)

Mexico: Arly Velasquez (alpine skiing)

Mongolia: Ganbold Batmunhk (Nordic skiing)

Netherlands: Bibian Mentel-Spee (snowboard)

New Zealand: Adam Hall (alpine skiing)

Norway: Mariann Marthinsen (Nordic skiing)

Poland: Maciej Krezel (alpine skiing)

South Korea: Seung-Hwan Jung (ice sledge hockey)

Romania: Laura Valenau (alpine skiing)

Serbia: Jugoslav Milosevic (alpine skiing)

Slovakia: Jakub Krako (alpine skiing)

Slovenia: Gal Jakic (alpine skiing)

USA: Jonathan Lujan (alpine skiing)

Turkey: Mehmet Cekic (alpine skiing)

Uzbekistan: Ramil Gayazov (alpine skiing)

Ukraine: Mykailo Tkachenko (Nordic skiing)

Finland: Katja Saarinen (alpine skiing)

France: Vincent Gauthier-Manuel (alpine skiing)

Croatia: Dino Sokolovic (alpine skiing)

Czech Republic: Stanislav Loska (alpine skiing)

Chile: Jorge Migueles (alpine skiing)

Switzerland: Christoph Kunz (alpine skiing)

Sweden: Jalle Jungnell (whleelchair curling)

Japan: Shoko Ota (Nordic skiing)

Russia: Valerii Redkozubov (alpine skiing)


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