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Luge Medalist to Lead Italy in Sochi

The two-time Olympic luge champion Armin Zoeggeler was selected to carry Italy’s flag at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games in February. Zoeggeler has won five medals at the last five Olympics, including gold in luge singles in 2002 and 2006.



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Canada's will likely be Quebecois and male. So Charles Hamelin or Alexandre Bilodeau. The only multiple gold medalist from Vancouver and the first gold medalist. Either would be suitable.

If this is the casde, I'll go with Bilodeau. Because he was the Canadian to win gold on its Olympic home soil, and it will be the final (formal) way to honor Canada's great Vancouver performance before moving on to focus on Sochi.

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France will announce theirs on Monday

France selects flag bearer for Sochi Olympic opening ceremony

One of France’s two gold medalists from the 2010 Olympics will carry its flag into the 2014 Olympic opening ceremony.

Montana-born Nordic combined skier Jason Lamy Chappuis, 27, was chosen the country’s flag bearer, the French Olympic Committee annoucned Monday.

Lamy Chappuis memorably beat American Johnny Spillane for gold by .4 of a second in the closest finish in Olympic Nordic combined history in the normal hill event in 2010.

It was his only medal of those Olympics after recording fourth- and fifth-place finishes in 2006, but he could be due for more success in Sochi.

Lamy Chappuis won four medals at the World Championships in March, including a record three golds.

The opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics is Feb. 7, and the Nordic combined competition starts Feb. 12


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I saw that too intoronto, I don't know who it is going to be but I personally hope it will be Jason Lamy-Chappuis.

Ha you were right!

Olympic Nordic combined champion Jason Lamy Chappuis will carry France's flag at Sochi Games

PARIS - Olympic Nordic combined champion Jason Lamy Chappuis has been chosen to carry France's flag at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games in February.

The French Olympic Committee announced the decision Monday.

"I'm very proud to represent France's colours. Thanks to all of those who believed me and supported me," Lamy Chappuis said. "I met with some other flag-bearers, and it's a real responsibility to represent France."

He takes over from biathlete Vincent Defrasne, the 2006 Olympic champion. The other main contenders were former world champion figure skater Brian Joubert and freestyle skier Ophelie David, the six-time ski cross world champion.

"(During the Games) I will go and see other events and try and encourage people," Lamy Chappuis said. "That's also the Olympic spirit."

In March, the 27-year-old Lamy Chappuis became the first man to win three golds in the Nordic combined in a single world championships, coming back from 11th to win the individual normal hill.

At the Vancouver Games in 2010, he won gold in the individual normal hill in a dramatic fashion, beating American Johnny Spillane by just 0.4 seconds — the closest finish in a Nordic combined race in Olympic history.

A year later, he also won gold at the worlds in the large hill event.

The Sochi Games open on Feb. 7 in the Russian Black Sea resort.

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The United States Olympic Team tends to name a lesser-known athlete from one of the lesser-known sports as the Olympic Opening Ceremony flag bearer. The athlete in question has historically overcame tough odds (i.e. cancer survivor, served in the armed forces, etc.) as a rule.

Which brings me to whom I think will lead his/her American teammates during the Parade of Nations. I'm think that the person is a guy and competes in biathlon. I'm thinking maybe Tim Burke.

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He is also the only athlete as of now (though could change in the next 15 days or so).

That's right, is the only one peruvian, but is a little acceptable from a country who will participate for a second time. I hope for PC 2018 and WOG 2022 the number and quality of atlethes will increase.

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Yeah. Peru followed by the Philippines...will be one-athlete teams...therefore who do you think the Flagbearer will be?????????????????????????????????? :blink:

Not always true as an official can carry the flag, like for Azerbaijan in 2010.

preceeded by Paraguay and Pakistan also one member teams. Julia Marino will carry the flag for Paraguay. Yohann Goutt Goncalves will carry the flag for Timoe Leste.

Also of note Peru is close to adding two more athletes to its team as the Reyes siblings are a virtual lock to qualify.

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The Philippines will probably come in before Finland if the Russian order is used.

Of course we all know Baron is being sarcastic as we are discussing the part of the ceremony he truly loathes.

well, not so much for the WOGs becuz they are much shorter & the agony is over in like 35 minutes vs. 1.7 hrs for the SOGs.

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