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Is it possible to have some new potential bids for 2022 ?

Almaty doesn't interest IOC and i'm sure China bid only to discover the winter bidding process not to win. All the European bid dropped and finally Beijing became the favorite without to do something.

2 times in Asia for WoG it's the first time and probably to much in a short time. IOC will lose a lot.... Can IOC ask to a new bid process or is too late ? Is it possible than China or Almaty say No ?

Really I'm very disappointed with situation... Beijing is a no-sens for WoG, Almaty too risky, what's the solution ?

Is it possible to IOC to say : "There is no good solution" but maybe we could comeback in Vancouver, Salt Lake City or Turin for 2022 ? (Russia with the Ukrainian war seems out.).

Even China can build everything in a short time, it will be very expensive for ski venues (everybody will say it's too expensive again and 2026 will be the same scenario) and without legacy, the China market is too young.

Almaty seems "more" traditional with more experience and venues but it's Kazakstan, not a very safe place for IOC and how it will be in 2022 ?

IOC should show that they understand European cities, WoG became too expensive, too big and without control... Why not divided 2022 WoG between some European countries ? Ice events in Germany, Alpin Ski in Austria, Freestyle in Switzerland and Nordic ski in Germany too ?

Really IOC is doing a big mistake with 2022.

I can understand the dissapointment, but I disagree with many points you raised.

First of all, the cities rejected the IOC, not the opposite way; so potentially the IOC doesn't have any responsability to re-open the bid process. The cities made a choice and they are free to choose.

Second, whatever our personal choice of China, the Asian country is still an economic and sportive giant. They can allow the WOG just for those reasons alone. South Korea was in a dictatorship when they took the 1988 SOG, Mexico had a different government in 1968 and go on. It will be worse to propose your idea instead following the process in the long term, because it will show an image of weakness and lack of concern in both espectrum (The new countries and the old guard).

Third, beside St. Lake City, Vancouver and Turin had the moment and if you research a little bit, Turin was so expensive with white elephants. Why would they want the WOG in a short time? What would be the benefict of the action?

Also, related to this:

Why not divided 2022 WoG between some European countries ? Ice events in Germany, Alpin Ski in Austria, Freestyle in Switzerland and Nordic ski in Germany too ?

Sorry if I sound rude, but this sounds ridiculous, something akin to the 2020 Euro UEFA. Even if Austria, Switzerland and Germany are close countries (Two of them close of the EU) it shows a nightmare in logistics (If doing it in just ONE country is difficult) and not counting losing the magic of the event.

In conclusion, I agree with Quaker in the point, beside not being "great hosts", the best the IOC can do is choosing one of the two bids. Re-edit procedements and rules after the decision.

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The bidding for 2000 was based on politics. 2022 is not based on politics, just common sense that Beijing will host and not Almaty. Just like Tokyo beat Istanbul, because Istanbul was in denial, thinking they would host, when in real life, Istanbul was never going to host, same goes for Almaty.

How a post can be so right in some things and so wrong in others parts?

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Is this the secret test for Almaty's Opening Ceremony (the winter version of Athens's summer lake)? Except they haven't figured out how to get the dancers out of the hole and into the stage? :lol:


Or is that more the sound of money being sucked into the Olympic holes?? :lol::lol:

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Hi all! It was thrilling to read all 41 pages discussion over Almaty bid...and Kazakhstan...I don't know what is the exact reason but I noticed that in major western media there is a trend to focus only on negative side of "unknown" or "small" countries...Here I've witnessed that according to some representatives of Western countries:

- Islamic countries should not participate in Winter Olympics...

- Gay rights are the most important, forget about the rest

- Unknown countries should remain unknown.

Another repetitive expression "but it's in ..Kazakhstan", so what is wrong with Kazakhstan? ...I hope the only reason is Kazakhstan is not member of IOC.

But FYI:

- There are more than 120 different ethical groups living in KZ including 3.5 mln Russian, .5 mln Ukrainians, 200k Germans, more than 100K Koreans, 50k Polish etc.

- Yes - over 60% Muslims, 25% Russian orthodox, and other minorities.

BTW If you say something against the government nobody will shoot you, but there is a risk to get in jail. So it's not worse than in China.

Coming back to Almaty VS Beijing, let me list some facts and concerns:

- yes we have Nazarbayev ruling the Country more than 2 decades - political risk for 2022

- only half of the population is supporting Almaty bid the rest is against in KZ, while I heard Beijing is supported by more than 70% of the local population.

- regarding experience you may add also World Expo 2017 (Astana) apart from Natural winter climate in Almaty and some experience in Winters sports

- Almaty has significantly improved Transportation logistic infrastructure recent years: Almaty already introduced underground Metro transportation (functioning since last couple years) and will continue expanding it, Government announced a plan to extend existing Airport or build a New Airport terminal in Almaty...

-regarding legacy in Olympic history we saw how small towns or cities hosted games, don't put Chinese population size as an argument: Almaty and surroundings already have 2 mln population, not mentioning neighboring countries (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, West China) where winter sport is less developed. I believe one of the Mission of IOC is to promote Winter sport culture to remote location people across the world...

So please don't try to abase Kazakhstan as a country (addressed to some of the participants here) trying to show your (or other countries) superiority. Be tolerant.

As for me as a fan of sports if Almaty will win tomorrow I would be happy, but if it fails I would be happy too, and Majority of Kazakh people either. Cause recent days those who are against this Bid in Kazakhstan drastically outnumbered those who supports...just because of Oil Price crises...and Greece economics case


So even for Kazakhstan "hello Beijing 2022" sounds better! ;)

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Denis Ten, who was one of Almaty 2022 main sponsors back then and one of Kazakhstan leading sport figures had his life tragically ended some days ago. 



Denis Ten: Sochi Olympic bronze medallist dies of stab wound in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's Olympic medal-winning figure skater Denis Ten has been stabbed to death at the age of 25.

News agency Kazinform reported Ten - who won bronze at Sochi 2014 - was stabbed in the thigh in Almaty on Thursday after two men tried to steal his car mirrors.

Ten, twice a World Championships medallist, was taken to hospital but died three hours later.

Police have detained a suspect while they continue to search for a second.

"Unfortunately, [Ten] is not with us any more," said a government spokesman.

American figure skater Adam Rippon posted on social media: "He was so kind to everyone and a huge inspiration to me and so many other people.

"Denis, thank you for showing us how to be a champion. Your time with us was way too short."

February's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was Ten's third Games, having made his Olympic debut at Vancouver 2010.

He finished 27th at the Games in South Korea.

"His outstanding achievements glorified our country and helped popularise sport among youth. Denis was not only a prominent athlete, whose talent was recognised and revered in many countries of the world, but also a man of marked individuality, a true patriot," the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, said.

"Denis Ten was an incredible figure skater, the legend of our sport, our pride," said Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, the country's minister of culture and sport.

"This is an unthinkable tragedy and irreparable loss."


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Hello all,

I am doing research on unrealized Olympic bids and its impacts in the post-bid period. I am particularly interested in the Almaty case. At the moment, I am working on the content analysis of the 2022 bid, but unfortunately, as I reached 3rd book of the 3-book candidate city file, I realized that the document has only 12 pages out of 120 approx. I don't know why and where are the rest but it is crucial for my research.

I was curious if anyone here, people interested in the Olympics..., has the file. I believe it was available online until the Almaty 2022 website was functional. I would be grateful for your help.

My name is David Gogishvili, I am a post-doctoral researcher and have phd in Urban studies which I also acquired with the research related to mega-events and urban transformations.



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