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Team Outfits for Sochi 2014

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I love the blue color on the swedish uniforms.

But it's too much black and white. Those aren't Sweden's national colors. Yellow is. There's too little yellow in these uniforms.

Stylish, yeah. I agree they could use more yellow like SOK has in the past up to when Li Ning Sportswear outfitted them in London. Black these days is more used like an accent color in situations like this when seeking a bit of a shakeup. See Canada in its various national sports team apparel.

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Love it! And talk about a great kit to psyche out and distract your opposition!


I was wondering why I'd not seen any Aussie team outfits yet. Apparently they were released back in October, but i think there was bugger-all about it in the media here - I'm sure one of us Aussies here would have posted it if we'd noticed. Anyway, digging through the AOC site, I finally found the podium outfit - nothing about the parade kit or anything else though.



Can't say I'm greatly excited by them.

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