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Team Outfits for Sochi 2014

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nations of the world, take note: here's a winter parade outfit that just plain works. 7.5/10, with room for improvement.


sensible, fitted wool coat with ivory turtleneck peek hits all the right notes. (splash of gray on the collar is a brilliant touch).


they'd never get near the newport social set with those white pants a mere five months after labor day. besides, there's nothing a pair of slimming black pants can't fix. also, it's all about the accessories. black leather gloves would have really made a statement, but what can you do? still head and shoulders over almost everyone else.

take a tip from iceland. if you have to wear fleece (you DON'T have to wear fleece), do it with black pants.


plus, the more black you wear the more intimidating you look. i can't take anyone in yellow seriously.

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The New Zealand team revealed their casual uniform a month or two ago, the ceremonial uniforms to be kept under wraps until just before the opening ceremony.

Whereas the Germans have gone for the candy pride look, the Kiwis appear to have taken an x games / terrorist look. haha.

I do like them though.

They also revealed a *monsie* a onesie made from merino wool.





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Sex sells for the launch maybe. :lol:

yeah - definitely!!!

One sentence about the German colourful outfit - I think the German outfitter tend to the "not boring outfits" for the ceremonies...

I didn't like the baby pink and the baby blue for London, but the team was easily do identify in the crowd of athletes during the ceremonies, due these colors...

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My head still has to recover from those garish colours of the German ceremonial outfit - but I like that classic "black suits" outfit for official events. And it's interesting that they seem to reference Sochi's Look of the Games in the design of the sleeves of the white/black-red-gold competition jackets.

And do you know why Magdalena Neuner can be seen between the two athletes or models with the knitted caps on their heads (third picture from above)? It's because she designed those caps. Neuner was known as avid knitter already when she was still an active athlete.

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