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2019 FIFA Women World Cup

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Both Countries could Host this. I think France should Host it though, seeing as though the 2015 Fifa Women's World Cup was outside of Europe.

Of course you think that. Except that Asia has gone longer without hosting than Europe. So why should Europe get this one on that basis?

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FA consider hosting 2019 women's World Cup in EnglandEngland are one of five countries to express an interest in hosting the 2019 women's football World Cup. The Football Association is understood to

No! No! No! Oh, just realised we're talking about the Women's World Cup. Hmmm. Maybe. But then again, it's still a matter of dealing with those FIFA bottom feeders.

It will be a long time before Australia bids to host anything to do with Fifa. We spent $50 million and got 1 vote. Fifa can go jump for all I care.

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