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Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

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Masu Taichi (NTV), Ayaka Hironaka (TV Asahi), Shinichiro Yasumi (TBS), Yuka Takezaki (TV Tokyo), and Aimi Miyaji (Fuji TV)--I think that's all them correctly in sequence with right TV networks L-R--all appear in this 15-second promo aired on all those 5 TV networks and 114 TV channels nationwide announcing the historic and unprecedented 20-minute Let's Do This Together 2020 simulcast special at 6:40pm Japan on January 24:

Those same 5 hosts with Tokyo 2020 mascot Miraitowa and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals from the live special that night in Tokyo:


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Discovery Finland, through the Eurosport Finland channels, Eurosport Player, and likely on TV5 since it has previous free-to-air Olympic TV broadcasting experience, will exclusively carry basketball, the newer 3x3 basketball format making its Olympic debut (both men's and women's) , and all the aquatics--swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming for Tokyo 2020. YLE on its TV2 and FST5/YLE Fem (Swedish) plans to freely carry everything else on TV and radio with up to five combined simultaneous broadcasts as part of an announced agreement just a couple of hours ago headlining a Discovery Finland/YLE 2022-2024 Olympic broadcasting agreement

I think Discovery Finland selected basketball as one of its exclusive sports because of the rising popularity of basketball there given how the Finnish national basketball teams like the Susijengi (the Wolfpack) men's team successfully punching above its weight in recent international tournaments and staying there. That and Lauri Markkanen--injured as of this writing--successfully doing his thing with the Chicago Bulls as the sole Finn:


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Just yesterday Wikipedia's list of the 2020 Summer Olympics broadcasters had for Colombia Senal Colombia, RCN, and MSN for the online/cable side along with Caracol Television for the Colombia coverage. Tried to find some info on this via Google search and visiting the networks themselves. But no news of those three joining but still possible yet for this to happen. Perhaps still under negotiations as we speak. That detail was removed today. Don't see any reason why Senal Colombia and RCN can't participate again. Don't know the deal why MSN on the list.

Barbados' CBC--no, not Canada's CBC but the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation--will provide the Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage on CBC TV8 and on Multiple Choice (MCTV). We also know some introductory insight about SportsMax's Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics plans in the Bridgetown press conference: Sportsmax will produce over 864 hours live from Tokyo through two 24-hour HD channels that will be transmitting the action from Tokyo seven days a week also be providing to CBC. Tokyo Prime will be broadcast in the morning just after the completion of the nightly programming in Tokyo, as well as in prime time here in the region as a recap and review into the next day’s activity as separate programs during the day. Likely will be the case throughout SportsMax's reach in 22 places like the Commonwealth island nations and territories, Belize, Guyana, Suriname, Haiti, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. Expect lots of track and field/athletics-based coverage angles even before the competition starts while providing other sports: 


Celine Dumerc, one of France's greatest and most decorated women's basketball players, will serve as a basketball analyst expert for France Televisions' Tokyo 2020 coverage as was announced on FT's Stade 2. Should form holds, she'll cover for the women's game like notably her former teammates, the very talented Les Bleues having just qualified again in Bourges, France, with a male, maybe Richard Dacoury again, covering the men's game:


Rebecca Lowe will be in Tokyo for NBC's huge Olympic soccer coverage that's seemingly endless even days before the Opening Ceremony and will "have a little break" after August 10 "to be with her family while getting the Olympics out of my system" before tackling again England's Premier League:


Add NowThis to NBC's Tokyo 2020 online/mobile coverage roster beginning in March on the US Olympic and Paralympic athletes-focused content that the video packages can be both digital/social media and linear platforms (although much of the NowThis Olympic content is "pre-Games focused right up to the Opening Ceremony" as the Paralympics version will be both pre- and in-Games):  


Looking at being a NHK summer intern for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Japan. Or any other business tied in to them. Problem is, either there is little interest to have them or they make an impact for their businesses: 


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Former German gymnast Fabian Hambüchen, Rio 2016 gold medalist in the men's horizontal bars, announces at the SPOBIS Sports Business Congress in Dusseldorf he will perform double duty for Eurosport as both a gymnastics analyst and a German House reporter after already having some Eurosport reporter experience in Pyeongchang. Hambuchen misses competing, needless to say:


ZDF and ARD had more personnel on site in Rio De Janeiro four years ago (480) than members of the 2016 German Olympic Team (452). ZDF chairman Thomas Bellut in a January press conference in Berlin says this time the ARD and ZDF broadcast center is on the Lerchenberg in Mainz with the NDR in charge of the ARD side. Both will have an "economical" joint team in Tokyo using a common sending facility, "much like we did in Korea." They will do parts of the final production, cutting equipment on the Lerchenberg with likely the majority there, and the carpenters are already present in Tokyo, Japan. Because Tokyo is very expensive, Ballut says, there's an attempt to limit the number there this time but he couldn't say the exact number of "adequate" staff bound for Tokyo yet working under time rules like everyone else, like cannot work around the clock But don't expect the Tokyo staff be more than the 2020 German Olympic Team based on that:


Eurosport Player from the digital platform upon its post-Pyeongchang 2018 improvements will have "every single minute shown" with coverage of all disciplines with a "digital-first approach" in better engagement with younger viewers that act as borderless communities across Europe in "passion verticals" including additional streams of live events, expert and technical insight that taps into viewers’ interests,  segments on how athletes train, which uses VR, different camera angles and extra in-depth analysis, and using Golf TV (viewer matches and live streams, alternative angles, golfing tutorials and other interactive elements):


Olympic cycling in all disciplines will come through France Televisions on France 2 and France 3 will the more fuller offering at France TV Sport on the digital side:


Why is it solely BandSports and not with TV Bandeirantes on the free-to-air side covering this Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics this time? Left it exclusively to Globo and its 200 hours there. Simply put in one word, money. For two related factors. The Sao Paulo-based broadcaster lacks the funds it would have to pay an amount above R$50 million to the IOC with this one at a time when Band can't under its current financial condition. Time zone differential with Tokyo--12 hours between Tokyo and Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro--convinced Band that its TV audience and financial reward hopes weren't going to be there for the network when the desired competition for Brazilians will take place during the late night--early morning hours. Moreover, Record admits not getting involved this time for similar reasons as the Tokyo 2020 programming could coincide and interfere with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God programming normally shown under those time slots. However it still likes to get itself involved with some big R$16 million ad revenue push through Brazilian athletes and Tokyo-related programming at that time. ESPN Brasil, as of early November, still has a shot in getting into this. But time is running short and fast for it:




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Brazilian TV presenter Sabrina Sato and singer Claudia Leite were chosen to be 2020 Time Brasil's godmothers by the Brazilian Olympic Committee. Basically, their function will be to summon Brazilian fans, usually clad in yellow, to accompany the country's athletes to Tokyo with a large Brazilian delegation expected to compete there and cheer them on. Bit of significance for Sato since she's of Japanese heritage. Social media plays a role in their selection as godmothers for they share a combined and strong 90 million social media followers with their influence:


Bia and Branca Feres, Brazil's synchronized swimming twins, will cover the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for BandSports' Lado B program. But before that, Branca will marry Gustavo Frota in June in Portugal during a 3-day event with family based there. We'll talk more about BandSports' programming details very soon--like, next week--that will include Bia and Branca, among other things:


For Eurosport Poland (or Eurosport Polska), we can expect its staff of Polish cycling sportscasters to appear for Tokyo getting involved--ambassadors Dawid Kubacki and the most successful Polish Olympian, Robert Korzeniowski. Experts and commentators include: Jakub Kot, Tomasz Sikora and Dariusz Baranowski, with recognized journalists Tomasz Jaroński, Marek Rudziński, Igor Błachut, Karol Stopa, Adam Probosz, Rafał Jewtuch, and Przemek Kruk, although not all named here may or may not be involved in reporting cycling and would head over to other Olympic sports. Polish viewers can also learn about the opinions of international Eurosport experts expected to be involved, among which there are many former world-class stars, including Martin Schmitt, Sven Hannawald, Mats Wilander, Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Alberto Contador, and Sir Bradley Wiggins as the roster takes shape:


Czech TV's (Ceska Televize) standard TV advertising price rates for this year's major sporting events will cost extra for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, the 2020 World Ice Hockey Championships, and Euro 2020 in comparison to the flat (unchanged, that is) TV ad rates of CZK 27,000 for a 20-second spot to an audience of 15+ years for other programming by 100% with the same events if no Czech Team representation by 50%. As part of expected revenues from advertising and sponsorship sales as well as barter operations to earn CZK 75 million more to reach CZK 483 million this year:



CT Sport had a profile on Czech mountain climber Adam Ondra for 15 minutes on Tema Pro Hosty last week on February 18 at 16:10 Czech time: 


Telenor, the Norwegian operator of Canal Digital, has signed "a new and forward-looking agreement" to distribute eleven Discovery channels (Kanal 5, Kanal 9, Kanal 11, Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Investigation Discovery and Animal Planet HD) in Norway, as well as the Dplay streaming service, that will pave the way for Eurosport's Tokyo 2020 coverage that will include surely those upcoming exclusive Olympic-specific channels:



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NBC proudly announces earlier this week on Tuesday afternoon that it eclipses its own Summer Olympics national advertising revenue record with $1.25 billion for its upcoming Tokyo 2020 coverage from its Rio De Janeiro $1.2 billion record in 2016 at 90% of the Tokyo inventory there with the Paralympic ad sales inventory now complete. Major brands are involved. This with Tokyo being multiple time zone hours away from the continental US than with Rio De Janeiro. At this same time, it also came to light from NBC, through Comcast, it took out insurance in case of cancellation or postponement due to coronavirus outbreak concerns to mitigate any forthcoming losses, but it's "still full steam ahead" for Tokyo 2020 still under schedule. Not unlike NBC did when the US boycott forced to take out money ($1 million, if I recall correctly) from Lloyd's of London, taking a $22 million red bath. Cancelling the Tokyo Summer Olympics would definitely be problematic with lots of logistics and years of planning and money going down the drain. But it would potentially cause serious media ramifications like losing younger viewers and on its importance, ancillary viewership, and a massive female viewership attracted to the Games. Nevertheless it is still monitoring the corona situation:







Regarding a little bit on NBC's new Peacock streaming service. Comcast/NBCU expects to spend about $2 billion in Peacock's first two years and to reach profitability by its fifth year with "big plans for streaming in 2020" obviously starting in April in its "investment years" with Tokyo 2020 as a tentpole event to gather around with. Comcast's Xfinity Flex for streaming/smart home users is offered for free to broadband-only customers with NBC's family of networks Tokyo 2020 coverage surely included. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts even mentions the coronavirus scare may force an uptick in American digital Olympics viewing consumption. Discovery meanwhile says it took out insurance adding it "not going to have any adverse impact on our financials” if cancelled:




Seven Network is also concerned too with the coronavirus over how "commercially sensitive" it is, anticipating how this could the most watched Olympics and Paralympics in Australian media history with a more desirable time zone and very heavy national promotion for its upcoming coverage since 2019:


BandSports is investing R$4 million for its Tokyo 2020 Olympics TV and digital coverage with Bia and Branca Feres (synchronized swimming), Daniele Hypólito (gymnastics), Ricardo Prado, Marcelo Negrão and Fofao (volleyball), Andre Domingos (track and field), announcer Álvaro José, presenting studio hosts Elia Júnior, Oliveira Andrade, and journalist Dudu Vaz as notable names as part of a 30-person staff traveling to Tokyo will all travel details cemented. Falls under a pro-Brazillian focus. Programming should consist of live broadcasts of the sporting event daily, from 8am-12 pm Brazil time with hopes to have a commentator for every Olympic sport. Priority goes especially to when there's a Brazilian performing live. Entire regular TV schedule becomes all-Olympic Channel. When not covering the live Olympic action from Japan not limited to Tokyo, BandSports will offer Olympic-related journalistic programming. Feels it's got something better to offer than what Globo/SporTV plans to do: 



Globo plans to send 102 professionals on location to Tokyo, Japan. Logistical professional hirings to Japan has been delayed until further notice. Both Globo and BandSports are assessing the coronavirus situation and treating things with extreme caution while planning and scheduling. Band in particular vows not to put any of its Japan-bound personnel at risk if the disease remains a threat:


RAI Pubblicita selects Tembo for developing creative campaigns for major events like the 2020 Summer Olympics, Euro 2020, and other national and international events this year:


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The 2020 US Olympic and Paralympic Committee Media Summit in Los Angeles scheduled for yesterday is one of many shelved or cancelled sports-related events until further notice over growing coronavirus concerns involving mass social gatherings. It was expected to feature more than 100 US Olympians and Paralympians to participate:



Just because NBCU just now sold its Snapchat stake for $500 million doesn't mean it will also sever its 2020 Tokyo Olympic content partnership with Snap and its joint scripted content venture called Indigo:


ZDF has a four-part, each in 16 minutes, documentary series accompanying the 15 rowers fighting since November 2018 pursuing a lifelong dream for the 7 coveted spots on the German Rowing Association's Tokyo 2020 Olympic roster filled with hard training preparation, being in shape, and the competition involved up to selection on their way to Tokyo. Documentary series is called SXULLS: The Selection by Matthias Wolf and Guido Weihermüller.  Viewers can experience the finale of the documentary series as part of the ZDF Olympic coverage in a 30-minute reportage from Tokyo. Four shorter 8-minute episodes are broadcast in the “ZDF SPORTreportage” on Sundays from 5.10 pm. ZDF, in what you see here, also goes into the digital extension available as 15-minute long version in the ZDFmediathek with more videos and clips. Will be available until November 22:


A $44.8 million/40 million euro Tokyo 2020 technology hub opened up by Discovery in Hilversum, Netherlands that not only "will provide access to a private cloud for remote live sports productions from Discovery-owned broadcaster Eurosport’s channels" across the continent but also "will create greater scalability and flexibility for its sports production business, which spans 75 markets and territories, [presenting] more than 20 commentary centres, ten production centres, 150 editing and post-production suites, 40 live transmission rooms, 26 production control rooms and 13 production centres for digital." This follows up a 2018 announcement Eurosport made about creating a European operations base and move its European pay-TV licenses to The Netherlands:  


Eurosport also secures the exclusive Nordic broadcasting rights to the six Olympic Handball Qualification Tournaments this March (three women) and April (three men) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that was facilitated by the Lagardère Sports agency, the global media-rights agency of the International Handball Federation in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. France's commercial TV broadcaster TF1 holds the French free-to-air commercial rights because one of men's tournaments is held at Paris' AccordHotels Arena/the Palais Omnisports De Bercy:



Telia's 770,000 customers were blocked from viewing Discovery's Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC and Discovery Science on their subscriptions in Sweden. But that's now resolved in an agreement and will get to see the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and Allsvenskan soccer. Channels return on Telia this coming Sunday:


And Record in Sao Paulo, Brazil has given up on charging up to R$16 million for its Tokyo 2020 Olympic news coverage advertising package because of no commercial sponsor interest. Never mind its history of generous discounts to companies. Still will conduct Olympic news on Record:


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Bruce McAvaney is as excited as ever for the Olympics as the beloved Australian sportscasting legend makes his 11th Olympics assignment dating back to 1984 in Los Angeles on Network Ten as his whole world class Seven Network Tokyo 2020 sportscasting team was announced in Sydney that's a mix of vets and newcomers, assembled with 14 of Australia's greatest Olympians. Mel McLaughlin (primetime), Johanna Griggs (also doing Australia's #1 "brekky" show Sunrise), 7 returnee Sonia Kruger, and Hamish McLachlan (primetime) with him as host anchors along with cricket star Trent Copeland, Lisa Sthalekar, Abbey Way (late night) as newcomers with the added responsibility of also guiding the 43 channel streams from 7, 7TWO, and 7 Plus. Australian gold medallists Ian Thorpe (swimming), Anna Meares (cycling), Steve Hooker, Nick Green (rowing, Oarsome Foursome member), Giaan Rooney, Scott McGrory, Russell Mark (shooting), and Debbie Watson (water polo), while Olympians Andrew Gaze, Rachael Sporn (basketball), Tamsyn Lewis-Manou, David Culbert (track & filed/athletics), Kate Bates (cycling), and Ash Nelson (field hockey) all headline Seven’s coverage. 

Master broadcaster Basil Zempilas leads an impressive team of callers including "the global doyen of cycling commentary" Phil Liggett, Dave Christison (field hockey), John Casey (basketball analyst), and accomplished callers Michael Zappone, Mark Braybrook, Brenton Speed and Matt Hill. Pat Welsh will be trackside with Nathan Templeton will conduct similarly poolside interviewing the Olympic stars post-race. Edwina Bartholomew and Zempilas were granted the honour of commentating the cultural components of the Opening Ceremony and will be joined by Hamish McLachlan, Johanna Griggs and Australian flagbearer at the Olympic Games Sydney 2000 Andrew Gaze for the Parade of Nations on his 20th anniversary of that honor. Jason Richardson, Emma Vosti, and James Tobin are 7's roving reporters all over Tokyo "bringing all the color". 

7NEWS Chief Correspondent Chris Reason and 7NEWS Sports Editor Jim Wilson will lead a team of reporters on the ground in Tokyo–including Alex Hart, Sharnelle Vella, Rob Scott, Max Futcher, Laurel Irving, Matthew Carmichael, Pat Welsh and Nathan Templeton–operating 24 hours a day reporting news from the International Broadcast Centre as "Australia's Official Olympic News Service" with info also coming from 7news.com.au:

Bruce McAvaney Headlines Once Again As Seven Network Australia's Announces Its Tokyo 2020 Olympics Broadcasting Team

Moreover, Seven West Media can be repaid its Australian broadcasting costs should the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics get cancelled altogether this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which will of course impact its cross-promotional opportunities with its other TV programming and sponsorship impact despite a debt. Has A$90 million raised in advertising revenueStill preparing and closely monitoring the situation:


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On 7/4/2019 at 1:06 AM, Quaker2001 said:

Yes, the beauty of an Asian Olympics is that NBCSN can (presumably) be up and running 24/7 with Olympic coverage, but they'll happily step away during the afternoon for a live event like a NASCAR race.  I don't think there will be much of anything that takes priority over live Olympic coverage.  We saw that from Rio when events (like NASCAR races and Premiere League soccer) got moved to other networks so that NBCSN could stick with the Olympics.  That will be less of an issue from Tokyo.

As to your second point.. when you say simulcast, do you mean the same event on 2 networks at once or an event repeated a different time on a different network?  If you mean the former, how does NBC do that during the Today Show?

The last Summer Olympics in Asia, NBC only had a 3 hour daytime show during the week.  A little of it was live, but that won't be an option with Tokyo since nothing goes past 11:30pm local time (10:30am on the East coast).  So if that's a 7 hour show, what are they putting there where the last 2 Olympics, the daytime show has been mostly live and could include team USA game in sports like volleyball and water polo.  Will those go on cable now and not get shown on the main network?  Or will the cable nets show other countries and show the USA game on delay on the daytime show.

As for basketball.. I think I can probably count on 1 hand the total number of basketball games NBC has shown at each of the past 2 Olympics.  I imagine that number will be similar at these Olympics.  Both gold medal finals are scheduled during U.S. primetime, so those are likely both headed to NBCSN.

Kind of like the Olympics in Rio, what's been happening with the NHL playoffs, NBC is having to juggle their NASCAR and Indycar coverage with hockey. In some cases they've had to use CNBC, USA and even NHL Network for games.

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3 hours ago, Hightowerio86 said:

Now, that international spectators have been banned from Japan I think that NBC is going to broadcast the games and have the daytime, primetime, and late night shows from their studios in Connecticut.

I don't think so.  NBC already said they wouldn't limit the number of people they're sending to Japan, but they're not going to have Mike Tirico host from a studio in Stamford.  Technology has advanced to where I believe NBC used their control room in Stamford as the base for the NBCSN coverage even though the hosts were in Korea.  So they could do something similar here.  They will absolutely have a presence on site in Tokyo, even if it's not as obvious how many behind the scenes folks aren't there with them.

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2 hours ago, danderson4500 said:

NBC could have some issues with their NHL coverage, now that the Canucks have to cancel a bunch of games due to COVID-19 protocol. How will NBC manage that now? 

NBC doesn't have to manage anything.  The NHL has to manage this.  And I'm guessing their plan will be to finish the Stanley Cup Finals before the Olympics at all costs.  So there won't be an issue

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On 4/1/2021 at 11:23 PM, Quaker2001 said:

NBC doesn't have to manage anything.  The NHL has to manage this.  And I'm guessing their plan will be to finish the Stanley Cup Finals before the Olympics at all costs.  So there won't be an issue

The NHL will cancel games before they mess with the Olympics.

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24 minutes ago, danderson4500 said:

The NHL will cancel games before they mess with the Olympics.

My point exactly.  So why is there any issue or question as to how NHL will manage it?

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4 minutes ago, danderson4500 said:

Who does NBC have in line to rpelace Tom Hammond and Al Trautwig this year?

Track & Field - Leigh Diffey

Gymnastics - Terry Gannon

Both of them have been covering those respective sports, so it's all but a given at this point they'll be on the call for Tokyo

Also of note, this just came out today (although it's largely confirming what we already had planned for)... TOKYO OLYMPICS ARE COMING TO PEACOCK

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On 4/20/2021 at 11:40 AM, Quaker2001 said:

Track & Field - Leigh Diffey

Gymnastics - Terry Gannon

Both of them have been covering those respective sports, so it's all but a given at this point they'll be on the call for Tokyo

Also of note, this just came out today (although it's largely confirming what we already had planned for)... TOKYO OLYMPICS ARE COMING TO PEACOCK

Looking at the IndyCar schedule, NBC will need someone else for the Toronto race on August 8. I guess Kevin Lee will fill in while Diffey is in Tokyo 

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