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Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

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In a Pete Bevacqua interview with The Hollywood Reporter's Marisa Guthrie, he says we can expect at least some live action of Tokyo 2020 on the upcoming Peacock streaming service platform. But the full, detailed plans are still "ironing out" in what will be shown with Peacock chairman Matt Strauss in constant conversations but will "start pretty strong right out the gate with the Tokyo Olympics" that will also feature sports stories. The two know live sports there on the fledging platform is something essential to develop further over the course of the next few years including the next Winter Olympics in Beijing--but won't replace the broadcast portion. After all, NBC Sports live action has to be an important part of that in the long term, and the Olympics are obvious large and attractive enough for the masses to sign up for the Peacock streaming service. Looking forward to the details:  


France Televisions hire Rio 2016 judoka gold medalist Emilie Andeol as a judoka analyst for France Televisions' Tokyo 2020 coverage. In a related story from the same Le Parisien paper, she emotionally describes her post-gold medal life struggles in Bordeaux being burned out, unemployed, and not getting the endorsements or social perks like compatriot Teddy Riner despite the high-level qualifications she possesses (and refined them) with the looming expiration of her French Judo Federation scholarship in January after 12 years of working towards her dream. So she won't be unemployed much longer:



With Sonia Kruger now back at 7 from the Nine Network, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics definitely will part of her 2020 to-do list, although what in capacity exactly remains to be determined. Likely a studio anchor IMO like Bruce McAveney, who headlines once again 7's Olympic broadcast coverage:


Mediacorp, "the Singapore stadium of events" as Loke Kheng Tham likes to call it, will present multiplatform Tokyo 2020 coverage in "live, delayed and via catch-up—over-the-top, digitally, on TV and over radio, on outdoor displays and social media. Partnerships are vital to expanding this offering and serving the interests of sports fans" that can offer it more so in this direction. Come January 2020, Toggle will be rebranded as meWATCH into a soon-to-expand streaming service that, in the Olympics' case, offer special emphasis and coverage on Team Singapore further offering fans further coverage and more, varied options of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics to follow their favorite Olympic sports and athletes to customize:


Denmark has for its Tokyo 2020 Olympic TV broadcasting DR (DR1 and DR2 with DRTV streaming) and Eurosport (Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, and Channel 5 with Eurosport Player). No plans set up for potential Danish 4KTV coverage on both yet but could seem likely with so many events in the offering this time as Denmark has strong interests in several of these sports and encourage buying 4KTVs after bypassing 4K at Pyeongchang. There's a breakdown list of which Olympic sports will be shown on DR and Eurosport below on this link. DR has both ceremonies  and all of Denmark's handball games with the semifinals onward regardless in men and women. Has both gymnastics disciplines, track and field, sailing, badminton, table tennis, women's soccer, baseball and softball, triathlon, BMX, volleyball, boxing, water polo, karate, kayak/canoeing, equestrian, synchronized swimming, Greco-Roman wrestling, modern pentathlon, weightlifting,  On the Discovery side will have basketball, swimming, rugby 7s, beach volleyball, men's soccer, golf, tennis, mountain biking, rowing, skateboarding, field hockey, taekwondo, surfing, 3x3 basketball, non-Danish/semis+ handball games, judo, slalom canoeing, freestyle wrestling, cycling, and diving. Not a complete list on both counts though. Just several examples for each:


Despite the 7-hour time zone difference between Tokyo and Germany's CET, ZDF will present 17 hours of extensive live coverage on the 9 days it will cover Tokyo 2020 from midnight to 5pm Germany CET (July 24-25, 27, 29, 31, August 4, 6, 8) including sporting decisions, summaries, interviews with medalists and selected studio guests will enrich the reporting with several additional and parallel 24/7 live streams planned to be broadcast from different venues in supporting the main programming. Much of the medals events will fall in the German afternoon. Will also broadcast again the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 24. 72% of the overall 54.4 million German viewers watched at least some portion of Rio 2016, so we can expect some of the same high figures. On ZDF's days of airing it offers seven daily brief, well integrated programming commercial breaks from 11:30 to 17:00. Following is the ZDF Tokyo 2020 advertising press kit. Online prices are based on the games in Rio for Tokyo. Even from 450 €/1 second companies can definitely be one of the party. Right after the EURO 2020 coverage:



Now it's time to take a look at the additional and newer Tokyo 2020 Olympic broadcasting developments occurring in Latin America. Starting with Brazil, the previous hosts, Globo announced over a week and a half ago at the CCXP2019 its Tokyo 2020 plans in a panel that publicly announced it will broadcast over 200 live hours on TV and introduced Bernardinho to analyze volleyball matches during the Summer Olympic Games, former swimmer Thiago Pereira and former pole vault athlete Fabiana Murer to the Globo Olympic broadcast team. Come naturally since Brazil and Japan are close that Globo/SporTV will set up another on-site host city large technological studio. This one at Tokyo's bay with a great view of its own like for Rio De Janeiro that not just their Globo journalists will make as its home but also Journal Nacional's. I can only hope they won't air in segments and more bingworthy stretches. Telenovelas be damned this time.

SporTV will present eight TV channels--that's half of what was offered in their own Rio De Janiero 2016 backyard with 1600 hours in various sports. Four years ago they had 16 channels with 4000+ hours. Sure there was plenty of reruns of events from that and even from London 2012--saw the schedules and jotted them down--but it was still more than the 1600 even when the encore presentations were removed. Yet Globo is aiming and hoping for above R$660-700 million in advertising there under six advertising quotas at R$110 million each with still open TV and Internet sales plans to go. Part of this is because of the time zone difference between Japan and Brazil. Also involved as sportscasters for Tokyo 2020 in the Globo/SporTV team will be Lars Grael, Daiane dos Santos, Nalbert, Flavio Canto, Diego Hypólito, Claudinei Quirino, and Fabi. And this is under the newer synergy and integration Sport has with Globo as Globo Sport since just before the 2018 FIFA World Cup: 



Colombia's Caracol Television says it will broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and not only that the Pre-Olympic men's and women's CONMEBOL soccer tournaments that'll begin the new year. Details of Caracol's Tokyo 2020 coverage are still largely to be announced, except that Caracol will conduct its live transmission mostly during the early Colombian hours due to the time difference between Tokyo and Colombia. But given that Caracol got the broadcast sublicense from America Movil across Latin America, Carlos Slim's America Movil in these recent Olympic cycles often likes to have national TV networks in various Latin American nations (excluding Brazil) to share in the Olympic broadcasting coverage and repeat. We could see again Caracol Television team up with Canal RCN and maybe public broadcaster Senal Colombia for the Colombian Tokyo 2020 TV coverage:



But Caracol Television has an Olympic-themed documentary series focusing on the journeys of three young economically disadvantaged Colombian Tokyo 2020 hopefuls in sports where they don't get much in the way of lucrative national sponsorships: Yuri Alvear (judo), Íngrit Lorena Valencia (boxing), and Óscar Luis Muñoz (taekwondo) called Golden Dreams ("Suenos De Oro") that started in October with actor José Ramón Barreto narrating. All undergoing their struggles and tenacity in forging better futures for themselves when they don't rest until they make the podium:


Then down in Paraguay, where digital TV will happen next year in time for the Summer Olympics, America Movil sells the terrestrial Paraguyan TV rights to SNT, aka Television Cerro Cora, as it will carry the exclusive broadcasting rights to Tokyo 2020 in its return to it with strong help and support from the Paraguayan Olympic Committee at a press conference in Asuncion. From the looks of the press conference, it will be in HD (and in digital) and could very well appear on SNT's 24-hour news channel C9N along with SNT with strong emphasis on the Paraguyan Olympians. Paraguay TV carried Rio 2016 last time. UPDATE: Paravision and Sur Televisora Itapúa are also part of the Paraguyan portion of Albavision, so do expect they'll also be a part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage with the main two channels as well showing them in Olympic qualification events. We also know interest will kick into high gear starting on Friday, February 7, 2020 with “Rumbo A Tokyo” that will be broadcast on C9N from 8-9pm. Also airing live on C9N news channel, and more recently, will be the COP Gala Dinner, with "mobile and online links" on Friday, December 20, 2019, from 8:30-11pm:




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DirecTV returns to the Olympic Games coverage throughout Latin America since London 2012 with the Tokyo 2020 coverage, as confirmed by Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional's Liseth Gomez. Details are still forming for this, although multiple channels are expected along with a Latin American-wide Spanish sportscasting and tech team:


Is indeed a 50-50 split between DR and Eurosport for the Danish Tokyo 2020 broadcasting like it was for Pyeongchang 2018. It is no accident that a lot of the Olympic sports DR will air are ones where Denmark is traditionally successful in like handball, table tennis, badminton, and sailing. DR and Eurosport both know "we are past the time when people sit down for 16 days and just watch TV 24 hours a day" with people worldwide consuming the Olympics in various media platforms Discovery only has the live streaming/online rights to everything from the Olympics with DR having online/mobile/streaming rights to their Tokyo 2020 broadcasting portion. Both channels can display highlights and staggered transmissions on their website, streaming services and TV: 



An Australian team of 44 journalists integrated from FOX Sports Australia and SKY News will descend into Tokyo to cover the 2020 Australian Olympic Team and the goings-on with the AOC as the official and exclusive digital and print AOC partner, and immerse themselves with the Olympic City and its cultures in an Australian angle:


Bridgestone signs on as Eurosport's first Presenting Partner for its Tokyo 2020 coverage in various platforms. Getting heavily involved in Eurosport's "Chase Your Dream, No Matter What" advertising message, Essential Olympic Stories, Road To Tokyo programming like Against All Odds series, its live (like European morning programming segment) and video-on-demand highlights and full coverage and also headlining sponsor Eurosport.com and the Eurosport app: 



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Surprised there's no advanced further info regarding the CBC's Tokyo 2020 coverage so far at this late point in the year. There's always a development somewhere with many of the big nations worldwide, regardless if it's controversial or otherwise. You would think there would be a studio set inspired by the Japanese interior design like with the Korean and Russian ones. TSN/RDS and Rogers SportsNet will be involved too with so much more events to air. How about even revealing its marketing plans or a Japanese-inspired rendition mix of the CBC's Olympic theme?  

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Ditto for the host broadcasters NHK, TBS, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TV Tokyo, and TV Asahi given Japan's eagerness for innovation like here and how host Japanese TV programmers plan to put out all the stops a year or two before the Olympics start, marketing included. All we got so far is 8KTV, an upcoming NHK streaming service, new audio channels for newer TVs to be sold in time for it, and 5G. Maybe anything that's at least in English so far this fading year.  

Just as I predicted. TV Azteca will reteam with Televisa after eight years along with TUDN for the Mexican TV Tokyo 2020 coverage based on a TV commercial spot shown there. Makes me wonder if Canal 11/Canal Once and Canal 22 might still get involved for Tokyo and share in the coverage. We don't know about the plans for both Televisa and TV Azteca. Maybe the two might place the comedy and entertainment down to a minimum and up the sports this time while still focusing on Team Mexico:


Spain's RTVE manages to find somewhere between 50-60 million euros in its 2019 budget as an extension from 2018 to cover Tokyo 2020 at a time when it was feared the RTVE public broadcaster would have no budget at all for it for the first time because of the political blockade that even threatened La 2 News' closure:



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I think I recall Globo/SporTV doing the exact same thing four years ago at this time when the new year started when Brazil previously hosted the Summer Olympics.

TV Azteca's 2-minute Tokyo 2020 promo that premiered near New Year's Eve, during the countdown to a Club America-Monterrey Apertura 2019 Liga MX championship stage and Finals second leg. It uses Japanese caligraphy throughout as the backdrop interspersed with Olympic action from London and Rio, including Mexico's recent golden moments like Mexico's gold medal-winning largely U23 men's soccer team from London 2012, Guillermo "Memo" Perez and Maria Espinoza in taekwondo at Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (respectively), and Soraya Jimenez in weightlifting in Sydney 2000 all with the Mexican calls. Don't know who the person is here visiting Tokyo and narrating. He's likely the main studio anchor host for TV Azteca Deportes' coverage for Tokyo 2020--he might be Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. IDK. It doesn't go into details regarding the main coverage details, although I'm sure it'll go through TV Azteca's channels, Azteca 7, Azteca Uno, and maybe adn40 with Azteca 7 doing the bulk of the coverage there since that's where sports usually resides in the TV Azteca realm.


Seems to me, when I looked over the Wikipedia entry of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic broadcasters list today, that Televisa's coverage will largely be represented by its sports channel TUDN, although I do expect at least a few of Televisa's broadcast TV channels if not all of them will participate. 

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Just got this in: Yannick Agnel returns from the previous world swimming championships as France Televisions' swimming analyst for its Tokyo 2020 coverage, as reported by Le Parisien. There with France Televisions Agnel joins Emilie Andeol over at judo and Stephane Diagana at track and field/athletics. Le Parisien also reports France Televisions Tokyo 2020 coverage kicks off with the Entre-Deux podcast series where famous French Olympians tell stories in discussing their careers starting with swimmer Laurent Manadou, gold medalist in London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic runner-up in the 50m freestyle and Géosport, which recalls the geopolitical dimension of the Games--hope to get a link to that very soon for all to listen. Pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie already this past Sunday help launch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics countdown on Stade 2. After 4pm France time during the Olympic Games, a daily magazine show will then air on France Televisions to summarize and show all the action images from the Olympic day. Journalists Laurent Luyat, Cécile Grès, and Matthieu Lartot will follow one another from the Club France in Tokyo as a common thread between the main disciplines:



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Repretel Costa Rica announces it will carry the exclusive Costa Rican Tokyo 2020 TV coverage today in a preamble move ahead of the 2020 Youth Winter Olympics Games starting today in Lausanne, Switzerland with a daily summary on Channel 11 and a special on the following Sunday on Channel 6. For the Tokyo Summer Olympics, all of the Costa Rican athletes and competition will be live with substansial news coverage on Repretel's channels 4, 6, and 11 with Repretel showing daily footage on repretel.com. Monumental Radio will handle the Olympic radio coverage. Very early from them these days with this news:


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Profile on France Televisions' newest member Cecile Gres will definitely have a lot on her plate including being one of France Televisions studio host anchors as the major one this year. Funnily enough, she left Eurosport a short time before it acquired the French pay-TV Olympic rights from Canal +


Couldn't get to read this Le Figaro in its entirety because of its subscription restrictions. But from what I could gather in it, Eurosport plans to devise seven additional 24-hour exclusive Olympic Games channels for its Tokyo 2020 going along with the primary Eurosport and Eurosport 2 channels for the TV portion. All seven likely each centering on a theme and assigned a sport like one each for basketball, soccer, handball, gymnastics, swimming and track and field and also on Eurosport Player. The main Eurosport channels likely will have the top main draw action along with perhaps ones catering to the national athletes along with the ceremonies. This format seems likely will become the cross-European pattern for all the national Eurosports in various languages with maybe a change here and there depending on the territory. According to the same article, the Eurosport Player service will offer in addition to live and on-demand replays, the choice of cameras, and new Olympic-themed content arriving daily under a ultra-customizable structure for Olympic fans:


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Telemundo starts revealing its Tokyo 2020 Spanish-language TV coverage plans. Expect lots of soccer to anchor the coverage as it's "doubling down" with "more women's soccer matches than ever before...on both platforms (Telemundo and NBC Universo) as we can live. And we'll stream the rest." If CONCACAF and CONMEBOL can bring out several Spanish-speaking nations and Brazil out from the qualifying tournaments, that will be an incentive for Telemundo to show many of these teams as possible and grant them high broadcasting priority as both networks will have simultaneous Olympic soccer matches coverage instead of one after another on one network.  I hope this will be true for Telemundo with Olympic basketball to a lesser extent since we can reasonably expect Spain having both men's and women's basketball teams qualifying, for example. Mexico's baseball team will get serious play too.

Andres Cantor and Manuel Sol will head to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to commentate games on-site with an eye on Miguel Gurwitz returning as the host of the soccer coverage during the live windows like pre-game, halftime, and post-game. Ana Jurka, who really did an amazing job during last year's Women’s World Cup, will be back hosting portions of the day, but won't be on location from Tokyo due to her other broadcasting commitments during the course of the broadcast day. Likely as studio anchor down in Miami. Likely this Cantor-Sol tandem will serve as Telemundo's only on-location commentators:


This video clip comes from Telemundo Deportes' late night program Titulares y Mas (Headlines & More) and actually comes right at the one-year countdown mark as Telemundo puts up its own Tokyo 2020 promo from the NBC family of networks to present and promote by Ana Jurka, Carlos Hemosillo, and Miguel Gurwitz with their own Japanese-style NBC Tokyo fans. Note Telemundo uses the English name for Tokyo and not the Spanish one Tokio along the English commentary for the sports montage. Moreover, baseball and softball aren't new Olympic sports as indicated in this video, although the formats, qualifications included, are different from the past even as demonstrations. I would like Canada to be included in the list of Americas Olympic medal count table from the previous three Summer Olympics since it does have plenty of Spanish/Portuguese-speakers (with the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico included into the list too), but I guess Canada's aren't as significant demographic-wise--and PR and DR weren't winning medals consistently enough in that Olympic timeframe shown: 

With SKY TV NZ currently holding the Olympic broadcasting rights at this stage in New Zealand, we would safely assume that the free-to-air TV coverage would automatically head towards its brethren at PRIME like it does. Wrong. SKY TV made a mean curveball and instead sent the FTA rights to rival TVNZ, where it would be shown on TVNZ ONE under a sublicensing partnership deal to give them its first Olympics coverage since Beijing 2008 for a confidential fee and will air 200+ hours. TVNZ 1 will broadcast 12 consecutive hours throughout the afternoon and evening including key events involving New Zealand's athletes with live streaming provided on TVNZ OnDemand-- but won't have same on-demand catch-up options as Sky's various digital platforms., breaking only for TVNZ evening news like 1 News at 6 and Seven Sharp. SKY Sports NZ meanwhile will stream and broadcast all the upcoming Tokyo 2020 action across its 12 high-definition TV channels in HD, about five more than what Eurosport plans to use, and its Sky Go and Sky Sports Now streaming platforms. TVNZ was chosen by SKY TV NZ largely because of its well-run sports broadcasting pedigree and national wide viewership for "draw on the promotional power and partnership of our collective platforms to encourage viewership of Tokyo 2020 by the widest range of New Zealanders." So I guess PRIME's And The Crowd Goes Wild team will not participate as much:






Had to conduct some serious translations regarding SOMETHING about the Japanese TV coverage for its Tokyo 2020 hosting. Fuji TV will have Shingo Murakami from  the sports program Shingo Murakami: The Beat of Passion will be appointed as its main anchor caster at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Previously did the 2018 FIFA World Cup for TV Asahi as he steadily gains sportscasting experience. Shinichiro Azumi becomes the main Tokyo 2020 sportscaster over at TBS taking over from longtime TBS host Masahiro Nakai after eight consecutive Summer Olympics. Makai's immediate role at TBS remains unclear: will he appear in some capacity (as his many fans would like) or has he left the company altogether? NHK will have Arashi as Tokyo Oripara host and already has 2020 Stadium program focusing on every event. Shoji Sakurai has been the primary caster of the Olympic Games since 2008 for six consecutive games in summer and winter at Nippon TV, but he has since become NHK's main studio anchor. Nippon is looking for a replacement

All of these situations have connections to Johnny's Office from the late Johnny Kitagawa (aka Johnny Talent):


TV Asahi may turn to 51-year old former tennis player Shuzo Matsuoka as its Tokyo 2020 primary host and has hosted 8 consecutive Summer and Winter Olympics since Athens 2004. Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN was bypassed to be NHK's Olympic host due to its strong relationship with Arashi as a five-member NHK official supporter 


Akashiya Sanma, Shinya Ueda, and Yumiko Yukino will appear as sportscasters on Nippon Television's Tokyo 2020 broadcasts:


Wikipedia's CCTV-5 entry says that its Chinese Tokyo 2020 TV coverage will come on CCTV-1, CCTV-5, CCTV-5+, and CCTV News (now CCTV-13). We could see Olympic-specific channels like CCTV-22 and perhaps CCTV-16, which is the Olympic Channel China, get used. Or other non-sports-related ones like CCTV-7 and CCTV-12 were Beijing and London and have programming blocks set aside daily for it, if not 24-7 coverage. The latter is set to be launched later this year definitely in time for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics:


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BREAKING NEWS: Just coming off 22 minutes ago! Deadline's Dade Hayes reveals the first explicit Peacock streaming's NBC Tokyo 2020 programming details. Will be extensive with, as expected, some exclusives:


Peacock will offer extensive coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, some of it exclusive. Peacock will feature live coverage of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies before they air on NBC in primetime. It will also stream three daily Olympic shows. That lineup includes Tokyo Live, with live coverage of one particularly compelling event from the day; Tokyo Daily Digest, with midday highlights; and Tokyo Tonight, a complement to the primetime show that is designed to help audiences catch up on the day’s events.

Peacock Free, the free, ad-supported basic option...will also feature curated Peacock streaming genre channels like “SNL Vault,” “Family Movie Night” and “Olympic Profiles.”

The live ceremony presentations prior to the NBC primetime airings was somewhat expected along with the daily Olympic shows. Possible we'll see a Tokyo 2020 preview program before even the OC and a review one after the CC. Doesn't say about the Spanish-language exclusives from Telemundo at least not yet...could see similar things like perhaps a Spanish-language ceremonies commentary. Definitely there's more in store as we get closer to the launch. Hopefully we'll also see NBC Olympic archives from Seoul 1988 onwards (with the odd, surviving Tokyo Olympics 1964 footage in bringing it full circle):


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2 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

Was literally just about to post, but you beat me to it.

Still need some clarification here as to what this means for the NBC Sports/Olympics app.  My guess is this is in addition to that, not in place of it.  Hopefully I'm right on that one.

Good point on the mobile/online aspect of things for NBC Sports like its apps. It gotta have to make them available there too and not just turn to another media platform if needed.

Peacock also announces today it will soon stream an untitled USA Basketball behind-the-scenes docuseries on its superstars-filled teams on their Tokyo campaigns in co-production with the NBA. Will naturally carry The Olympic Channel: The Home of Team USA and more than 1000 hours of live exclusive streaming coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics:


And when I was referring to the NBC Olympic archives, I was talking about having it with the NBC commentary included. Not sure about the US rights issues with the IOC/OTAB in how that might get into play over the streaming service.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte will have his own programming on Peacock called Hot Water: In Deep With Ryan Lochte. Jeah! US Soccer should get something similar to what USA Basketball is getting:


CT will present its 320-hour live coverage to Czech Republic viewers with naturally a strong Czech Olympic Team focus and their performances, capturing all their starts. In carrying on the tradition from London 2012, Czech Television will have its own studio in Tokyo under 30 accreditations being in the final stages of staffing by trying to get more media members on the roster partly in their mobility in "arranging interviews with our competitors immediately after races" and being in more places. Specific Czech Television Tokyo 2020 programming and scheduling is TBD once the Czech qualifying is settled:


Brazil's Globo will reach the Summer Olympics-mandated broadcast minimum of 200 hours. Globo/SporTV Tokyo 2020's Time Ouro will consist of Rio 2016 holdovers Fabi (volleyball), Carlão (soccer), Nalbert (volleyball), Gustavo Borges (swimming), Hortencia (basketball), Marcelinho (soccer), Claudinei Quirino (track & field/athletics), Flávio Canto (judo), Daiane dos Santos (artistic gymnastics) and Lars Grael (sailing), as well as the rookies, who will be in their first Olympics as commentators: Bernardinho (soccer), Diego Hypólito (artistic gymnastics), Fabiana Murer (track & field/athletics), Tiago Camilo (judo), and Thiago Pereira (swimming). GloboEsporte.com will present live broadcasts, charts, analysis, real-time coverage and videos with the best moments to not miss anything that happened in the early hours of the Olympics from Tokyo. Volleyball coach Bernardinho and former gymnast Daiane dos Santos both offer their thoughts on the upcoming Tokyo coverage this year now being on the other side. Bernardinho will not only be limited to volleyball analysis. The former Brazilian national volleyball player and coach will also participate in special SporTV programs and moments of Globo programming:


Globo targets making R$581.4 million through 6 ad sponsorship quotas at the expected R$96.9 million each through its three platforms: Sponsorship on TV Globo is the most expensive, with R $ 52.7 million, followed by SporTV (R$34.2 million) and Globoesporte.com (R$10 million) with greater integration with the three as opposed to separate. But value is at 62% lower than in Rio since Brazil is not the hosts this time but more for the competition times going from (in Brazil time) early morning and into the morning:



RTVS in Slovakia gets closer to launching the revived all-sports channel this June as its fourth TVS channel known simply as Sport. It will re-air well ahead of time for the start of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics without needing to compete with other Slovak sports channels. Sport's programming will feature all the popular Slovakian and Olympic sports (and sometimes not so popular there) that appeal to a wide Slovakian audience but also on new and unconventional sports, with some emphasis on boosting interest in domestic sports competitions like opening round Slovak Cup soccer competitions when televising at small cities' club stadiums that aren't as friendly to media hookups like cameras:  


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7 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

Was literally just about to post, but you beat me to it.

Still need some clarification here as to what this means for the NBC Sports/Olympics app.  My guess is this is in addition to that, not in place of it.  Hopefully I'm right on that one.

wonder how that affects the primetime ratings. for example gymnastics. you can watch it live on peacock or on tape on nbc. if people stream it early in the morning, could that have a bi g impact?

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11 hours ago, danderson4500 said:

wonder how that affects the primetime ratings. for example gymnastics. you can watch it live on peacock or on tape on nbc. if people stream it early in the morning, could that have a bi g impact?

At the past 2 Olympics, NBC has moved towards measuring viewership in the form of TAD, Total Audience Delivery.  This can better account for everyone watching the Olympics, whether it's NBC primetime or on 1 of the cable networks or live streaming.  So primetime ratings are much less important than they have been in the past and likely won't be what NBC bases any ratings guarantees on.  Since this new streaming service is ad-supported, people will still see the commercials, so even if people are watching early in the morning, they're still being exposed to the ads.

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And that's not all with Peacock. NBC Universal announces five live hours daily of Olympic programming from Tokyo along with those dedicated streaming-only studio shows provided for free. Other Olympic features outside the USA Basketball and Ryan Lochte documentaries include a documentary series involving past Olympics and Tokyo 2020 Summer Games like one revisiting the USA's 4 X 100 swim relay comeback victory over France in Beijing 2008–a team led by former Olympic star Michael Phelps. On the advertising front, Peacock has Eli Lilly and Company, State Farm, Target, Apartments.com, and Unilever as early partnering sponsors for Peacock during its investor presentation in agreements come with a guarantee that each brand will have exclusive ad placement across NBC Sports during all 17 days of the Tokyo Olympics:


TBS, one of the Japanese TV networks that's part of the Japanese Consortium, has a talk show entitled Good Morning Good Athlete on Saturday mornings at 7am Japan time that started July 6 as part of TBS' Tokyo Victory 2020 series bringing top Japanese Olympic hopeful athletes and some Japanese Olympic legends from various Olympic sports as guests as they focus for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and explore the athletes' lives, “attractive attractions” (whatever that means--maybe some silly fun and games, which is commonplace on Japanese TV), and “how people should enjoy the Tokyo Olympics. Co-hosted by TBS' Junna Yamagata and Shinichiro Yasumi. 


Another TBS Olympic program is Yeahhh! Go To 2020, a special part of TBS' Yeahhh! Sports series, profiling Japanese Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls (with the odd foreigner trying making theirs) as they work towards making their goals with Team Japan and slices in their lives like making the Tokyo 2020 Japanese Olympic and Paralympic Team:


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Peacock's other original Olympic docs include the United States of Speed (on the rich American sprinting tradition and the current generation of new ones ready to retake the legacy) and Run The Line on Phil Knight and Nike. The USA Basketball doc series has a title and is called Dream Team 2020--and actually doesn't include unfortunately the women's team based on the quick synopsis. That historic swimming USA vs. France relay at Beijing is called The Greatest Race. Seems for the live 5-hour Tokyo 2020 daily programming coverage on Peacock it will focus on the marquee Olympic events for users in addition to analyst commentary, athlete profiles, and more. Not unlike when NBC started using VR in a sense:



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2 hours ago, Durban Sandshark said:

And that's not all with Peacock. NBC Universal announces five live hours daily of Olympic programming from Tokyo along with those dedicated streaming-only studio shows provided for free. Other Olympic features outside the USA Basketball and Ryan Lochte documentaries include a documentary series involving past Olympics and Tokyo 2020 Summer Games like one revisiting the USA's 4 X 100 swim relay comeback victory over France in Beijing 2008–a team led by former Olympic star Michael Phelps. On the advertising front, Peacock has Eli Lilly and Company, State Farm, Target, Apartments.com, and Unilever as early partnering sponsors for Peacock during its investor presentation in agreements come with a guarantee that each brand will have exclusive ad placement across NBC Sports during all 17 days of the Tokyo Olympics:


Now it makes a little more sense.  NBC had a "Gold Zone" program in 2012 and 2016 which was a live whip-around show to any and all events going on.  So this is likely the new version of that, which makes sense since the timing doesn't work out as well to have that during the day.  Good addition since we know NBC wouldn't preempt the Today Show for Olympics coverage (although they'll likely have their cable nets going with coverage)

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Japan's five private and commercial TV broadcasting partners of the Japan Consortium--TBS, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TV Tokyo, and TV Asahi--plan to rotate their days of the Japanese Tokyo 2020 TV broadcasting programming coverage intended to counter public broadcaster NHK, which will proceed daily. Nippon TV gets 4 days of coverage, 3 days each to TV Asahi, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, and Fuji Television Network, and 2 days to TV Tokyo out of the 15 competition days. When one of these networks is airing their portion from early morning to late night of its Olympic broadcast day, the other commercial partners must sit them out. So it'll pull Germany's ZDF and ARD during their Olympics presentation that we're already familiar with, only with more members. I take the days prior to and the Opening Ceremony are reserved for NHK, who will determine with the commercial network partners which sports they'll take after discussion and decision. Why is Nippon TV getting 4 days and TV Tokyo only 2 among this? 

We already know NHK will air competitions on 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition satellite channels and the internet, while the private networks are planning on jointly distributing the programs on the internet and broadcasting them on 4K satellite channels:


The Tokyo Media Center is now accepting media card accreditation applications under the official concept "Connect In Tokyo" during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Even media who don’t have accreditation for the Tokyo 2020 Games are still permitted to use TMC’s services:


Up in Canada and like Kia Nurse, Bridget Carleton, Natalie Achonwa, Kim Gaucher, Ruth Hamblin, Miah-Marie Langlois, and Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe? CBC Sports, shown on CBC TV, CBC GEM, and streaming on CBCSports.ca, will air all of the Canadian women's basketball teams' FIBA Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament games live from Ostende, Belgium, presented by DAZN (pronounced "da zone"), although the Canada-Sweden match on CBC TV will come immediately after Hockey Night in Canada at 12:30am CT as tape-delayed. CBC Sports' Andi Petrillo will host the pre-game, halftime and post-game shows:


Still possible for ESPN and FOX Sports in the Latin America region as of the new year to get some Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics action:


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Newest member aboard on the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games broadcasting that we now know of is Ecuador's RTS. All we know about it, aside from Wikipedia's 2020 Summer Olympics broadcasters list, is the following Tokyo 2020 general promo shown here, save for the RTS Tokyo 2020 official channel title card, on that just borrows Olympic footage for those broadcasters who lack the significant budgets to devise their own. Some of this could be used as Tokyo 2020 Olympic programming segment intros. Visited RTS' website and conducted a Google search but found no further info on RTS' plans as of right now. Even America TV in Peru and SNT in Paraguay have even more info as neighbors upon their announcements than RTS: 


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Match! TV from Russia apparently is closing in on nabbing not just the Russian Tokyo 2020 Olympic TV broadcasting rights but also the UEFA EURO 2020 soccer tournament (a portion of the latter is played in St. Petersburg) at a time when the Russians are seriously facing an Olympic ban in front of them following new doping allegations that the IOC waits upon a CAS decision. No word yet on how free-to-air Match! TV will exactly cover them. My guess is it will use its multiple channels over at the pay-TV side like the Match! TV Football, Arena, and Planet channels for wide breadth of its coverage with maybe more channels like it did with Rio 2016 like with the Opening Ceremony, which it split with Channel 1 and pay-TV NTV Plus amid the doping controversy going on back then. Channel 1/Perviy Kanal dealt with only events involving Russians like the gold medal-winning women's handball team with the coverage there not running marathon-like parallel to Brazil's TV Globo then.  And we don't know about Channel 1 and NTV Plus plans, if they're planning. Then again, NTV and Match! TV pretty much joined forces in recent years thanks to Gazprom Media. Restricted article here:


China’s General Administration of Sport and the National Radio and Television Administration--a result of a broadcasting merger of state-owned media like China Central Television (CCTV), China Global Television Network (CGTN), China National Radio, and China Radio International--agreed to create a new Olympic content platform designed to cover both summer and winter disciplines and broaden the appeal of sports across the country through high-quality content. Focusing on Chinese athletes and Olympic events, with a particular interest in winter sports and youth-interest sports, the announcement comes two years ahead of the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing to focus. The aforementioned Chinese media entities will carry the Olympic content, starting with coverage from Tokyo 2020, exploring development of further and greater media integration, while exploring the more innovative 5G, 4K and 8K streaming mediums, and artificial intelligence applications. The Olympic Channel China is one forthcoming example:


Coming up next is some interesting developments on the 4K/8K Olympic front: Japan appears to be the leader in 8KTV but shockingly lags behind North America and Western Europe and maybe even Australia when it comes to 4K. China leads in production of 4KTVs but definitely not in producing the needed content. There won't be a lot of Japanese people (or those in the West for that matter) gobbling up UHD TV sets that can come near 50% by 2020, although the numbers will certainly increase after 2020 and already knowing there's 8K Olympic NHK coverage. But it reflects the amount of 8K coverage from NHK this summer when 0.1% of the Japanese population (around a tiny number of 62,000) with this being an important move for the industry as the quality of content produced is far superior. Yet nearby in China, CCTV plans to have an 8KTV Olympic channel for broadcasting as the only one worldwide, so there's going to be 8K content there soon with Beijing 2022 as the first major focus: 


For Italy outside of RAI, it's not clear that further Italian TV Tokyo 2020 broadcasting rights are shared with Eurosport and DAZN based on conflicting reports. Or even whether there's an actual legit agreement to share the coverage be it live and summary formats. For now, Italians do have the Eurosport Player to watch until there's official word on the details. Remember, RAI's Viale Mazzini signed an agreement with Discovery-Eurosport for the transmission of the IOC-mandated Summer Olympics 200 hours minimum live and free-to-air. All 200 hours will be broadcast on a single linear channel, which should be--as per tradition with the Olympics--on RAI 2. But the bad news for all Italian Olympic fans is that RAI renounced the streaming and mobile rights of Tokyo 2020 (there is talk of 20 million euros "spared" for RAI) as part of the agreement. This means nothing from the Tokyo Olympics will be broadcast on Rai Play, even on-demand, and the Olympic Channel will be devoid of actual live Olympic action. A bummer considering the recent re-launch with great pomp of Rai Play:


Does seems to appear, thanks to visiting the Spanish version Wikipedia's 2020 Summer Olympics broadcasters list, that Bolivia's Red Bolivision will cover the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics since it presently holds the rights to the Lausanne 2020 Youth Winter Olympic Games as part of winning the Olympic broadcasting package. Though there's no explicit evidence on that yet. But it will have to show at least 200 hours from Tokyo:


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Similar to their partnership from the 2018 Olympics..



NBC Olympics will release more than 70 episodes across four daily Shows for Snapchat leading up to and during the Games, more than triple the amount of episodes compared to the 2018 Games.

For the first time, NBC Olympics will create two daily Highlights Shows for Snapchat, which will be updated in near real-time throughout the day with must-see moments from the day in Tokyo.

During the Games, two unscripted Shows will air two new episodes per day. Chasing Gold, which debuted during PyeongChang 2018, follows the journeys of Team USA athletes, including some of America’s biggest stars, as they prepare to compete for gold on the world’s biggest athletic stage. The second show is a new, daily recap showcasing the most memorable Olympic moments from that day curated specifically for the platform. Both unscripted shows will be produced by The NBCUniversal Digital Lab.



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Already mentioned on the NBC Sports press release and on Variety and TechCrunch, which the latter two delve into further detail. But will mention the following here. 

Moreover, Snap will curate daily Our Stories during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and event coverage during the 2020 Team USA Olympic Trials from Olympic photo and video content generated by fans, Team USA athletes, journalists and influencers, as well as behind-the-scenes content from NBC. All parties will capture things like life in the Olympic Village and highlight Tokyo’s food, music, art and nightlife with easy usage to submit in the public Our Story. Then the Snapchat editors "will edit into one story and add graphics and text to provide additional context." Like to see Peacock and the NBC Sports app include these as part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics programming roster. Snap's two daily Olympics highlights shows--one overall and one single event--premiere in June with the other two, the daily NBC Olympic studio show and Chasing Gold, both coming in July.  

All are obviously intended for NBC and Snap expanding through their third consecutive Olympics partnership to capture the desired young 12-35 American demographics, many of which use Snapchat daily, with advertisers at a time there's serious cord-cutting from them. Social media and Internet platforms are starting to make real money like for NBC but won't generate huge revenue by themselves yet:



France Televisions bring aboard surfer Justine Dupont and the ex-snowboarder Mathieu Crépel to comment on the surfing, accompanied by resident play-by-play guy Christian Choupin, at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games starting in July from Chiba.  Crépel has already commented for France Televisions on snowboarding at Pyeongchang but eager to learn about "those big waves" (surfing shares some similarities with snowboarding and skateboarding) and may later take part in the Tokyo skateboarding expertise, but Dupont makes his Olympic TV broadcasting debut here:



Basic early info about TVP Polska and its upcoming Summer Olympics coverage. TVP Polska is the place to be for the Polish TV broadcasting coverage of Tokyo 2020 through TVP1, TVP2, and TVP Sport and will place heavy emphasis on showing every Polish Tokyo 2020 Olympian performance. Online/mobile streaming will be available at sport.tvp.pl. Eurosport Poland will also show them, although the only detail made known is of course everything from Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will get made available through online streaming on Eurosport Player: 


TVR Moldova's Objectiv Commu (Common Objective) took a look at and discuss the preparations of hopeful future champions for the Olympics and about the most important sports competitions transmitted to TVR MOLDOVA on Tuesday in the countdown the joy, pain, agony, preparation, qualification, desire, impatience, and determination in the quest for an Olympic medal. Guests of this show were Nicolae Jurevschi--president of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Moldova; Andrei Golban--President of the Judo Federation of the Republic of Moldova; Anastasia Nichita--European wrestling champion in wrestling and already qualified for Tokyo that was apparently hosted by Elena Gutu with an accompanying report featuring a couple of Moldovan judokas on their Olympic prospects. This Common Objective show started at 5:00 pm Moldova time and can be watched live on TVR MOLDOVA, live on Facebook, and tvrmoldova.md: 


In a related story from Romania and Moldova about TVR, the TVR Board of Directors pulled the plug on TVR HD late last year not only as the other TVR channels make their much anticipated digital transition to HD but also speaking of the failure to convert TVR HD into a worthy sports channel after TVR kept losing the Romanian TV broadcasting rights in team handball and soccer:


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Eurosport Germany plans to present its daily live broadcasting coverage directly from Tokyo's German House starting from 5pm CET with support from the commercial arm of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Deutsche Sport Marketing, and, continuing on from what Eurosport Germany did at Pyeongchang two years ago, will show one live broadcast directly from the venue every day. But disappointing ratings and reception like from the Pyeongchang evening show forced some tinkering to include more German content with the pan-European and more results and highlights. Those and the German public being accustomed to Olympic TV watching on ZDF and ARD:


Team GB's London 2012 long jump gold medalist and British long jump record holder Greg Rutherford joined the Eurosport UK Tokyo 2020 sportscasting team in July. Rutherford will interview star athletes and be an expert analyst at Tokyo's Olympic Stadium during the track and field competition, be at the Olympic Village for behind-the-scenes access with Team GB athletes to follow them more, present short features heading up to Tokyo 2020, and other things as a roving reporter at multiple Olympic events:


Former swimmer Kosuke Kitajima was appointed as NHK's Tokyo 2020 Olympic Broadcasting Athlete Navigator on the TV show Arashi. It's an increasing role major Olympic broadcasters are using to get former athletes tap into the insight and mentality of Olympic athletes as they train, plan, and compete. Kitajima will largely focus on the Japanese contingent    


Hong Kong's Tokyo 2020 broadcasting rights, still at HK$270 million, still makes TVB skittish because it knows, with reserves in bank and cash balances of HK$854 million as of June 30, it will not recoup in ad sales revenue amid a slowing HK national economy and the unstable social situation--and is turning to the Hong Kong government for subsidizing the costs. Doubt seriously if RTVHK wants some of the Olympics coverage on its TV channels. Can't recall it handling sports all that much.  Pay-TV operator Now TV and terrestrial station ViuTV are reportedly set to bid jointly in compliance to the requirement that Olympics must be shown on free-to-air TV like the ceremonies and that 200-hour broadcast minimum to show key events and/or relay certain hours of events:


Belgium's RTBF has some big plans forthcoming for the French-language Belgian Tokyo 2020 coverage right after the other major sports project that summer in Euro 2020 soccer. Teasing it will have "dozens of hours of television broadcasting [coming on at La 2] and a multitude of additional streams on Auvio":


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As a major part of an integrated, massive, and ambitious Tokyo 2020 host broadcasting focus, all the Japanese commercial TV broadcasters from the Japanese Consortium--TBS, TV Tokyo, Fuji TV, Nippon TV (NTV), and TV Asahi--joined forces to set up a special website project devoted to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics under the campaign slogan "Let's Do It Together 2020" (Isshoniyarou-2020). Along with agreeing to have one commercial network play Olympic action for a day from the early morning to late at night while all the other non-NHK networks sideline themselves, they designated a singular broadcast theme song for Tokyo 2020 instead of each network having one this time (NHK will still have its own). In this case, it's longtime popular Japanese singer Keisuke Kuwata performing SMILE--Like The Clear Sky. A song that premiered days ago in late January, January 24 on a Friday to be exact, through the special integrated "Let's Do It Together 2020! special" program simulcasted live for aptly 20 minutes from 6:40pm Japanese time on all the 5 normally rival Japanese TV networks and the song began airing on 114 TV stations nationwide. Also it looks as though Tokyo 2020 Olympic online/mobile streaming for the Japanese commercial TV networks will be handled through Gorin.jp. 

First video has all the personalities from TBS, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TV Tokyo, and TV Asahi at various program they show all happily and seemingly together pulling the rope to signify the unity and "doing this massive TV Olympic project together" and speaking why with "Smile" as the soundtrack music. I can't identify many of them since I don't really know Japanese TV very well (actually haven't seriously take the time to do so), but if someone out there who does and can translate the dialogue, please do. A few of the shows looks like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Japanese version, 99 Walls, and there's Sunday Japon's sets because I can spot some English on their sets:

Keisuke Kuwata's music video to the Let's Do It Together 2020 Japanese commercial TV project "Smile--Like The Clear Sky". Set on a building rooftop a stone's throw away from the new Tokyo Olympic Stadium before being inside it on the medal podium. The joining forces program was hosted by someone from each of the 5 Japanese networks and very likely involved in the broadcasts: Masu Taichi (NTV announcer), Ayaka Hironaka (TV Asahi Announcer), Shinichiro Yasumi (TBS announcer), Yuka Takezaki (TV Tokyo announcer), and Aimi Miyaji (Fuji TV announcer): 

This song will obviously get used in various social initiatives, joint projects, programs, various events, sports scenes, etc., among many other scenes this year and performed under the spirit of "Let's Do It together" and meant to convey various emotions when watching this year's Summer Olympics either by yourself or sharing the moments with family, friends, and/or strangers. It's like the Canadian Host Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium's "I Believe/J'Imagine" for Vancouver exactly a decade ago that "Smile" reminds me of across the various Canadian Bell and Rogers-owned TV networks:  

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