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I honestly don't see what is wrong with a map in the shape of Russia. If Sydney or London did it people would see it as another fantastic gesture of inclusion, but when Russia simply designs a stage

The whole point of the ceremony is to see different cultures and how those cultures see themselves and their Games. The type of people who criticised Athens for that are probably the same people who s

It looks like a Montessori Convention more than a world-class competition venue.

Ozkar, those could also be new girders for lights.

After the fiasco of the preparation for the winter games, they decided to get an early start for the next big event. Those are goal posts for the world cup. :rolleyes:;)

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What do you mean the Russian home audience never saw it happen? Wasn't it shown live? I thought that edited footage by Russian TV was done for news reports only.

So if much of Russia was glued to the Opening Ceremonies live, then surely they would have seen the mistake.

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They Russian feed showed footage of the rehearsal without glitch but it was no secret there about the ring fail. Chernychenko and the IOC, at the press conference following the ceremony, explained the little emergency was somewhat predicted a few moments before it happened and directors decided to switch the tape.

And about the double loo... Childish journalism rumour: http://www.vocativ.com/01-2014/putins-royal-flush-ends-now/

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