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How is this a unique discovery?

I've seen most of this video already and it was dramatically different from the 1994 bid.

They boasted about their Olympic sized Sullivan Arena, one of the few in the US at the time, the newly built convention center that could have served as the Press Center (most likely based on the small scale use of Lake Placid High School for Press during the 1980 Olympics), a 20,000 or so speed skating oval was envisioned for the University of Alaska and even an outdoor ceremonies venue for 50,000.

For 1994 they opted for a multifunction indoor venue as a solution to speed skating, figure skating and even ceremonies at 20,000 inside, with possibly a huge crowd outside watching on a big screen attached to the building much like in modern arenas and stadiums today.

Now finding more about Brisbane's 1992 bid is more interesting. I've seen the presentation book (which would technically be volume 1) on eBay every now and then (never bought it, would opt to have the actual bid books with the sports and media books as well). It was a highly compact bid based in Brisbane city in clusters, with the rowing venue and main stadium being the only isolated venues. A rather cheap bid at only a mere 5 million and quite possibly a cheap games at 803 or so million.

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