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Kraków 2022


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  • 4 weeks later...

Some "Legally Blonde" comedy-drama here in Krakow in recent days.

Anti-Olympic organisation "Kraków przeciwko igrzyskom" ("Kraków Against the Olympics") filed a lawsuit against Kraków municipality becuase of this poster


It says: "Because Olympics is a method to reduce smog". Kraków Against the Olympics obviously think otherwise. They found some lawyer working pro bono (yeah right :) ) and a lawsuit was filed in an "electorial mode", which means the court needs to deliver a judgment at least tomorrow

People from Kraków Against the Olympics testified, and it looks like they are completely clueless about air pollution level and ways to reduce it.

The best part: the Krakow municipality representative said that the lawsuit should be dismissed. According to Polish grammar rules the "Because Olympics is a method to reduce smog" isn't a sentence, because there is no full verb in it. They summoned an Polish language expert to appraise :) , even though a random, wise Polish 11-year-old schoolboy/schoolgirl knows that this isn't a sentence (because there is no fricking full verb in it!).

I might be wrong in some facts here, if there are other Polish users reading it, please correct me. I just feel like investigating the whole thing deeper, could give me a cancer.

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I still don't understand it. So, if the posters stay UP, is that good for the bid or not?

It's good for the bid. If the posters were ordered to remove, bid committee would look like total liars.

People from Krakow Against Olympics filed a lawsuit but couldn't have proved that the statement put on the posters is false. In the meantime, they skipped two pre-referendal debates, and some anty-olympic townfolks here are a bit disappointed (to say the least) because of that.

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OK, so maybe some other good news for that probably doomed Krakow's bid :)

http://eurosport.onet.pl/zimowe/zio-2022-osobistosci-namawiaja-do-wsparcia-idei-igrzysk-w-krakowie/62p64 (in Polish)

Several famous Poles backed the idea in that citied open letter and tried to persuade Krakow's citizens to vote in favour.

Signatories of the letter are, i.e.:

- Lech Wałęsa, Polish president 1990-1995, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983,

- Andrzej Wajda, film director, honorary Oscar recipent, multiple Oscar nominee, and Palme D'Or winner,

- Krzysztof Penderecki, classic and film music composer,

- many Polish Olympic medalist (Adam Małysz, Justyna Kowalczyk, Zbigniew Bródka, Wojciech Fortuna, both men and women speed-skaters who won medals in Sochi in team persuit, etc.), Irena Szewińka, who is Polish IOC member,

- sport trainers, Polish sports federations representatives, people from cultural and intellectual community.

Some of them aren't really famous international, but they are well-known people in Poland.

I'm writing about this because it's a contrary to a Zakopane 2006 bid, when several non-governmental organisations, the scientific and intellectuals community opposed the bid, wrote a letter and sent it directly to the IOC headquarters :rolleyes:

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Actually, work of Krakow comitee after april changes was really improved. Transparency, a lot of public speeches with members of comitee, sportsmen, science specialists. But on the other hand, all this activity was concealed by the media.

The next few days for the application of Krakow will be like the space capsule passing through the atmosphere.

Keeps fingers crossed guys.

BTW. Im next 2 days off, going to do some supporting activity.

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I think Krakow is the dark horse here and could come up the middle--depending on the plebescite result. A lot of folks reticent to head to Beijing or Almaty might be willling to consider the deficiencies in the Krakow bid--IF Oslo drops out.

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Even if the referendum is invalid, will politicians be willing to go forward with the bid with a referendum result of 31% Yes and 69% No?

As sad as this is, a part of me thinks this will be good in the long run. Because the IOC needs a slap in the face.

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Mates, its over.

It was a real pleasure to believe for couple of months in the bid. On the other hand it was really hard to handle all mass-media sh* poured on my beloved city during last monthes. We failed and thats our big defeat. I feel like small part of me died today - with the feeling that during my life I will see olympic flame in my country.

I cant consider it now as a slap for IOC etc...

Now, I only feel this is real tragedy for Poland, for Krakow ... and huge pain for me.

Oslo, and Norway -> i keep fingers crossed for you. Best wishes.

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Don't give up on the dream, Poland. It'll be just as sweet, if not sweeter, if it's down the track rather than right now.

Such a pity. Once Munich and Stockholm opted out and Oslo started looking shaky, it was well and truly my sentimental favourite.

I'm still far from confident Oslo will get over the starters line, much less finish. It's says a lot about the straits the 2022 race is in when, just after the excess of Sochi, I'm now starting to look at Almaty as the most palatable alternative left standing.

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