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"What would the sports program look like if you where in charge of the IOC" (or variations) is a bit of an eternal topic here on GamesBids, but considering that we just had the latest vote on new sports I think it would be time to revive it.

The rules: you can add and remove events and disciplines but not sports. This is purely what you would like the 2020 program to look like. If you want a change in the format of an event you can do that to.

Here's my list:

Athletics: eliminate the men's 20km walk, the women's 20km walk and the men's 50km walk.

Badminton: add a men's and women's team event (12 teams, 7 athletes per team). Return to single elimination format for all events.

Boxing: increase to 16 events, 8 men's and 8 women's weight classes. Have 16 boxers per event. Reform how the qualification system works.

Canoeing: have all races over 1000m, with men's and women's C1, C2, C4, K1, K2 and K4 races over that distance. In whitewater, replace men's C2 with women's C1.

Cycling: introduce men's and women's road team time trial (10 teams of 5). Remove men's and women's omnium, add men's and women's 1000m time trial, individual pursuit and point race.

Equestrian: remove dressage and eventing.

Fencing: have 12 events (up from 10): individual and team epee, sabre and foil for men and women.

Football: increase women's tournament from 12 to 16 teams.

Golf: introduce team (10 teams of 4) and matchplay (16 teams of two) events. Integrate team event with first two rounds of individual event (similar to the Equestrian team events).

Gymnastic: remove rhythmic gymnastics. Make FIG introduce 2 new events to women's artistic gymnastic over time (probably something like one new event introduced every two Olympic cycle to leave athletes time to adjust).

Judo: add men's and women's team event (16 teams, 5 athletes per team).

Rowing: remove all lightweight events, add women's coxless four.

Sailing: have a men's and women's sailboat, dingy, multihull, kitesurf and keelboat events. All event have qualifying fleet races and match medal races.

Shooting: have a men's and women's precision pistol, rapid pistol, rifle, trap, double trap and skeet event. Events will end with single elimination tournaments like in Archery.

Swimming: add men's 800m free and women's 1500m free.

Synchronized Swimming: remove.

Table Tennis: add men's, women's and mixed doubles (16 teams per event).

Taekwondo: have seven men's and women's weight classes. Remove the four athletes per country limit.

Tennis: add a men's and women's team event (8 teams of 4-6 athletes).

Water polo: have 12 women's team.

Weightlifting: remove one men's weight class.

Wrestling: Increase the number of weight classes form 6 to 7, slowly introduce women's greco-roman weight classes as appropriate.

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Archery: Nothing

Athletics: Eliminate walks (creates about an additional 180 quotas)

Badminton: Reduce to 32 athletes per singles event (additional 12 quotas)

Basketball: Nothing

Boxing: Increase women's weight classes to 7. Max 16 per = 271 quotas (additional 15 quotas).

Canoeing: Create gender equality + about 30 athletes

Cycling: Reduce mountain biking to 36 men. (Additional 14 quotas). BMX stay the same. Road cycling reduce men's road race to 100 (creating additional 44 quotas). Introduce 2 events in track cycling, using some of the quotas if necessary from the other disciplines.

Diving: Nothing

Equestrian: Replace eventing with another discipline (idk if this will be possible).

Fencing: Nothing

Field hockey: Nothing

Football: Remove 4 teams in men's to bring all teams events to 12 (additional 72 quotas)

Golf: Nothing

Gymnastics: Remove Rhythmic gymnastics (additional 96 quotas created).

Handball: Nothing

Judo: Limit each men's event to a maximum 25 quotas and women's to 20 quotas = a total of 13 additional quotas). Add a men's team event.

MP: Nothing

Rowing: Drop a men's event in favour of a women's event. Limit each single sculls event to 30 athletes (1 additional quota)

Rugby: Nothing

Sailing: Have gender equality in events, same quota

Shooting: Have equal number of men's and women's events, with out increasing athletes.

Swimming: Have the same program as the World Championship program without increasing total number of athletes.

Synchro: Drop (192 athletes - 52 = 140) Move 52 to add 4 teams in women's water polo.

Table tennis: Remove team events, and have a maximum 100 athletes.

Taekwondo: Nothing

Tennis: Nothing

Triathlon: Introduce mixed relay without additional athletes

Volleyball: Nothing
Water polo: Add 4 women's teams

Weightlifting: Drop one men's weight class

Wrestling: 16 per weight category = 288 + one more weight class per discipline = 336 athletes (8 additional quotas).


Left with more spots and we can add these sports:

Squash = 64 athletes

Baseball/Softball = 320 quotas

Karate = 120 quotas

And we saves an additional 150 athletes from 2012, have more gender parity in all sports.

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Archery: 4 events, no changes

Athletics: eliminate race walks, 44 events

Badminton: eliminate mixed doubles, 4 events

Basketball: no changes

Boxing: 7 male and female weight classes, 14 events

Canoe/Kayak: 28 events

Men's and Women's K1 200m, 500m, 1000m, C1 200m, 500m, 1000m, K2 200m, 1000m, C2 200m, 1000m, K1 200m relay flatwater

Men's and Women's K1, C1 and C2

Cycling 24 events

Road: no changes

Mountain Biking: no changes

BMX: no changes

Track: Men's and Women's sprint, time trial, individual pursuit, team pursuit, team sprint, scratch, madison and omnium

Diving: eliminate 10m synchro, add 1m individual, 10 events

Equestrian: no changes 6 events

Fencing: have individual and team events in all weapons, 12 events

Field Hockey: no changes, 2 events

Football: eliminate

Gymnastics: remove rhythmic and replace with tumbling, 18 events

Handball: no changes, 2 events

Judo: no changes, 14 events

Modern Pentathlon: eliminate

Rowing: 18 events

Men's and Women's 1x, 2x, 4x, 2-, 4-, 8+, L2x, L2-, L4-

Sailing: no changes from London's program, 10 events

Shooting: eliminate

Swimming: add 50m in breast, fly and back, men's 800m free and women's 1500m free, 42 events

Synchro: eliminate

Table tennis: eliminate

Taekwondo: add 3 weight classes per gender, 14 events

Tennis: eliminate mixed doubles

Triathlon: add a relay, 3 events

Volleyball: no changes, 4 events

Water polo: add 4 women's teams

Weightlifting: eliminate

Wrestling: 7 men's and women's events, eliminate greco-roman, 14 events.

Rugby: no changes 2 events

Golf: pair match play only, 2 events

Squash: men's, women's and mixed doubles 3 events

300 events and only 25 sports.

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