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The presentations are never that great it seems, with all the millions spent you’d think someone would hire whoever is needed to create a masterpiece final presentation.

Exactly! I feel that for all the bid cities... with all the million euros they spend in the bid, I think It shouldnt be easy to do better video presentations!

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MADRID 2028, MADRID 2032, MADRID 2036, MADRID 2040, MADRID 2044.....

I wouldn't be surprised. But if the competition is heavy, like is already being mentioned after this 2020 Asian win, then they better think long & hard if they really want to go through all of thi

"Thank you for your $50 million bid fee, here is your diploma."

I wish Jeremie was here for this question.

Can anyone confirm if Sepp Blatter, Issa Hayatou, Pal Schimdt, Duke Henri, Saku Koivu and Angela Ruggeiro are at the session?

HSH will vote with the French and the French are voting for Tokyo.

Koivu and Sabet are the only apparent IOC members not here.

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That was a pretty bland and uninspiring presentation from Istanbul. I found most of it very unimaginative. And this is coming from someone who wants Istanbul to win, I think they're in trouble now.

The reply to the drugs question was shockingly poor. They obviously wasn't prepared for that kind of question.

I am hoping Tokyo blow us all away with a fantastic presentation as I really don't wish to see a Madrid victory.

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