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MADRID 2028, MADRID 2032, MADRID 2036, MADRID 2040, MADRID 2044.....

I wouldn't be surprised. But if the competition is heavy, like is already being mentioned after this 2020 Asian win, then they better think long & hard if they really want to go through all of thi

"Thank you for your $50 million bid fee, here is your diploma."

I can't believe the IOC in eliminating Madrid 2020, I believe they have lost an opportunity, In all due respect to Tokyo (whom I endorsed for 2016), they are now the only choice left. To elect Istanbul would be a cataclysmic mistake of epic proportions.

Electing an economicaly crippled country would had also been a mistake.

Tokyo's going to win. After the "risk" they took after picking Rio the last time I highly doubt they will want to go into another adventure with the "new frontiers" thing and will go for the safest option this time. If you want a "new frontier" games again, wait for 2024.

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Mass confusion in press centre as Turkish Journalists under mistaken belief that Istanbul had won, not quite understanding the process.

- Rogge did say Istanbul had been elected

Yes, I can see how that would be confusing!

Also it should have been announced that members were voting FOR a city.

One member he complains he couldn't vote and the vote comes down to one vote!

dodgy all around.

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What was the result of Tokyo vs Istanbul ?

And why did Rogge give the number of votes by the way. I thought the rule was to give only the result and to give the figures AFTER the proclamation of the host city.

I think Rogge violated some rules by giving the number of votes for Istanbul and Madrid before the final vote.

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Awww, a pity to see those sad faces in the athlete members of the Spanish delegation and in Madrid. :(

I don't think there'll be a fourth try for Madrid, especially after this harsh result. What could they show new in a fourth attempt that they haven't now and in 2009? Even more compact masterplan with all venues built?

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