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I agree, the started strong, and nevertheless, the videos are amazing... the city is amazing and in any video presentation they will always look better, but Erdogan talking about peace, love, even press freedom hahaha when we saw what he did a few weeks ago. Anyway, overall I was a bit scared by Istanbul presentation and although the videos were good, I think they wasted a huge chance to bring the IOC to their side (I think).

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MADRID 2028, MADRID 2032, MADRID 2036, MADRID 2040, MADRID 2044.....

I wouldn't be surprised. But if the competition is heavy, like is already being mentioned after this 2020 Asian win, then they better think long & hard if they really want to go through all of thi

"Thank you for your $50 million bid fee, here is your diploma."

I think Istanbul still has a chance, I dont think these presentations are so crucial!

If a Muslim country will host Olympics anytime soon it is probably Turkey, way ahead of competition!

Maybe it is the time! Let's see.

If they win however, it will not because of this presentation, does not elicit any emotions!

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I think it is funny that they use the figure of Jesus so much in the videos when the Hagia Sophia might become a mosque once again instead of being a museum as it is nowadays.... I think that reflects in a way the uncertainties of the Istanbul bid... a lot of promises but ..... the future might be different and I think uncertainty is too high for them to win.

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