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125th Session - live chat

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I do believe the bid CEO effed up his question regarding transport but the other gentleman did a very good job at supplementing the response and I think saved face on that question. Abe is a bit on the defensive over Fukushima, now trying to change the question, It's a bumbling response.

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OMG, the story about the boy and the ball at the Fukushima issue, the blue ski, the children... very bad.

I think that he answered about the issue, saying that there is and wont be any problems in the future, the only possible way he could.

I dont know... could have been more radical to eliminate doubts

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The little translation incident just sums up why the question system is so bias towards English speaking (first language) cities. It's all just so awkward and difficult. The whole procedure makes it difficult to sound like you're giving a well thought out and confident answer.

Im impressed at the Japanese language effort though, well done.

This is the first time I've watched one of these, but you so right.

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