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125th Session - live chat

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I like how the Japanese are able to showcase their culture and the city much better than Istanbul. I think that their presentation could have been better but overall I agree that they are going a better job than Istanbul.... I dont know, what do you think? Im not able to conclude if they are doing a good job or not!

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Koivu and Sabet are the only apparent IOC members not here.

I wonder why Koivu even became an IOC member when he never attends sessions.

Oh, "not a single Japanese Olympic and Paralympic athlete has failed drug testing". That is certainly no topic to boast about, especially not if the first Japanese doping case could occur any time.

They are highlighting that Japan has a clear and honourable sports culture where cheating is frowned upon and hard work and dedication are taught.

....and the most expensive games for tourists. <_<

I wouldn't go that far. Japan is no more expensive than travelling to LA, NYC or London.

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