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Who's Going to Sochi?

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Would love to go, but it's out of my budget. Here's hoping the games, summer or winter, return to western North America soon. A Reno winter Olympics would be cool and if LA gets them again would be awesome. At least I'd have places to stay in both cities.

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A thought for people visiting the 2014 Olympics- don't bother reading tourist literature about Sochi !

The actual spa resort of Sochi is the administrative centre for a much larger area called the city of Sochi (3505 sq. km.). The Olympic Games are being held in Adlersky, the most south-easterly of Sochi's four internal divisions, with the Coastal Cluster and associated hotel developments situated just south-east of the town of Adler, some 30km from Sochi spa and almost on the border with Georgia.

Because Adler sits in the only substantial area of low-lying land along this stretch of the Black Sea coast, it is the site of Sochi's international airport. Right next to the airport is the junction between the historic Black Sea railway line and the new Metro line up to the Olympic Mountain Cluster around Krasnaya Polyana, first developed about 1900 as a winter retreat for the Tsar.

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