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Supporters of Istanbul, Madrid, Tokyo - post your pictures

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I haven't seen any pictures of the bidding cities this time around. You have the attention of Gamesbids and of the IOC members who will visit this forum over the next week. Post 1-5 photos of what you think best captures your city. Photos of street scenes, nightlife, everyday activities, and natural scenery are welcome. Hey, it worked for Rio!

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Those stairs look really cool! But are they specifically for LGBT, or just to make the stairs more colourful?

It's great to see pictures of a part of the world so completely different from my own.

just for lgbt, then someone (?) paint it grey back and whole turkey start to paint every where to rainbow as a protest.:)

i love my people tese days more den ever, very clever and unique protetsing style we have :)

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Well, yeah. When you have a few over-zealous Spanish posters posting everything but the kitchen sink, what do you expect. We only have a couple of regular, low-key Turkish posters, & no prominent Japanese members here to promote their bid, which is a shame. Since we really do need more balance in this race, at least here anyway.

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