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BidIndex last update... Madrid momentum?

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They FREELY decided to stay away of 2020 race... and the IOC did really take note on that.

And how do you exactly know this? Did you actually poll all of them or something.

If Madrid falls now... and Madrid is bidding for 2024, Rome, Berlin or Paris won't host the OG in 2024. It will be Madrid. IOC know it is time for Madrid as a big capital in Europe which has never had Olympic Games.

I get so tired of reading this irrelevant argument. It means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Many thought the nostalgia of Munich 2018 being the first city to host both the summer & winter Games was going to be a big selling point for the IOC. Well, it wasn't.

It is funny all of you believe Paris Rome or Berlin will host them in 2024... We had the same votes for 2012 as Paris but it had a mistake in a IOC member. If Paris had been failed before Madrid, London 2012 it wouldn't exist. For 2016 we were second after Rio.

Please, for 2012 that was just a wishful theory that was never proven. And Rio won by a landslide over Madrid for 2016. So I wouldn't read too much into that.

Pelase Illuminate me and tell me wha dot you see in Tokyo and not in Madrid. It's a better argument ' We have money in the bank €€€' ?

Many have told you plenty of times already.

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Istanbul has a problem... ERDOGAN
Madrid: EL MUNDO newspaper
This is the race with more problems than never hahaha
Madrid can be the door to African countries due to its budget, according an IOC member said.

Actually - Madrid: Economic uncertainly & doping scandals up the a$s

jajajaja the recover from Tsunami is the funiest argument i've seen for a while. One day they say the've recovered, when they need a 'why' they say the have not, so when someone talks about Fukushima, there's no problem there and' Tokyo's population live as they always did'. I still find the creating employment, and bringing illusion back to a country in crisis more compelling arguments.

You mean just like your "recover from economic crisis" argument? No, that's not more compelling. Maybe to your bias perception. But that's just as funny when on one day, the Madrid team says that they need the Games to help recover their stumbling economy. But then the very next day, they say that everything is already built. So where is this "economic stimulus" suppose to come from then if there is not much left to be done? Have you guys over there been taking economic 101 classes from the Obama administration?! :P

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u r really really an ignorant person. thnx god i have spanish friends that vice versa your character..

He's such a tool, isn't he.

Well, emre, I don't think he's really understimating the impact of the quake, but telling that by one side Japan tells they have recovered and on the other side they use the Games as a tool to get recovered. He has quite a point.

You mean just like Madrid 2020 is doing? "We need the Games to help recover our crippling economy. Oh, wait. We have everything ready, so we don't need to spend a lot of money to host" mumbo-jumbo. Sounds like the same kind of contradictory & convenient arguments to me!

Isn't that the same with Madrid's handling of their recession. On the one hand, they assure us they're recovering, on the other hand they say they need the games to spark a stimulus, on the next, so much is already done there's not a lot they need to do. It's just all so contradictory.


A Madrid 2032 bid is fine for you?

Yeah, I'll let that one slide! :lol:

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My point about Istanbul right now is that's just to soon for another new frontier.

The recent years show new frontiers appeals is still ruling the business...

And Rio won by a landslide over Madrid for 2016.

Oh, that glorious day... :rolleyes:


This 2020 race is a battle of the bids fighting against its own weakness...

Instead of selling strong points, all of 3 are trying to convince IOC their countries are not that bad with the problems they are living...

It's a completely different race.

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Its because if Madrid fails and Paris bids 2024 Paris will win.

Favourites never win. As Paris 2012, Chicago 2016... Maybe Tokyo 2020 falls. In fact, I believe that if Madrid doesn't win, Istanbul hosts the Games, not Tokyo.

Maybe Paris doesn't get the 2024 Games as everybody say.

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Favourites never win. As Paris 2012, Chicago 2016... Maybe Tokyo 2020 falls. In fact, I believe that if Madrid doesn't win, Istanbul hosts the Games, not Tokyo.

Maybe Paris doesn't get the 2024 Games as everybody say.

If Madrid falls, I wish Istanbul wins. An american city in 2024, Tokyo or Durban in 2028 and MADRID 2032!!! And everybody happy hahahaha.
Paris could bid for the 2020 Games and it didn't. For that reason... other cities can change the paris' dream.
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This theory of Madrid hosting helping to stimulate the economy annoys me.

If Spain wishes to boost its economy it can find better ways of doing it than putting on a sports festival. Invest in business, training, education, innovation . . .

Hosting the games is a money pit. It may be a catalyst for some change - but there are other ways of doing this.

No matter what their budget estimates at the moment they always go wrong - look at the original London budget compared to the final cost.

These games would need to be bailed out by the EU.

For me it should be Tokyo. If not Tokyo then Istanbul.

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Reading that makes me more sure that this will be decided by who goes out in round 1. They also don't seem to know that the host vote is before the presidential vote, so Tokyo would harm Ng, & Madrid would harm Bach, not the other way around. And Gamesbids is "respected" now, woo. :P

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Madrilenos! Any of you remember this song? It all happens in Madrid one September 7th :) "Mecano el 7 de setiembre"

Good luck my fellow Madrid friends! I really would love to see you winning tonight! :wub:


OMG, it is a premonition!!!!! This is our song!!

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Link isn't working ATM.

Not true. Beijing 2008 & Vancouver 2010 were favorites. Besides, this race never really had a "clear favorite".

Read the latest news: http://www.channel4.com/news/olympics-2020-istanbul-madrid-and-tokyo-await-their-fate

Tokyo is the favourite to win the games, followed by Madrid, with Istanbul the outsider, but as previous bidding processes have proved, this can count for little.

In 2005, Paris was the bookmakers' favourite, the day before the vote, followed by London and Madrid with New York and Moscow outsiders.

"There's been more occasions when second favourites have come in... It will be a handful of votes that determine it."

That bodes well for Madrid, who like London in 2005 has seen its odds shorten in the final 24 hours.

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More news:


Influential IOC members have told Sportsmail that Istanbul is losing considerable last-minute momentum and that the decision will come down to a narrow fight between the Japanese and Spanish candidates. It is the first time for many years that the outcome of host city-bidding will be undecided right up to the 11th hour.

‘We want a city that won’t cause us any problems,’ said one senior IOC member. ‘Rio (hosting the 2016 Olympics) is very difficult and Sochi (hosting the Winter Olympics next year) has also been hard work. But each of the three cities has major problems too. It is coming down to which city is likely to have the least problems in the coming years.’

And Madrid will have less problems, because economy would be better. Fukushima problem will continue for years.

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