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Who do you want to win, who do you think will win?


Who do you want to win, who do you think will win?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to win?

  2. 2. Who do you think will win?

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Baron, who do you think will do the best ceremonies? I'd say Istanbul, but you know far more about these than me (& possibly anyone). Thoughts? :)

Istanbul or Madrid would stage better ceremonies. Istanbul might get too carried away with the belly-dancing though. ;) I just dread Tokyo's ceremonies. They love that cutesy pokemon, Miss Kitty-type stuff. Ugh!! But que sera sera.

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Istanbul is my emotional favorite and the city that best suits IOC's tendency to pick the most fashionable and sexiest candidate that best fits the trends of each respective era.

I still can't pick a winner though. I feel that Tokyo is logically the most probable winner but I also don't see it winning, the chances are less than 50 percent for me. Istanbul and Madrid could beat it in the second round but I also think they could easily fall on the first hurdle, especially Istanbul. Then again, I see Istanbul winning Tokyo in the final.

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It seems like all three candidates will be just relieved when today is over .... this competition now seems to be a battle of weaknesses rather than strengths.

I was of the opinion that this campaign was less interesting than previous ones, however, I think in the end it has become just as interesting seeing the suffering of the candidate cities.

Initially I really wanted an Istanbul Olympics ... I love Istanbul .... one of my favourite cities in the world!

But now I'd prefer Tokyo.

The IOC needs a safe choice for 2020 .... a city they know can deliver the Games on time, without protests, without political drama.

It may not be the most exciting prospect for some people, however, after what's sure to be a quite difficult environment in Sochi and worries about deadlines and civil unrest in Rio, I'm sure the IOC would be grateful to have the 'safe' Japanese to follow.

Istanbul needs a huge amount of investment ... which I believe they can afford ... but I don't think they have the time to do it without causing the IOC headaches! Travelling around Istanbul using public transport can be an experience! Though as I said before, I love Istanbul ... just carry on modernising the city and come back a stronger and more tempting city ,,, there are few cities that could be more tempting!

I think it would be a huge mistake to award the Games to Madrid at this time. Madrid is another city I have a lot of affection for, however, I think it would show poor judgement by the IOC to award the Games to a city/country suffering so much from economic strife. I also believe that Spain should really be concentrating more on its immediate economic future than bidding for an expensive two week party. Madrid is a very capable city and I'm sure the Spanish economy is already beginning the slow process to recovery, however, with youth unemployment so high and so much of their population having to live across the whole continent just to get a job, I'd like Spain to focus on their economic recovery as a priority. Madrid should really have decided to leave the competition at the same time as Rome.

Tokyo has its problems ... the nuclear leaks ... but I do think these are more easily surpassed throughout the next seven years than the issues facing the other two.

Tokyo is wealthy enough, organised enough and politically stable enough to provide a very smooth transition into the next Olympic city ... it may not be the most exciting prospect .... but it is one the IOC needs every so often!

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