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Perhaps this is just an oversight but I noticed the article mentioned the runners passing the Staples Center and how it would be hosting basketball and a couple Paralympic sports. Interesting that gymnastics wasn't mentioned as well. Maybe its an oversight. Perhaps a new plan will reveal gymnastics has been relocated? City of Champions stadium perhaps?

Staples Center was never intended as the venue for all gymnastics (Rhythmic Gymnastics should be going to the LACC) but I wouldn't be surprised if this was just an oversight.

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The live feed begins: https://www.facebook.com/la2024/videos/vb.172122742941620/608397655980791/?type=2&theater&notif_t=live_video

Hope this link works, they just began introducing their delegates and guest of honor tonight.

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It wasn't exactly what I had thought it'd become, but I suppose we can go with it. Kind of ironic, that they're revealing this, right by LA Live, which has a similar brand mark... Can't wait for the live stream to be saved, there are pretty strong directive words from the CMO and Mayor Garcetti in regards to the values and inspiration about the games, and read your thoughts.

There's emphasis in making and catering these games about the athletes.

"LA is the right bid, right city, at the right time." – Janet Evans

At this moment: Thiago Pereira, Brazilian Olympic Team Member to the podium to speak of reasons "many athletes come to chose to train in LA", and how its become a home.

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The Press Event and reveal is now available to view here or on the LA 2024 Facebook page.

Sorry if my tone is odd, or a bit too enthusiastic I began going on to these forums 10 years ago, (losing out on the 2020 virtual bid competition), and always hoped LA would get a chance again, so to see LA is actually bidding and putting such effort is a bit surreal. ^_^

I think the logo is a grower, luckily just a bid one instead? It's interesting way, how they incorporated the sun into the figure.

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