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4 hours ago, mr.bernham said:

Maybe it's because I'm American, but honestly, I think Marine Le Pen winning is far worse than Trump's win. Trump has already renegaded on many of his controversial campaign promises. Trump has a major ego, but Le Pen is just downright crazy.


1 hour ago, baron-pierreIV said:


- but wouldn't it be fun if "renegaded" became a new buzz-word as a direct result of the Trump presidency ?

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32 minutes ago, FYI said:

We know "rigged" will be the first word that will come out of Donald Ducks mouth if L.A. were to lose next year. "Believe me!" :P:lol:

Hopefully by then we'll have learned to ignore most of the bullshit that comes from his mouth (or his Twitter feed) and instead can focus on hoping he doesn't destroy the country

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On 30/11/2016 at 1:48 AM, RuFF said:

Alan Abrahamson has a new article everyone will love:




Here is where this column acknowledges one more obvious piece: I live in Los Angeles. But I have no — zero — affiliation with the bid. At the same time, having covered every Olympic campaign since 1999, it’s time now to get to it plainly. Here is what’s what:

— This 2024 bid is it for Los Angeles and the United States. The time is now. If the IOC opts to go to Paris or Budapest, good luck, and enjoy the run afterward of Games in places like Doha and Baku, because the Europeans are already squeamish, the next three Games are in Asia (2018, 2020, 2022) amid financial and other challenges and the Americans won’t be coming back for a long, long time — not if the IOC were to turn down the three biggest cities in the United States, New York (2012), Chicago (2016) and then, in sequence, LA.

— Oh, and if LA gets dinged, good luck with sponsor and broadcast interest going forward, too.

These things are by no means threats. There’s no gauntlet. But unless we are all willing — together — to speak, and hear, the truth, the IOC and Olympic movement assume serious if not critical danger of losing their relevance. That is the real news from Tuesday in Doha.


So much silly, spurious reasoning here!

Firstly, if LA isn't going to go again (and this is the only place where I've read this, some official confirmation would be nice) and the author's logic is correct, then it seems to me the choice is between Paris 2024 and then a run of places like Baku and Doha, or LA 2024 and then a run of places like Baku and Doha. How is choosing LA a better choice in this scenario? He really hasn't thought this through if he thinks that's an argument for America.

Secondly, Global US companies sponsor the Olympics because the Olympics are global. A US Games might give a nice one-off boost in revenue but I've not read anywhere, apart from in booster columns like this one, that they're a deal-breaker. I'm quite certain I read similar implied (childish) threats during both NYC's and Chicago's campaigns from booster columns like this too. The broadcast deals are being signed anyway. NBC has US rights up to 2032 so there's no rush on that front if they're keen for a home Games, and European deals are being signed with Eurosport as we speak. Nobody seems keen to find out if LA is hosting or not before putting their money where their mouths are.

This column comes across as pretty desperate. LA2024 have so far come across as smart and fleet-footed with little hint of arrogance. If only one could say the same about this particular supporter!

Edited by Rob.
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53 minutes ago, RuFF said:

This post is a little disingenuous. You edited out relevant information from your article quote. Smack in the middle of what you quoted was this:

— Unlike in other nations, an American bid has no government money. None. It must all be privately funded. With that in mind, there is no chance — zero — that Casey Wasserman, the LA bid leader, can go back to the assorted business leaders who in just a few days donated the likes of $35 million toward this 2024 effort and gin up enthusiasm for another round

There is absolute value in LA not having the federal or local government financially back the bid or games. On this thread it's been touted that France financially backs Paris' bid. In the case of LA it's private, how do you go back and ask for more money in LA compared to Paris in order to bid again? It may be note worthy that the other 2 US Bids (New York and Chicago) that faced the same situation did not return for a second bid. 

But that's not all that implies. That LA is coming in with initial cost estimates at 2 billion short of Paris 2024's bid, privately financed and lacking of government funding packs and Agenda 2020 punch, which is probably why Allan felt a Paris win would be followed by Doha's and Baku's. And while LA does not guarantee that outcome the stage is set to change that course and for that I agree with Allan.

I didn't edit anything, I was responding to specific points I thought were stupid. Namely that the IOC will lose broadcast/sponsor revenue and be stuck with autocracies if it doesn't pick LA.

Agenda 2020 is about working with cities to ensure the Olympics fits what they need and want. It's not about "packing a punch" and it's not a criteria for comparing bids.

And LA is not going to change the course of anything. It will show the world how LA can host a frugal Games but I'm yet to hear how what it is proposing can materially alter what other cities might propose in future. Can you explain how a Paris bid would be followed by Bakus and Dohas whilst an LA bid wouldn't? That's one of the strangest suggestions I've seen on this forum to date.

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