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GamesBids 2013 IOC Session Lotto/Final Predictions

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Host city winner: Istanbul First city voted out: Madrid and Tokyo How many voting rounds to decide the winner: one Which sport will be added: softball/baseball Who will be the new IOC president

a support from "the times" for istanbul http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/leaders/article3861872.ece

I have been travelling all year so I haven't paid as much attention to this race as I usually do. Nevertheless, my recent week in Istanbul means I have now visited each of the candidate cities. So

Madrid never got more than 32 votes in the last 2 selections. And that was when the old man JAS was still alive. He (and many of his contemporaries) aren't around anymore. So I don't think Madrid is going to pull in more than 28 votes and will be dropped after round One.

YeaY!!! Post from 5 days ago. Almost on the nose!! I say Tokyo will win by 6 votes!!

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In the end, the only right prediction was that this race was going to be unpredictable. No one expected a tie and three voting rounds, no one expected Tokyo (or any other) to win so clearly... But I think this won't be the case to decide the 28th sport and the new IOC President and favourites wrestling and Bach will be voted in.

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I am changing presidency to TB please.

Too late. This is a test of our pre-session forecasting. It's too easy a guess to make now that Tokyo cleaned up the big one.

I think it's going to be mathematically hard for anyone to overhaul Baron, FYI, Louis and Daewebo anyway.

After a quick look - Iceman could tie with them if Oswald springs the upset!

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Even Toronto made a cameo at the session lol (during the softball presentation the Rogers Centre was shown)/ Joe Carters homerun.

The Baseball presentation was solid. I think it would be on the Olympic program had it been MP instead of wrestling.

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