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Almaty 2022


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Kazakhstan officially bids to host 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Almaty

Is this our first official bid?

Today, Kazakhstan has officially filed an application to host 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Almaty, Chairman of the Agency for Sports and Physical Education Erlan Kozhagapanov told BNews.kz correspondent in an interview.
"Yesterday (August 15 – editor’s note) Almaty City Administration and the Olympic Committee held the first meeting . A decision to make an application for 2022 Winter Olympic Games was done in Almaty," E.Kozhagapanov said.
According to the head office, Almaty is almost ready for it, most of the facilities constructed and approved at the Asian Games.
"It is to construct several sports facilities and the objects will be repaired by 2022. Transport logistics, people, volunteers and etc are ready," E.Kozhagapanov said.
According to Agency chairman, Almaty will have all sports facilities for the Olympics.

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They have also hired a marketing firm, which I think would signal confirmation.

Sports Marketing Group Hired by Kazakhstan for 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bid

Atlanta, GA USA (August 11, 2013) – Encompass International, an international sport marketing and strategic business development firm, has been retained to help the City of Almaty, Kazakhstan in its efforts to bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The Encompass executive team has over 100 years of collective experience with the Olympic Movement and is recognized internationally for their marketing and development work. Encompass’ President, Davis Butler, spent eleven years at the International Olympic Committee, and his Encompass partners have worked on behalf of and with all of the Olympic Organizing Committees since the 2000 Sydney Games. Encompass partners also have worked for other Olympic parties, bid committees of all types, sport properties and for corporations around the world interested in using sport and entertainment properties to develop business opportunities.
After many meetings with senior Kazakh officials in both Washington, D.C. and in Astana, Kazakhstan, Mr. Butler stated, “Kazakhstan’s commitment to hosting the Winter Olympic Games has strong support at the highest political levels, and the wonderful success of the 2011 Asian Winter Games in Astana and Almaty proves that Kazakhstan and Central Asia are ready and willing to welcome the world and its best athletes to spectacular winter destinations.” The Olympics have never before been held in Central Asia. The host city will be elected on July 31, 2015 at the 127th International Olympic Committee session.
With a current presence in North America, South America, Europe and the Far East, the opportunity to work with Kazakhstan now gives Encompass presence in Central Asia. Mr. Butler stated, “The Cities of Astana and Almaty are remarkable business communities. We are thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of this vibrant and growing country.”


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After Vancouver, Sochi and PyeongChang it indeed seems sure for the games to return to the "classical" Europe in 2022. Nevertheless, Almaty's got great winter sports infrastructure and will come up with a competitive bid. I think 2026 or 2030 might be their time.

Oh, and shouldn't this topic be moved to the "2022 Olympic Games Bid" section?

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Good start to this race! Are they good enough technically to make the short list?

They were the fourth bid for 2014 but left off because technically they weren't good. However with massive infrastructure upgrades and hosting two winter multi sporting events (Asian winter games and the Universiade) should help their cause.

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And that isn't too unlikely. It seems Oslo currently has critical polls, and while I think the referendum will be a success in Munich, Traunstein and Berchtesgadener Land, Garmisch might be critical. Only about 58% voted in favour of the games in 2018 and the 2022 campaign might see less campaigning.

Given both bids are out, Almaty would be my favourite, with lots of state-of-the-art venues all within 25km of the city centre and only two venues (sliding centre, ice hockey I) having to be built.

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According to FIFA, Kazakhstan is in Europe.

But not for the IOC. Kazakhstan is in the Asian Olympic Committee.

It would be interesting -After hearing the recent news of Germany and Norway-, if Almaty and Lviv became the frontrunners of ths 2022 race. Both bids are surprising good and can be a surprise.

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Everything depends on Munich. If they say no, there's a race on. If they say yes, they will get it, barring Israel kicking up a real stink. What bearing could the presidential vote have on this regarding Bach?

Well, Israel already made a statement of support for Munich, I believe, for the 2018 race, so that won't be a problem. If anything, they'd probably be glad to get their 50 year marking of the 72 incident.

Bach? Hard to say yet. If the 2022 host was being voted on at this session, I'd say it would be one or the other, Bach OR <unich, but not both. But with the 2022 vote two years away, just have to see which way the wind blows.

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Kazakhstan enters fray to host 2022 Winter Olympics

ALMATY – Almaty has the ambitious goal of hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. In July, the Kazakhstani National Olympic Committee (NOC) announced that Almaty submitted a bid for the games. Kazakhstani observers assess the city's chances as above average because it and Astana already have facilities that were built for the Asiada, the Seventh Asian Winter Games held in 2011.

  • kzolymp.jpg

    Kazakhstani ski jumpers train in March in Almaty. Facilities such as this one lend legitimacy to the city's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. [Olga Pavlovskaya]

The bid is only the first step in the process, NOC Vice-President Pavel Novikov said. "At this stage, the bidder submits information about the city's potential and fills out a ... questionnaire. We're not concerned about this stage."

The second stage involves more detailed work on the application, after which surviving bidders prepare a presentation on their countries and their sports facilities. Oslo, Barcelona, Munich, Kraków, Toulouse, Harbin and Lviv are among other cities that have shown interest in hosting the 2022 Winter Games.

The competitive bidding process isn't new for Kazakhstan, which previously competed for the 1994 and 2014 Games.

Upgrading Kazakhstan's image

Some observers link the 2022 bid with the government's strategic plan to improve Kazakhstan's world image. The Almaty Olympic bid and the victorious Astana bid for a 2017 world fair called Expo 2017 (the Bureau International des Expositions awarded that bid in 2012) are links in the same chain, political scientist Nursen Ayaktolbai, an instructor at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, said.

"After the [2010] OSCE summit in Astana and the Asiada in 2011, the government, officials and general public suddenly realised that everything was possible, that Kazakhstan had been noticed ... and was even highly esteemed by some countries," Ayaktolbai said. "Of course there were a few rough patches, but on the whole, the country coped well with holding such large-scale events."

Staging the Olympics is a tremendous chance to attract investors and technology and to develop the country's infrastructure, he added.

Almaty is "practically ready" to hold such lavish events already, Erlan Kozhagapanov, chairman of the Kazakhstani Agency of Sports and Physical Training Affairs, said. "We need only to finish building a few sports facilities and to touch up existing ones. Competing at home will be helpful to Kazakhstani athletes. Victory lies ahead."

Almaty will also be hosting the biennial Winter Universiade in 2017, and more facilities linked to that are in the works. Having up-to-date venues on hand should earn the country a serious look for hosting the 2022 Games, Almaty Mayor Akhmetjan Yesimov said.

The country's political situation also should help, as Kazakhstan has demonstrated stability in recent years, he said.

Support from athletes

Kazakhstan's athletes support the idea of being the home team in 2022.

Winning the bid would strengthen "the general sense of civic pride and unity," Olga Shishigina, the gold medallist in the women's 100m hurdles in the 2000 Summer Olympics, said. "The prestige of the winning city will be tremendously enhanced, as will that of the host country."

Valery Tikhonenko, a Meritorious Master of Sports of Kazakhstan and of the USSR, put the importance of the quadrennial games in athletes' terms "There's no point in going in for sport if you're not aiming for Olympic medals!"

The skill of Kazakhstani athletes and the quality of the sports facilities will enhance the country's prestige and make the city a big international draw, he said. "The main thing is that the [international] Olympic Committee should believe in us."

However, not everyone is overjoyed about bidding for the 2022 Games. Events on such a scale unduly burden Kazakhstan's budget, sportswriter Aleksey Kashchayev said. "Officials are saying that we can get by without spending too much, because some of the infrastructure is already in place," he said. "I remember how [officials] promised us a cheap Asiada. It ended up suffering cost overruns, just like the Vancouver Winter Olympics!"


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