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RWC 2011 Opening Ceremony Music : rare gems including epic fanfare and full Ceremony Vid

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So it's been a couple of years since New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup, but I've managed to uncover a few great studio recordings of the music used in the opening ceremony , including the fantastic pacifica version of World in Union.

Full credit to Victoria Kelly, musical director of the ceremony

In addition to that, I've got my hands on a copy of the epic fanfare used as the teams came out for each match, one of the best bits of sports presentation music I've heard (including Olympic Games).

I'll include a youtube clip of the whole opening ceremony aswell.


and the music

Fanfare and Journey


My Lion (Optimus Gryme RWC mix) by Tiki Taane


Roll Call and World in Union with Ria Hall feat Evander Folau

And the RWC Fanfare


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Thanks a lot mattygs :) I really like the music from the ceremonies and I was kinda trying to find them (the composer of the OST said it would put some tracks on her website but I never saw them). It's great that you're sharing this ones with us.

Do you happen to have the last piece of music they used for the opening? (The one during the fireworks which was followed by that other song I forgot it's name XD)


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A great night, if you weren't stuck on a train...thanks to some morons attracted to big red buttons.

Loved the video presentation bits. Maori ceremonies were a bit ho hum, but the Prime Minister half cut trying to do his speech was classic. Barely 20 minutes or so long, about just right. Using the waterfront and fireworks was cleaver.

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The music used to the final part of the ceremony, during the waterfront fireworks, was called *All Lit Up* by Don McGlashan, it incorporated the orchestral work aswell as the song at the end of it.

Never seen a studio version of it though.

As a side note , Don McGlashan also wrote a few bits of music including the song of welcome for the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

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