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Past Commonwealth Games

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Just thought I'd create a thread to put any general past CWG material - from past bids to actual Games themselves.

I came across this interesting image from the 1994 Victoria Games. It looks like it was from some kind of bid material from the late 1980s. It appears to be a purpose built, floating Opening Ceremony arena. Obviously, this never happened and the Ceremonies instead took place at the part temporary athletes stadium at University of Victoria - but interesting none the less. It is a very bold vision from a Games that is regarded to have been the "Lightweight Games" in terms of everything being downsized compared to previous and later editions. Further it predates Singapore's idea from 2010 YOG, and Istanbul's current intentions for 2020. It will be interesting to see if Istanbul's Waterfront Ceremony idea meets a similar fate to this, and the Ceremonies just be held at Ataturk instead.


from: http://www.vancitybuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Screen-shot-2012-08-16-at-5.17.57-PM.png

The eventual product in 1994:


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Yep. The placards with the country's name on it could be surfboards, with perhaps some lighting so they "glow" when inside the stadium. Why not get the athletes to sign their names on these boards, as a permanent reminder of the whole Gold Coast Commonwealth Games experience? :)

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And, of course, it will be Meter Maids carrying the surfboard/placards.

Oh my god- is if that isn't going to happen?

I want a giant Athens style pool in 2018- but not to tell stories of Greek mythology or references to democracy or humanity or any of that smart stuff- but instead for a dolphin dance water show brought up you by Seaworld Resort.

Then a giant white Matilda will rise from the centre of the water !

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The Dolphins can be used to hand the baton to the Queen. Or maybe Warwick Capper can have that honour. We'll also have to hunt and capture Migaloo the white whale so he can put in an appearance in the pool

And we can also have our own "Frankie and June" segment - but with Schoolies getting drunk and vomiting, and June (I suppose we'll have to change her name to Kylie or Shazza) accidently flushing her mobile down the lav.

And who else for the mascot but Trev the Toad!


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Is Istanbul really proposing something like this?

Not as such, they're just wanting a purpose built ceremonies stadium in an ideal setting. I guess the point is that there are so many fanciful ideas for ceremonies proposed in the bid stages, they're not all brought to life once the Games have been won.

I guess in terms of the Com Games, another would be the initial proposal of Ron Walker to have all the athletes travelling down the yarra on barges to the opening ceremony of Melbourne 2006. That never happened, however I would argue that we had a far more impressive use of the river with the fish sculpture, fountains and pontoons.

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With initial concepts, organizers, rightfully let minds go on the outragious and mindblowing concepts, take that Harbin 2022 structure for instant...

Ceremonies are always special and surprisingly the most costliest event to host in the Olympics...and Commonwealth Games. They are usually the bookends of memories that a hosting is remembered by.

Eventually commonsense, and budget constraints take over. But you can find pieces of the spectacular idea woven into reality.

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Mystery 1970 Commonwealth Games mascot uncovered


A MYSTERY mascot from the first Commonwealth Games held in Scotland has been uncovered.

A new exhibition being held to chart more than 80 years of Scotland’s involvement in the Commonwealth Games unearthed the previously unknown character from the 1970 Games, which took place in Edinburgh.

The exhibition, curated by the University of Stirling archives, started a tour of Scotland earlier this year and has seen its contents grow as members of the public donate their own memorabilia.

One of the items added to the collection was the unofficial Humpty Dumpty-like mascot from the 1970 Games.

Official mascots were not introduced to the Commonwealth Games until host country

Canada presented grizzly bear Keyano to the world during the Edmonton Games in 1978.

However, attempts had been made by organisers to create one for Edinburgh following the success of the 1966 World Cup Willie mascot, and drawings were produced for a kilted haggis character with the working name of Wee Mannie.

Games chiefs held a high-profile publicity launch in July 1969, followed by a competition for schoolchildren to name the mascot, but the idea was dropped after organisers received 23 letters of complaint about the design and later claimed the official crest was more popular.

However, this did not stop the Scottish team creating its own unofficial mascots. On the track, the athletics team adopted a huge teddy bear dressed in a navy vest, shorts and a tartan scarf.

The other unofficial, newly discovered mascot is a home-made creation donated by the family of the late William Carmichael – the then director of the 1970 Organising Committee.

It is now on display alongside Clyde and the 1986 mascot – a Scottie dog called Mac – at the exhibition.

The Scotsman

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