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Baseball-Softball Bid for 2020

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In Japan there are no shortage of existing venues. If LA gets 2024 there are already existing venues. Paris has a new, existing facility at Senart that will just need some temporary stands - as has Budapest in Obuda - so 2024 (and repeat bids for 2028) are sorted for the most part.  If Brisbane gets 2028 they have a number of fields that can be used... 

Beyond that if there is nothing suitable temporary stadia is the way to go.  There are a lot of venues more expensive than a baseball/softball field.  As for the extra athletes - villages are built for private post-Games sale.  Build another tower. Not a massive issue.  It wasn't that big of an issue from 1984 to 2008.

The venues have been put to good use in Barcelona and Sydney. LA obviously uses theirs. Atlanta was always going to demolish their venue. Beijing's was temporary. Seoul's is in use.  Athens is the white elephant in the room - but it is in use again as a refugee camp.

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