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Eurovision Stage Design competition!

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This should get EVERYONE interested!

Let's say Copenhagen is hosting at the Parken Stadium. They are going for maximum 30,000+ capacity but need a slick, sleek techno-awesome stage set.

Get out your design programs and get to it!


The stage should include a big central screen or moveable backdrop, lighting rig/s, a runway that extends out into the ground and whatever else you want to throw into it.

Here is a generic seating plan -


So what you need to provide is a pic of your stage design - preferably a front on and an overhead. Also a seating plan showing ticket levels and prices.

Roof open or closed is up to you.

Yes Baron - hand drawn designs will be perfectly OK.

The amount of info/fine details are up to you.

This will be a quick comp to keep us going until the next logo comp (which Rols I am happy to bequeath to you).

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Can Lego be implemented as a theme? I wouldn't be surprised if Lego (as in an upscaled stage design animated characters in the vignettes) was a core element and sponsor. After all, the Lego Movie comes out next year and what better way to link the iconic Danish brand and the Eurovision (not to mention come out with some Eurovision themed sets).

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Well I'm probably out, due to the fact that I would have liked to visualize my concept with Lego, but some specialty parts (should I wish to order online) might not be coming here until late this month or the start of next month.

However, with the idea I do have, I could submit it to Lego Cuusoo, a service where fan made Lego creations could potentially be actual sets if given 10,000 votes to be reviewed by the Lego company.


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Well enter a concept sketch - I am dead keen to see your Lego stage either way...

I might. I intend to submit something to Cuusoo anyways.

They probably won't go with a Lego stage. But given the Lego of today as opposed to 2001 and the greater franchising and specialized elements, it's possible to see an official Lego version of the actual Eurovision stage.

My concept is a "Legovision Song Contest" stage, which makes it independent from any stage the organizers (Denmarks Radio) end up with, whilst still being promotional to the actual song contest held next year.

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