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UEFA Women's Euro Sweden 2013

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Women's most important continental tournament has already ended group face, and the knockuout rounds will get even more exciting. Just a few facts:

- Sweden is hosting it

- Friends Arena in Solna will host the final

- Is the most watched Women's Euro in history

- Germany are current holders







To put you on date:

-Sweden won Group A with 7 points, Italy was the runner-up

-Norway surprisinglly won Group B, over runner-ups Germany

-France remains the unbeatten team with 9 points (clear frontrunners), Spain surprisinglly was 2nd.

-Denmark and Iceland were the best 3rd places

-Denmark and Russia both were tied with 2 points, but UEFA used drawing of lots instead of goal difference to determine the 2nd best 3rd place.

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Quarter-finals Results

Sweden 4-0 Iceland

Germany 1-0 Italy

Norway 3-1 Spain

Denmark 1-1 France



Sweden vs Germany
Wednesday 24 July in Gothenburg
20:30 CET
18:30 GMT/UTC
Norway vs Denmark
Thursday 25 July in Norrkoping
20:30 CET
18:30 GMT/UTC
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I've been watching this tournament online and it has been a fascinating event, a breath of fresh air after the disappointment that was the Confederations Cup. Let's see, we have reached the semifinal stage and I have seen one fall that might have resembled a dive (no Neymars here), and there have been 0 as in zero red cards. I'll be saddened when it is over. it has been fun to follow.

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GERMANY beats 1-0 Sweden in a cardiac match, both teams played for the win and surprisinglly Germany won over locals. :o

Norway-Denmark will look for the 2nd finalist. (Norway is OBVIOUS frontrunner but Denmark made the French girls an early exit)

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Congrats to Germany and to all who contributed to a wonderful event. Sadly, I had to miss the final due to a family emergency, but once the crisis is over I will go back and watch the final on-demand at ESPN3.com.

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