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Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg may be expanded to 60,000+ much cheaper than Fiends Arena in Stockholm. For Sweden costs is a major topic. In both the Euro 2016 bid, and the Nordic Euro 2008 bid, Gothenburg was planed to be expanded to 60,000 seats. And being the biggest stadium, it would then of course get the final as well.

Friends Arena can get expanded, if they really want the Euro Championships. Even if the roof is lifted higher of lowering of the pitch. I believe the Opening and Final Match of all Tournaments should be in the Capital City, with exception to countries like Brazil, America, Canada and maybe Spain (Seeing as though Nou Camp is largest and not Bernabeu.


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You're not an engineer I understand. You can't reuse the current roof on an expanded Friends Arena. You have to completely remove the current roof. And build a brand new one on top of the extended stands. The new roof will have to be bigger to cover the extended stands.. Also, the pitch can't be lowered due to UEFA regulations. The distance between the stands and the sideline is already at the minimum distance UEFA allows. Hence you can't build more row towards the pitch. Expanding Friends Arena to 60,000 seats would cost at least 150 million €. You may expand Ullevi to 60,000 seats for half that price. Your idealism collides with and loses out to realism.

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Who said Italy even has an intention to bid? If they really eye the Summer Games, they won't go for the Euro in the same year. And while there may be need for new/renovated stadiums, David asked a relevant question: Where should the money to pay for them come from?

Correct me I'm wrong on this, but wasn't there a news story a couple of months ago about how many of the football stadiums in Italy, which are government owned, are going to be turned over to the private sector, opening the way for teams to actually own their own stadiums? If so, perhaps you might see some of new stadiums get constructed if owners are contributing private funds. I'm not saying this would lead to a Euro bid, but it would definitely help the Italian teams.

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On the UEFA Euro 2024 Wikipedia page, there is speculation about a possible Joint Bid with Russia and Estonia. Russia will Host the 2018 Fifa World Cup, so they shouldn't get it. Estonia have no Stadium's up to UEFA Euro requirements, not even the National Stadium.

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So, after the UEFA Euro 2020 Events, there is 3 Serious Bids and 4 Potential Bids:

Serious Bids:




Potential Bids:

Republic of Ireland and Scotland.

Hungary and Romania.


Russia and Estonia.

Potential Stadiums:


Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany (75,000 Seats) - Minor Renovations.

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany (71,000 Seats).

Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany (66,000 Seats) - All-Seater Mode.

Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany (62,000 Seats).

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart, Germany (61,000 Seats).

Imtech Arena, Hamburg, Germany (58,000 Seats).

Esprit Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany (55,000 Seats).

Borussia-Park, Monchengladbach, Germany (55,000 Seats).

Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany (53,000 Seats).

RheinEnergieStadium, Cologne, Germany (51,000 Seats).

AWD-Arena, Hannover, Germany (50,000 Seats).

Red Bull Arena, Leipzig, Germany (45,000 Seats).


Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland (56,000 Seats) - Renovated and Expanded.

New De Kuip, Rotterdam, Holland (65,000 Seats).

Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, Holland (50,000 Seats) - Renovated and Expanded.

New Stadium, Enschede, Holland (45,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Heerenveen, Holland (44,000 Seats).

GelreDome, Arnhem, Holland (42,000 Seats) - Renovated and Expanded.

New Stadium, Utrecht, Holland (41,000 Seats).

Euroborg, Groningen, Holland (40,000 Seats) - Renovated and Expanded.

AFAS Stadium, Alkmaar, Holland (35,000 Seats) - Expanded.

New Stadium, The Hague, Holland (33,000 Seats).


Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey (88,000 Seats) - Renovated and Expanded.

Turk Telekom Arena, Istanbul, Turkey (53,000 Seats).

Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey (51,000 Seats).

Timsah Arena, Bursa, Turkey (44,000 Seats).

New Konya Stadium, Konya, Turkey (43,000 Seats).

New Trabzon Stadium, Trabzon, Turkey (42,000 Seats).

New Ankara Stadium, Ankara, Turkey (42,000 Seats).

New Samsun Stadium, Samsun, Turkey (35,000 Seats).

New Antalya Stadium, Antalya, Turkey (33,000 Seats).

Kadir Has Stadium, Kayseri, Turkey (33,000 Seats).

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Looks like you have chosen domestic league capacities for German stadiums, they are smaller in international matches.

Yes, you are right. My mistake.

I know Allianz Arena would probably be 66,000 Seats, although I did do Dortmund's Capacity as an All-Seater. As a Non-All Seater, Signal Iduna Park holds over 80,000 Places.

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I don't think Russia should get the UEFA Euro 2024, even if they are considering Co-Hosting with Estonia, as they have the 2018 Fifa World Cup. Also, in my opinion, Co-Hosting should have the Matches and Venues split equally. Estonia wouldn't be able to have 5 Stadiums, maybe 1 if they are lucky. Russia would probably have to fund Construction Costs for Estonia's Temporary 40,000+ Seater Stadiums. So a Russia and Estonia Joint Bid wouldn't be feasible or fair. A Joint Bid from Hungary and Romania would be more realistic, same maybe goes for a Joint Republic of Ireland and Scotland Bid. Italy are also considering a Bid aswell. These are the Stadiums I would use for the 4 Potential Bids:


Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy (73,000 Seats). Renovated.

San Siro, Milan, Italy (81,000 Seats). Renovated.

New Napoli Stadium, Naples, Italy (60,000 Seats).

Stadium San Nicola, Bari, Italy (59,000 Seats). Renovated.

New Fiorentina Stadium, Florence, Italy (55,000 Seats).

Juventus Stadium, Turin, Italy (52,000 Seats). Renovated and Expanded. (Remove Cables).

New Stadium, Lecce, Italy (50,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Verona, Italy (47,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Palermo, Italy (45,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Parma, Italy (40,000 Seats).

Hungary and Romania:

New National Stadium, Budapest, Hungary (65,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Debrecen, Hungary (52,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Gyor, Hungary (45,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Szekesfehervar, Hungary (42,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Ozd, Hungary (38,000 Seats).

National Stadium, Bucharest, Romania (55,600 Seats). Minor Renovations.

Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (50,000 Seats). Minor Renovations and Expanded.

New Stadium, Timisoara, Romania (48,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Craiova, Romania (45,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Medgidia, Romania (34,000 Seats).

Republic of Ireland and Scotland:

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (70,000 Seats). Expanded.

Thomond Park, Limerick, Republic of Ireland (52,000 Seats). Renovated and Expanded.

New Stadium, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (46,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Cork, Republic of Ireland (44,000 Seats).

New Stadium, Derry, Republic of Ireland (38,000 Seats).

Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland (70,000 Seats). Minor Renovations and Expanded.

Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland (68,000 Seats). Renovated. (Temporarily a Football Stadium).

Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland (60,000 Seats). Renovated.

Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland (51,000 Seats). Renovated.

New Aberdeen Stadium, Aberdeen, Scotland (32,000 Seats).

Russia and Estonia, I have no clue on what Stadiums they would propose. Alot of Stadiums are Brand New, which was the case with UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

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Get off that silly Russia/Estonia thing NOW.

Just because someone posted their pipe dream by editing the Wikipedia article doesn'tmake this even remotely credible.

Or have you not followed international news recently? Or informed yourself about Russia's relationship with the Baltic states in general?

Then again, one could be cynical and say that by 2024, the Soviet Union exists again and the Baltics and Russia are the same country anyway...who knows these days...

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Not that I believe it will happened. But the claim is in fact sourced to the second largest newspaper in Estonia.

Claiming it's just somebody's dream posted on Wikipedia is stupid.

And you know the source of that newspaper or what? It IS stupid to even assume anyone can be serious about such a bid.

Thank you for your polite choice of words.

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Oh and I've read that source article now. Even with Google translate I can't take this seriously:

It's two years old.

It's just the President If the Estonian Football Federation without any quotable backup.

It includes loads of couldashouldawoulda speculative bla bla.

In other words: a pipe dream.

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Õhtuleht is the second largest newspaper in Estonia.

Of course, I don't read Estonian. But a simple Google translate tells that they're in negotiations with Russia about bidding for 2024.

But I find it very hard to believe that this will happen. Both because Estonia will have problems even hosting two stadiums. And because Russia won't get the Euros just 6 years after hosting the World Cup.

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It will be a rival between Turkey, Germany and Italy. In case the last two organize some games within EURO 2020, especially Allianz Arena being picked as the host of the final and semifinal games, Turkey has the best chance to get EURO 2024.

I don't think Allianz Arena will be picked for Final and Semi-Finals. Wembley is the favourite now.

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That part seems logical, but, if bidding for 2024 is the priority, why enter the 2020 race at all?

Well, a pan-european EURO wouldn´t make sense with the big successful countries host games too.

Now that France won´t host games for 2020 make sense, cause the 2016 tournament will be played in France, but for a real 60th anniversary

all across europe celebration you need at least all nation which had won the cup in the past.

2020 is still a absolute nonsense idea.

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Glasgow 2014 ‘could be catalyst for Euro 2024 bid’

THE success of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games could be the catalyst for a Scottish bid to host the Euro 2024 football championships, Tory leader Ruth Davidson has said.

The city has proved it is capable of holding a major international sporting events, according to the Glasgow MSP.

Ms Davidson added: “Glasgow 2014 has been sensational - let’s build on our success to land other major sports tournaments and show the world what Scotland can do.”

The Tories have set out a number of suggestions which could make the bid for the 24-team tournament feasible. This includes focussing the contest on Celtic Park, Hampden, Ibrox and Murrayfield, while upgrading smaller stadia in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee and Kilmarnock. Some matches could also be staged in the north of England.

Glasgow is already bidding to be one of the host cities in the 2020 European championships which will be staged in a unique 60th anniversary touring format in cities across 13 different countries.

Ms Davidson added: “If the format reverts to the usual process in 2024, we know from the last 10 days or so that Scotland is more than capable of being a superb host.

“Scotland’s are the best fans in the world, a fact acknowledged globally, and are deserving of an event like this on their doorstep.

“We’ve already got four world-class grounds in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with the opportunity of expanding several more across the country – not uncommon for a major football tournament.”

Matches could be staged across the border in the North of England with Newcastle and Sunderland staging matches, he added.

Scotland lost out in a joint-bid with Ireland to stage the 2008 European Championships.


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As much as I love the optimism in Ruth Davidson's comments, I just can't see how such a proposal gets off the ground. The same issues that hampered the Scotland-Ireland bid for 2008, namely the imbalance of using Glasgow's three main stadia plus two grounds in Edinburgh and the lack of obvious post-tournament need for larger grounds, are still there. As far as I am aware, the only major stadium project being talked about in Scottish football at the moment is in Aberdeen, but there is no sign that is likely to progress any time soon. I think a Rugby World Cup is more feasible.

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Thanks to Rob for showing me this thread. I also thought it was here somewhere, but don´t know how it was gone for me... Sorry for the new thread. I post here the same now:


What do the crowd in here think of, that the Danish federation has opened up for a joined Nordic bid. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland for either 2024 or 2028?

It just came out last week. And they shall talk together next month. What do you think?

And a question from me. What are the minimum stadium capacity for a Euro match?


Hans from Denmark

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