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Save Olympic Wrestling

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Wrestling is the oldest sport known to man. Wrestling is an original Olympic sport. Millions of people compete in wrestling worldwide. 179 different countries have FILA affiliations. 79 countries sent participants to the 2012 Olympic games. Athletes from 29 different countries received Olympic medals at the 2012 Olympic games. An Olympic medial is the ultimate goal for a wrestler.
Wrestling is being mentioned in Olympic hymn.

New Olympic wrestling rules

Wrestling's governing body hopes rule changes designed to make matches more exciting and easier to understand will get the sport back in the Olympics.

The federation, known by the acronym FILA, is also changing its constitution to include a female vice president and will increase the number of women's weight classes if it remains in the Olympics.

FILA's bureau formulated the rule changes and presented them to the congress. They include changing matches to two three-minute sessions instead of three two-minute periods, with cumulative scoring rather than the previous two-out-of-three system.

"Cumulative score incentivizes the wrestlers to score more often and consistently," FILA vice president Stan Dziedzic said. "In addition, or equally important, the total score is easier for the spectators to understand. It's difficult for a spectator, not to mention the athletes, when one wrestler wins the first period 5-0, loses the next two periods 1-0 and loses the match.

"The common view was that two minutes was not sufficient time to execute the requisite tactics and strategies to provide an exciting match. What's more, it deprives the viewing audience of witnessing the will of the wrestler."

The changes also refine how to penalize wrestlers who try to "game the rules" by passivity. If an official determines a wrestler is being passive, he receives a verbal warning. If there's a second offense, the action will be briefly stopped and the offending wrestler will have to score a point within 30 seconds or his opponent is awarded a point.

Dziedzic said the aim is "to restore the authority of the officials to incentivize the wrestler to take more risk. The onus must be placed on the wrestlers to win the match."

Congress deliberated at length when to implement the chances. Some delegates argued an immediate change would be difficult to adapt to, while others said FILA needs to show it's changing in order to persuade the IOC to keep wrestling in the Olympics.

Dziedzic said FILA would work to have the world championships in September run under the new rules.

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I can take or leave wrestling...but after seeing this clip, I definitely endorse the return of Wrestling to the Olympics.


And they should add extra points for the best post-victory dance, too!! :lol:

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