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San Juan 2030 YOG

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You think it's hot or not?

Fact: Not only Puerto Rico hosted the Central American and Caribbean games in 1930, 1966, 1993, and 2010 reapectively, but we've hosted the VIII Pan-American games in 1979. 10 years later, the IOC session took place there, and we assumed our 2004 Olympic bid in 1990 before we got kicked out in April 1997 to secure our spot in the shortlist.

The commonwealth of Puerto Rico has assumed a vibrant sporting heritage in the Americas from the 1950's, mostly from the most prominent figures such as Roberto Clemente, Chichi Rodriguez, Jose Juan Barea, Ivan Rodriguez, Juanito Ortiz, Javier Culson, Felix Tito Trinidad, Miguel Cotto, and others.

Recently, there are more world-class venues in the area left by the administration of Jorge Santini. These are: The Jose Miguel Agrelot colisseum, The San Juan natatorium, The PR Convention Centre named by the ex-governor Dr. Pedro Rosselló Gonzalez (Can be used as IBC and MPC, the Roberto Clemente Colisseum (Opening and Closing ceremonies, due to the fact that the Olympic stadium may become impossible to built for numerous reasons.), numerous soccer fields, tennis courts, and shooting ranges reserved for the State Police but for target events.

Given that the island in 100x35 square miles, it may not all fit inside San Juan, but to be distributed all over excluding Vieques and Culebra. And it should be held before early August due to the peak of the hurricane season which lasts until late October.

I must assure that one of Carmen Yulin's advisors must be reading this before I set foot to her office.

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