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My YOG Shortlist

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What can you think about those possible cities, from everybody's perspective. My aspect of San Juan 2030 YOG is to contribute values that add up to determine one's success on the long run.

Speaking about venues, San Juan has the most efficient sporting venues ever built, such as the Natatorium close to the Bay, the golfing course from the heights, a soccer stadium, and I don't remember the other ones that former San Juan mayor Jorge Santini (NPP) has left, and I'm sure that the current mayor Carmen Yulín (PDP) has no plans to demolish it on the long run, as soon her advisors read this.

For Barcelona 2042, that will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Games of the XXV Olympiad (Yes, we need another archer to light the cauldron!)

Need to say more?...

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