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Hi guys, this will be my first post with you on GamesBids, my sole source regarding Olympic bids.

Given that the most recent BidIndex gave Tokyo its temporary relief over Istanbul due to a slight increase in public support, it won't be for the long run.

Now recently, Daniel Choo, Born in London where last year's Olympic games were held, and currently residing in Japan since 1999, has opened not long ago, a campaign on Change.org to consider Tokyo for the 2020 Games of the XXXII Olympiad. He is requesting 10,000 signatures. So far, 1,500 made its mark, prior to its Late August deadline, in run-up for the host city elections.

The description is as follows:


Show your support for Japan!
On 7 September 2013, the next Host City of the 2020 Olympic Games will be chosen from either Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan) or Madrid (Spain).

As a foreigner from the UK living in Japan for 14 years, I think that Tokyo should be chosen as the host city for the following reasons:

Rich in tradition while being advanced in technology
You can gain a truly incredible experience from a single visit - ask *anybody* who has come over to Japan.

Enchanting country and culture
Japan has managed to maintain traditional culture even through modern times which can be experienced by visiting the varied amount of places of interest in Japan. Take a look at the following link to see just a small example of what awaits you.

Japanese culture is a uniting culture
There is no other culture that unites people from all over the world and this is proven by the amount of Japan related (Anime, fashion, food, manga, cosplay, etc.) events that are held worldwide.
Holding the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will further unite people together from around the world and that's what the Olympics should be about.

Trains, busses run frequently and on time - you can set your watch by the train arrival times! When you are over for the Olympic games - you can rest assured that the transportation system will ensure that you wont waste time waiting around.
Tokyo is also filled with facilities for the disabled too.

Non tipping country
Japan is a non tipping culture which means you can spend less on tips and more on shopping and food!

Japan is ranked as the safest city in the world. If you are going to travel anywhere for the Olympics then it may as well be the safest place on earth!

Tokyo is filled with not only Japanese food but also a huge variety of international cuisine too. Take a look at the following link to see an example of what awaits you.

More Japan
I know there are many folks around the world who love Japan - if you are one of them then show your support by signing this petition - it does not cost anything to help.

With the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan, you will be able to see more coverage of the land that you love on TV too!

The official Tokyo 2020 Candidate City: http://tokyo2020.jp/en/

About the Tokyo 2020 Candidate City Petition Mascot: http://mirai.fm

About me: http://dannychoo.com/profile

Mirai Suenaga Tokyo 2020 Olympics Wallpaper: http://saber.mirai.fm/www_culturejapan/images/mirai-tokyo-olympics-wallpaper-red.jpg

I need to figure out your reactions about the issue about that such campaign

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It's a pro-Tokyo thing. Not going to matter much. If it were an ANTI-Tokyo petition, some IOC'er MIGHT look at it. But being for a city, they won't waste their time looking at it. I mean they barely look at the Evaluation reports, what more a 'favorable' petition that could run by just about anybody? :blink:

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