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Flawed strategy, mistakes jeopardizing Tokyo’s bid to host 2020 Olympics

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I do think though it tends to show the Istanbul can pretty well win almost any *emotional* argument there is in Olympic bidding world. It ticks so many boxes - including the "war wounds" of previous bidding. I think all three of the 2020 bidders deserve medals of bravery at coming back for more.

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Again - he is entitled to do this, so why not? Both of Toronto's previous Olympic bids have been marred by loud anti-Olympics campaigners, who are more than entitled to do this under Canadian law. Do

Sportsbet. They have a market on the sports wanting to get in for 2020 too.Madrid's at about $7.50

SERIOUSLY??!! Obviously nothing can be proved to a legal standard, but how else do you explain the results of the vote? FIFA was genuinely won over by the idea of air conditioning an entire country

Not sure where to put this - so it might well be here in the Tokyo thread. Was just doing some Googling about in my spare time, and came across some articles about the 2004 bid race, which as we know was basically between Rome and Athens in a similar way that 2020 is with Tokyo and Istanbul. It seems that an Italian IOC member, Primo Nebiolo made a similar gaff to Governor Inose, in criticising the rival bid - the Italian ridiculed and questioned the integrity of the Athens 2004 bid during a public event promoting Rome 2004. This is the bit I found interesting:

No such concerns exist about Rome, however, which trotted out no less than Luciano Pavarotti to keynote its final presentation.

What may have hurt the Italian bid were the recent actions of Primo Nebiolo, the head of track and field's international governing body, who chided Greece for poor management of the World Track and Field Championships in August. Nebiolo, long a bully in his sport, may have solidified a bloc of anti-Rome votes with what was perceived as a boorish rant.

Otherwise, Rome had everything in place for a $1.5 billion bid, including 30 of 38 venues, government support, and a long history of hosting major sporting events.


While I believe the comments from the Japanese Governor wouldn't hurt the Tokyo bid by September - the above makes me wonder if a similar reaction could occur from IOC members at the disregard for bid conduct?

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The two situations aren't really similar. Primo Nebiolo was just downright arrogant towards Athens' 2004 bid. Not to mention, unlike Inose, he was an actual IOC member. So you think that he would've known better. At one of the meetings during the 2004 bid process, Nebiolo wouldn't even shake the hand of then Athens bid organizer head, Gianna Angelapoulos. How not-so diplomatic & rude is that. Plus, Inose & the Tokyo 2020 have tried to do damage control & apologized for the gaffe. Unlike Nebiolo which never did.

I don't think an 'anti-Tokyo bloc' is going to become of this. Not to mention, it seems that Athens had a deal of support with the South Africans if whichever bid dropped out first, the remaning one would support the other. Plus, Athens also had the sympathy card going considering they lost the Centenntial Games 8 years earlier.

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^^ Was Jacques Chirac also a member of the IOC? Arguably his arrogant declarations were one of the causes London got the games instead of Paris. Then again, he was the president of his country, so i guess not being a member of the IOC doesn't always matters.

And like FYI said, at least they apologized and scolded Inose for his declarations, so I don't think those declarations damaged their bid in a considerable way.

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No, he wasn't. But the thing about Chirac's little Finnish cuisine comment, is that it often times is very debatable if it actually cost Paris the Games. Since then it would quite drastically undermine the reasons why London actually won, i.e.'the regeneration of the East End, the youth angle, etc'. And it's wasn't an episode where he *publicly* was criticizing a competing bid, like Nebiolo was doing with Athens at the time. Chirac got caught with a hidden microphone that was still on. Although, the timing of his little gaffe, which was a couple of days right before the 2012 vote, probably didn't help matters any.

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Also Nebiolo did it on several occasions, during and after the IAAF world championships and during the final week of the bids. However, I do not beleive this was the crucial point that led to Rome's loss.

On the other hand this bid race is a three horse race which because of the way the voting procedure is designed could lead to many surprises depending wich city will be eliminated on the first round.

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