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Eurovision Song Contest 2014

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Armenia is going to win this apparently.

Hungary supposed to win the whole thing in 2011.

Would be fine with me, though my faves are Norway, Israel, Poland and Italy.

Good choice. Don't forget to vote for Poland in the 2nd semifinal :)

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Here are the result of the Tower Bridge Fox jury

12 points Spain

10 points Ireland /Armenia

8 points Moldova/Austria

7 points Montenegro/Sanmareno/ Portugal

6 point Albania

5 points Latvia

4 points Azerbaijan

3 points Belarus

2 points Ukraine

1 point Poland

I listened to all the songs then listened to my fadeouts again in different orders

The only song that always came out on tome regardless of the order
I listened to them in was Spain,

On first imprisons’ Albania scored highly but fell back after further listenings,

(spell correction)

I listened to all the songs, then listened to my favourites again in different orders

The only song that always came out on top regardless of the order
I listened to them in was Spain,

On first imprisons’ Albania scored highly but fell back after further listening,

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Many are placing Aram MP3 as the favorite to win. However, after the very controversial and homophobical declarations he did towards Conchita Wurst, i can't help but think this might damage his chances greatly. Specialy if we consider that a more than considerable percentage of the Eurovision viewers are either gay or are in favor of their rights.

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Spain would have had it in the bag had they chosen Brequette - she was incredible. Ruth has a good voice but tends to be guilty of massively over singing a song.

The UK has one of the best songs this year but I don't quite see it as a winner. I think it will come around 5th.

Denmark could be the surprise winner for me. He really performs well and the song has that instant effect.

I fear Israel will be the surprise flop. It's a great song and she performs well but I can't see Eastern Europe voting for that kind of song.

Hungary, Sweden and Armenia are all sure to do well but again, I don't see either of them as winning songs. However, it's probably most likely that our winner will come from one of these 3.

Greece and Poland will definitely pick up lots of votes.

Latvia will not.

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Woo hoo Eurovision - I used to participate on this forum if anyone remembers! Those who do or don't, but would like to participate in a nice Eurovision environment, are requested (oh get me being all fromal) to participate in a forum for Eurovision called Digital Spy Eurovision forum (main site = http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=253). CAF is already a member as is yoshi? (I don't kno him but apparently he is a member here as well as there!) Join us if you can! Much love x Beth

As is Lee - who on his old user name and despite telling me he was giving up membership ehre lol is still here and no longer posting( well at least much) on the Eurovision site!) lol oh mallaka!

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As is Lee - who on his old user name and despite telling me he was giving up membership ehre lol is still here and no longer posting( well at least much) on the Eurovision site!) lol oh mallaka!

Can't say I am a fan of the Digital Spy Eurovision forum. Too much rubbish written in between the interesting posts. You need to be reading it several times a day to keep up with it and after a short while it gets very tedious. I mean, there seems to be a competition for everything on that site. Miss a week and you have to read through all kinds of rubbish to find an an interesting snippet. I have another forum I use that I will keep secret. The people are much more informed and concise and you can easily refer to it in a hurry.

I am sorry Beth, forgive me for not consulting you before deciding to post a few more things on gamesbids. :-) The problem for me is that gamesbids does not let you cancel membership. I just can't resist popping in to read the London legacy thread but rarely post anything except eurovision at this time of year. Although even that has died a death on this forum.

I wont even go into the ridiculousness I have been reading over the last week on gamesbids. Well maybe a little rant, it wouldn't be me if I didn't. Bullying? Grow the hell up. If you like to antagonise and get off on hearing your name discussed on a daily basis, then you reap what you sow. Don't like it? then go. The only thing that concerns me more than the mods reaction, are the Disney threads, truly bizarre. What has this forum descended into? The only thing that makes it bearable these days is the odd fight, and now you can't even do that. How dull to just listen to a load of liberals(in the British sense) trying to calmly debate every thread and make everyone follow the rules and see things the same way.

I must admit I don't see the appeal of forums as much as I used to. I have a few Eurovision geek friends and a partner who is as eurovision obsessed as me, that pretty much renders eurovision forums almost redundant for me. My friends/partner are all at least sane and have a point of view worth listening to. I went to the Eurovision final in Dusseldorf and had an amazing time. I loved the atmosphere and the show itself but have to say, most Eurovision fans attending these events are the strangest people I have ever met. Not to mention obnoxious, childish and lacking of manners. It's like your worst gay club, but with no hot guys to compensate.

Anyway, I'm off now to enjoy my bank holiday weekend. I may post here again, I may not. It all depends on how bored I am. I am both gay and Gemini after all, changing my mind like the wind.

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Haha, Lee, I must say: You probably stepped on quite a few feet with your post, but I thorougly enjoyed it - it was like a breeze of fresh air on this apparently now at least partially insane board! ;)

Returning back to the original topic, though: I won't take the time to listen to all entries as I sometimes have done it in the past (I'll save it for the final on Saturday, I guess). But I just listened to the entries of Iceland, Hungary, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden - and have to say: Even if I haven't heard the other songs yet, the Netherlands are my personal favourite. A very nice and refreshingly minimalistic performance, it somehow gets stuck in the head and would be a positively different (albeit still mass compatible) winning song. Plus: After years of bad suffering at the ESC and 35 years after their last ESC in The Hague in 1980, the Netherlands simply deserve hosting again! So I'm very glad that it made the first step already and advanced to the final last night:

Here it is, if it hasn't been posted yet:


The UK's entry is very decent and I hope they make it to the Top 10 or even Top 5. I don't regard it as winning song, however. Hungary's entry has a great live performer (although his English still needs to be worked on) and especially in a weak field, it's a potential winning song (due to its mass compatibility), but at the same time it sounds a bit like many other songs you heard on the radio before. So I'm torn about its chances.

Iceland stands out, but at the same time, I regard their song only okay. And speaking about the bookies' current favourite Sweden: Booooooooooring! Sounds like the usual increasingly exchangeable Swedish songwriter crap. But hey, at least it's directly from Sweden! ;) I think Petra Mede and the city of Malmö would breathe a great sigh of relief if their country wasn't on top of the scoreboard yet again on early Sunday morning. And I also think (or rather hope?) that the bookies are wrong.

Here are the latest odds, by the way: http://www.oddschecker.com/tv/eurovision/winner

I won't watch the performances of co-favourites Armenia and Ukraine. I already heard that Armenia's entry is boring and I shudder as well when thinking of an ESC 2015 in Yerevan. Of Ukraine's performance, I only saw a snippet on ARD's breakfast show this morning and I immediately got the impression that it's the usual "wind machine, beautiful woman, beautiful dancer, great hymn" crap. Besides, in the current political situation, an ESC 2015 in Kiev would probably be a nightmare as well.

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Im really enjoying the fact it seems like a bit more of an open contest this year.

Our party always feel a bit flat when there is a runaway winner or when the UK are getting no points, so this year may well be a vintage contest, especially at our house party. I do love the UK song but I don't see it as a winner. Definitely top 5, hopefully top 3.

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Well we've got a second half draw, & Armenia & Sweden are both first half. The word at DS is that Netherlands are now our biggest threat, second half draw & slaying charts Europe-wide (Western Europe anyway) Very open & exciting year, all helped by us having a chance. And yay for San Marino qualifying, she deserves it :)

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I’m really pleased Sanmareno got through this year

The semi finals are very tough with more songs deserving qualification that there are places,

Sanmareno should have been at the final last year.

For me Montenegro gave a better live performance than its studio version.

Sweden is growing on me but it sounds like pre-recorded backing tapes to me not live
Backing singers.

This year there are a lot of songs equally good, with nothing really in a league of its own,

Spain is still my favourite.

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