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Eurovision Song Contest 2014

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2014 rules released, jury rules tightened. Juries will have to be named (& shamed lol) on the broadcast, & the individual ranking of each jury member will be publicly released.

(I've forgotten to copy the link doh, just google Eurovision, the rules will be on the Eurovision.tv website)

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Couple days ago Croatian national broadcaster stated that we won’t see their representative in Denmark. They said that it is due to the financial crisis, but that is such a valid excuse.

San Marino and FYR Macedonia are smaller countries and they already have not just confirmed their performances, but also chosen their representatives.

Many people who work at HRT expressed their dissatisfaction regardless the decision. Also several Eurovision related artists joined them, but the most disappointed are the fans.

One more decision has to be made by HRT and that is if they will air the Grand Final of next year’s show, but if they want to return in 2015 they surely have to do it.

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Turkey did it! After refusing to take part to Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, and most certainly in 2014, TRT has lauched it’s very own contest, Türk Vizyon.

Today, Azerbaijani duet and Eurovision 2011 winners Nigar & Eldar officialy launched the new concept. Up to 20 countries and regions who share a common Turkic culture will participate in this brand new contest.

The show has no connection with EBU or the Eurovision Song Contest but presents several similarities (song contest, two semi-finals, not to mention the name or the fonts of the logo).

The very first edition of Türk Vizyon will take place on December 19, 21 and 23 in the 2013 Turkic world capital of culture, Eskişehir.


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This contest is crap and is rigged as f*ck.

-Always the same countries make it to the final.

-Everyone can predict the winner months before the contest.

-Blatant buying of votes (e.g. Azerbaijan buys Malta every year and no one does anything about it)

-The music just keeps getting worse and worse.

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Esc is like the Olympics: There have been some dubious thing happening (and Azerbaijan does deserve an honorary mention there), but the governing body (EBU like IOC) doesn't really seem to have the will or care to make changes to keep the competition attractive in some of its main markets.

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