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Athens Opening Ceremony soundtrack?

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Hi all,

Does anybody know if an actual soundtrack exists of the Opening Ceremony of Athens 2004? All I can find is the soundtrack Unity, which doesn't appear to be the actual score of the Opening Ceremony.

Happy to download, if anyone has a link. :)

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Unfortunately there isn't a full opening ceremony soundtrack, like a few other Games have had.

There are basically just bits and pieces all over the place, some of them not the Olympic version.

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Unfortunately there isn't a full opening ceremony soundtrack, like a few other Games have had.

There are basically just bits and pieces all over the place, some of them not the Olympic version.

Yeah. They seem to have tried to maximise their revenues by releasing three official albums, none of which was specifically a soundtrack album- as well as "Unity" there was "Harmony" (classical) and "Phos" (Greek). Then Tiësto jumped in with his own "Parade of the Athletes" album remix of his contributions.

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Athens 2004 doesn't has a soundtrack for the ceremonies, sadly. However I could give you a list of the names of the songs used, as seen from this website: http://olympicceremonies.wordpress.com/2004-athens-opening-ceremony-music-list/ (some of them can be found in the internet although not the specific arrangements which were used in the OC)


Giorgos Panousopoulos – Olympia to Athens
Stavros Xarshakos – Zeimbekiko

Arrival of the Greek Flag
Manos Xatzidakis, arranged by Nikos Kipourgos – Nychterinos Peripatos (Night Stroll)
John Psathas, ERT Orchestra of Greece – Fanfare I (The President’s Arrival)
Nikolaos Mantzaros – Imnos is tin Eleftherian
Nikos Kipourgos – Leuko kai Galazio (White and Blue)

Manos Xatzidakis, arranged by Nikos Kipourgos – T’asteri tou voria (Northern Star)
Gustav Mahler, arranged by Giorgos Koumentakis – Symphony No. 3, movement VI

Allegory (Eros)
Giorgos Koumentakis – Erastes (Lovers)

Konstantinos Vita – Passage

Book of Life/DNA
Verdi, performed by Callas – Qui radames verra… o patria mi
Nikos Kipourgos – Diplos Elikas (Double Spiral)

Olive Tree
Giorgos Trantalidis – Karpos
Manos Xatzidakis, arranged by Giorgos Trantalidis – Asteri tou voria

Parade of the Athletes
DJ Tiesto – Heroes, Breda 8PM, Ancient History, Traffic, Euphoria, Athena, Olympic Flame, Lethal Industry, Coming Home, Adagio for Strings, Victorious, Forever Today
Nikko Patrelakis – Elliniki Omada (Greek Team)

Song for the Athletes
Bjork – Oceania

Opening of the Games
John Psathas – Fanfare II
Giorgos Koumentakis – Kampanes (Bells)
Mikis Theodorakis, arranged by John Psathas – “Sta Pervolia” from Zorbas Act I, scene 6
Spyros Samaras, arranged by J Psathas – Olimpiakos Imnos
John Psathas – Fanfare III

Tribute to the Olympic Cities
Konstantinos Vita – 28

The Flame
Claude Debussy, arranged by J Psathas – Fanfare from ‘King Lear’
John Psathas – Fos (Light), variation of Finale from Shostakovich’s ‘Pirogov’
Manos Xatzidakis, arranged by K Vita – Peristeri (Ela Pare Mou Ti Lipi – Come Take My Sorrow Away)

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Thanks for that Link.

Its such a shame, truly such beautiful music. With London, it is my Olympic score of all time - with Sydney, Vancouver, Salt Lake and Atlanta following.

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The composer of quite a few musical pieces for that ceremony, John Psathas, once had videos of those pieces performed at Athens' OC on his YouTube channel. It wasn't a studio recording of course, but the live thing (mixed with the applause) - but it was footage of high quality and I regret that I didn't save it. He took it down later - I suppose because the IOC and/or NBC stepped in due to his posting of ceremonial footage.


I have to say as well that Athens' OC, even if it was sometimes slightly too artsy and therefore lacked some genuine emotion, had some stunning music. My favourites Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 3 as it was performed during the "Allegory" segment - and of course the stirring and (very suitably) dramatic "Pirogov" finale for the lighting of the cauldron. Although that was a fairly ugly cauldron (the "big reefer of Athens"), it looked stunning when they showed it from behind, seemingly rising above the athletes' heads, accompanied by that great music.

Low point, however, was Björk's Oceania - the song's message was great, but as it's almost always the case with Björk's songs and performances, it was simply too quirky and avantgardistic for an Olympic opening ceremony. The fact that she couldn't be lifted above the athletes' heads (which would have probably looked a bit embarrassing anyway) and that we could never see the world map projected on her dress added to my impression that they could have done without that performance.

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