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Football in 2016

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Agreed... Lots of events before the Olympic Football tournament...

Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

World Cup Brazil 2014

Copa America Chile 2015


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Rio 2016 deny football match schedule decided, as Brazilian newspaper publishes list

Rio 2016 have rubbished reports that the competition schedule for the Olympic football tournament has already been decided, insisting it is still a "work in progress".

Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo reported a break down of matches that it says will see 14 games each played in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brazilian capital Brasilia.

The semi-finals, bronze medal game and final in both the men's and women's competition will reportedly be staged in Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã Stadium, venue for July's FIFA World Cup final and stage for the Rio 2016 Opening and Closing Ceremony.

Salvador will also host eight games, the newspaper reports.

But Rio 2016 have told insidethegames that no details have been confirmed.

"The sport competition schedule is due to be published in November, together with the details of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ticket sales programme," a spokesman said, adding no information to the contrary had been given to the newspaper.

Despite the competition schedule still apparently up in the air, the stadiums that will stage matches in each city have been confirmed, with one exception.

Salvador's Estádio Fonte Nova and Belo Horizonte's Mineirão will be Olympic venues, as will Brasilia's Mané Garrincha and Rio's Maracanã.

But São Paulo's stadium has yet to be decided, with Arena Corithians, Morumbi and Estádio do Palmeiras all in the mix.

Organisers say one or two could be selected to host the city's matches, with no timeline for when a decision will be made.


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Since this thread exists anyway, might as well post this here: the Copa América Femenina has just concluded. Brazil won for the sixth time in seven editions, Colombia finished second and Ecuador finished third. Brazil (as host) and Colombia will be the CONMEBOL representatives in the Olympic women's Football tournament for the second straight time. Brazil and Colombia also both qualify for the 2015 women's world cup. Ecuador will be in a playoff against the fourth best CONCACAF team for a spot in the world cup but they are out of contention for the Olympic tournament.

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Four of these seven EUFA teams that can still qualify for the men's tournament: Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia.

England can't qualify because the four house nations are stuborn.

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Neymar to be called up for Brazil's 2016 Olympic team

(Reuters) - Neymar will be selected as one of Brazil's three over-age players for the 2016 Olympics, the team's manager Alexandre Gallo said on Thursday.

Olympic soccer gold is the only major title Brazil have not won and with Rio de Janeiro hosting the Games the pressure is on - even with the tournament still almost two years away.

Gallo said he would call up Barcelona striker Neymar and two other over-age players. All teams must take under-23 squads but are permitted three over-age players.

"I will take (those) three players," Gallo said in an interview with Sportv. "Or rather two. One will be Neymar. You can't think about Brazilian football without thinking of him."

The decision could mean Neymar will face a punishing schedule in 2016. The U.S. is to host a special Centenary Copa America in June. The Olympics take place in August.


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Manaus enters race to host Rio 2016 Olympic Games football matches Amazonian city joins São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Salvador on short-list – final decision rests with FIFA

Manaus has joined São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Salvador on the list of cities that are qualified to host men’s and women’s Olympic football matches at the Rio 2016 Games. The Rio 2016 Organising Committee confirmed on Thursday (12 February) that the five cities meet the technical, logistical, operational and financial requirements established in the tender specifications. The final choice of which cities will be Olympic co-hosts rests with FIFA, world football’s governing body.

“Since the candidacy phase, we have been working with four cities for football, in addition to Rio de Janeiro, and after many studies and analyses, we saw the possibility of including one more,” said Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman. “Considering our concept of the Games being for all of Brazil, the inclusion of Manaus makes good sense. The Amazon rainforest is one of the country’s most emblematic symbols and we would like very much to include Manaus in our proposal to integrate all of Brazil in the Games.

“The five cities we have approved were great successes during the World Cup. We will send our proposal to FIFA, who will select the cities, and to the federal government, that will be responsible for some areas, such as security. The FIFA council will meet in March and we will wait for their response, as we are depending on this decision in order to plan the next steps in various sectors, such as ticket sales.”

The only sport with competitions outside Rio de Janeiro, football will spread the Olympic spirit across Brazil with 58 games in different regions. Sixteen countries will compete in the men’s tournament, while 12 will contest the women’s competition. The group draw will take place in April 2016 and the Rio 2016 Organising Committee will make a request to FIFA that this event happens in Brazil.

Two South American teams have already booked their places in the men’s competition: Brazil, as host country, and Argentina, as the winners of the South American under-20 championship. In the women’s tournament, Colombia confirmed their place, along with hosts Brazil, by finishing runners-up in last year’s Copa America. The remaining places will be decided by April 2016.

The men’s Olympic football competition features players up to the age of 23 (born after 31 December 1992), with the exception of three ‘over-age’ players per nation. The teams will be divided into groups of four and the competition will begin on 4 August, one day before the Olympic Games opening ceremony. The two best-performing members of each group will qualify for the quarter-finals. The final will be played on 20 August at the Maracanã Stadium.

In the women’s competition there are no age restrictions. The 12 teams will be split into three groups of four, and matches will start on 3 August. The top two teams in each group and the two best third-placed teams will progress to the quarter-finals. The final will be played on 19 August, also at the Maracanã Stadium.


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Why don't they just drop football from the Olympics? Most of the games outside of the medal round are played to less than half empty stadiums often in distant cities. Seems like a waste of time and money especially when cities seem to be much more cost conscious when it comes to bidding.

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Why don't they just drop football from the Olympics? Most of the games outside of the medal round are played to less than half empty stadiums often in distant cities. Seems like a waste of time and money especially when cities seem to be much more cost conscious when it comes to bidding.

This has been discussed over and over again but football is quite lucrative as it still tends to attract big crowds and brings nice revenues usually without a need to build new venues as most host countries have a few ready stadiums available. Also this way some of the Olympic spirit is spread throughout the country. At least as far as men's tournament is concerned FIFA might be quite pleased if the sport was dropped considering their general dislike of the tournament and the reluctance to let top players play in there, though for women it is more prestigious. For many other top professional sports such as tennis, road cycling and golf the Olympic competitions are not the most valued ones either so these sports have been selected because of their prestige.

Personally I don't care about Olympic football but this is just the way it is.

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Why don't they just drop football from the Olympics? Most of the games outside of the medal round are played to less than half empty stadiums often in distant cities. Seems like a waste of time and money especially when cities seem to be much more cost conscious when it comes to bidding.

Plus, in the veru Brazilian case, what are the expenses for the cities, if all of them hosted matches in the World Cup and have brand new stadiums?

Just add some look of the games in the stadium, airport and in some major avenues, put some volunteers for the matches and done.

Also, Reindeer was also precise on his arguments about spreading the olympic feeling across the country and the fact most countries have at least 2 or 3 stadiums already in place to host football matches (in Brazil this number is easily bigger than 20 now)

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FIFA says Manaus not 'suitable' option for 2016 Rio Games

SAO PAULO (AP) -- FIFA doesn't like the choice of Manaus as a football host city for the 2016 Olympics, saying it prefers games be played at cities closer to games center Rio de Janeiro.

Football's governing body said Friday it does ''not consider Manaus as a suitable first option for a hosting venue.''

FIFA's statement came a day after Rio organizers announced they were adding Manaus to the list of proposed host cities to ''integrate all of Brazil'' in the games. The city is about 3,000 kilometers (1,800 miles) from Rio in the Amazon jungle.

The other proposed cities, beside Rio, are Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Brasilia. All of them hosted matches during last year's World Cup.

FIFA said the organizers' proposal will be discussed in March, when FIFA's Olympic organizing committee meets in Zurich.

''FIFA has always been in favor of using the FIFA World Cup stadiums since all of the infrastructure is already in place,'' the governing body said. ''Given that the Olympic Football Tournament is only two weeks long, FIFA's preference has also always been on short distances between the other football venues and the Olympic city Rio de Janeiro to provide the participating teams with the best possible Olympic experience.''

In addition to the distance from Rio, Manaus could also be a problem because of the heat and humidity in the region. There were complaints during the World Cup because of the weather conditions in the city, including from the international players' union, FIFPro.

Football is the only Olympic competition that will be played outside of Rio.

A veto of Manaus would come as a blow to Rio Olympic organizers and the Brazilian football federation, which have been praising the city as a good choice and as being fully capable of hosting matches.

'Considering our concept of the games being for all of Brazil, the inclusion of Manaus makes good sense,'' said Carlos Nuzman, president of the local Olympic organizing committee. ''The Amazon rainforest is one of the country's most emblematic symbols and we would like very much to include Manaus in our proposal to integrate all of Brazil in the games. The five cities we have approved were great successes during the World Cup.''

FIFA's stance against Manaus appeared to come as a surprise to Brazilian organizers. Before FIFA released its statement, Manaus officials made public comments already considering the city as an Olympic venue.

FIFA also said Friday that it ''welcomes'' the choice of using two venues in Rio de Janeiro - the Maracana, where the World Cup final took place, and likely the Engenhao stadium, which will also host the athletics competitions at the Olympics.

Sao Paulo also wants to use two venues. One is expected to be the Itaquerao stadium, which opened the World Cup. Two other stadiums are also being considered locally, Sao Paulo's Morumbi and Palmeiras' recently built Allianz Parque, widely touted as one of the best arenas in Brazil.



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Manaus on the list...


Int'l media after the announcement

I hope Great Britain gets picked to play there lol

And boo should have read before posting that lol

You know if Boston tried to do the same thing as Brazil and keep it closer to the host city, the US would probably be a bit outraged. I'm sure a lot of stadium owners across the the US would have enjoyed hosting some of the soccer/football games. I personally think it is smarter to keep it closer to the host city as that would cut transportation costs, especially the cost of plane tickets.

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For example, here's what Team GB is doing for Rugby:

How do Team GB qualify for Rio 2016?

Each country that finishes in the top four spots of both the men’s and women’s series once the final round is complete will secure a place at Rio 2016.

In July this year, the British Unions nominated England to be the lead side for Team GB’s men’s and women’s qualification campaign and will attempt to secure a spot on behalf of all the Home Nations.

As a result, if England were to finish fourth or better after the London Sevens (men) or Netherlands Sevens (women) next year, a British quota spot for Rio would be confirmed.

Despite England’s nomination, the eventual squad for the Games will be drawn using players from all three nations; England, Scotland and Wales.

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Bunch of idiots in the FA. The home nation thing isn't a hard problem. Fix it.

It's not the FA's problem to fix alone and actually, we learned from London 2012 that the FA are far more open to the idea than the SFA or the Northern Irish FA. There are good arguments on both sides, but given the shadiness of FIFA, it's understandable that the smaller Home Nations don't want to put their historical sporting independence on the line when it comes to competing in future. It may be that that argument is overblown but who would honestly trust Blatter's FIFA these days? In any case, we had a whole long thread on this in the past. Suffice to say, 2012 was almost certainly a one-off.

The women players are the ones who would lose out in this the most. I don't think Wayne Rooney and co see the Olympics as anything particularly special, but the attention and crowds the women's game got were unprecedented in this country in 2012. For that reason alone I think we should still be looking to get a compromise on this that allows us to compete, but I still think it's pretty unlikely to happen...

Lord Cole rules out British men's football team for Rio 2016


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