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Copenhagen and Havana


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Brussels and Geneva are more important, higher prestige cities than Kobenhaven & Lisboa. But probably more boring than C&L.

From a practical perspective, Geneva would never be able to hold a Summer Olympics simply due to the political regime ....

As for Brussels . well that is interesting.

- Well known and a capital city with multiple international connections and organisations

- Belgium previously had an empire so its reach expands beyond the small nation

- Brussels is well known on the Diamond League, have a 50,000 seat national stadium and spoke of a new 80,000 seater for 2018

- Belgium previously hosted the Olympics in 1920, the Euros in 2000 (co-host) and bid for 2018 showing a willingness to bid for sporting events

Like with all smaller European options, these cities could hold the games if they wanted to.

Another factor that I think is under valued, is that whilst as fans we are naturally drawn to the biggest and shiniest bidders, turkeys don't vote for Christmas and those IOC members from smaller countries who potentially could wish to bid in the future may not want to see the Olympics established as a clique for a small number of nations only.

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My Havana bid book done for a Gamesbids comp a while back showed potential for another Havana bid.


Only this time logically using Matanzas/Varadero to host a few sports and offer it's airport as an auxiliary one as well as most importantly it's extensive hotels.

Havana would still host a majority of sports, however and undergo a logical hotel expansion plan to accommodate this as well as use cruise ships.

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Dominican Republic? A country's whose GDP is less then what China spent on 2008 and what Russia will for 2014?

NO chance whatsoever.

Only countries in the Americas would be USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Argentina (to an extent).

Venues built for the 2003 Pan Am Games are in better conditions than in Cuba, Pablo Duarte Swimming Complex is awesome... One of the best in Latin America. Still any Caribbean city is a longshot, Pan Am are enough.

Not to mention they now have a subway network that could be expanded to a possible 3rd (when one includes the 2 used for the Pan Ams) sports park. This new sports park could host most indoor sports in a new exhibition center and other venues.

Any bid won't win. But there's some potential in legacy bid related construction proposals.

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