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America's Cup 2013  

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  1. 1. Who will win the Louis Vuitton Challenger Series?

    • Artemus Racing, SWE
    • Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL
    • Luna Rossa Challenge 2013, ITA
  2. 2. Who will Defend?

    • Oracle Team USA, 'Team Ainslie', USA
    • Oracle Team USA, 'Team Spithall', USA
  3. 3. Who will Win America's Cup 2013?

    • Oracle Team USA, USA
    • Artemus Racing, SWE
    • Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL
    • Luna Rossa Challenge 2013, ITA

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Here's a neat wee New Zealand Americas Cup tribute made by NZ's Virtual Eye, the video is billed as being from *the nation born from sailors to the best sailors of the world* - Kia Kaha San Francisc

It only stung for a quick moment before we realised we really were taking on a computer controlled monster. I'm still impressed at the leap Oracle took within a fortnight into a higher level of techno

I have been very proud of New Zealands reaction to the loss. There might be a glimmer of hope that we will challenge again! I have my fingers crossed.

We have to stay positive mate! Tomorrow will be the day.

Positive for Team NZ...But sad for this edition of the Cup. Tuesday is the last day!!

Remember saying last week that we could go the full edition if Oracle can come back..They have, but the weather has been the total ruin of the event!

Port Authorities and the Coast Guard are ready to allow an extension of agreements with respect to shipping movements.

There was a back up course to use but both teams agreed to tough it out.

Team NZ needs to wrap it up tomorrow...It really last chance saloon to avoid the legal tidal wave thats building up. :(

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They will be allowed to carry on at the behest of the Port Authority...But there is a pile of paper work to submit and if Oracle gets to seven wins...and Team NZ wins, then Ellison will head to court to try and get his two points back...This would lead to a technical tie...and force a best of three..In fact Oracle could make it to 7 and get an injunction filed there and then. This would stop racing.

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Race 14 prestart underway...Oracle leading in first.

Oracle a good start...yet another shocking Team NZ runup.

Agressive Oracle! Round mk 1.

Oracle in control...

Oracle approaching mk2 well ahead, and in control...good work,

Team NZ unable to match...

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Oracle in front as we still dawdle up to mk2...surely no time limit.

Mk 2 Oracle lead....Upwind Oracle flying! This ones theirs...

An attack by Team NZ on Oracle, but didnt pay off...Oracle well in control.

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Big big big advantage to "the favorite". One more win and NZ wins. Oracle must win EVERY race from now on!

NZ 8

US 5

9 to win

If you are in SN you should be at the bluff at Fort Mason, you can see almost everything start to finish.

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Yes but Oracle is on a major winning streak...

Both teams are even BUT Oracle has the advantage of the lead in at the start. If in front at the first mk and lead into down wind its easier to defend than attack.

Race 15 pre start underway...

Oracle powering up and away...

Same old same old...Oracle very good, flooring it, very fast boat.

Survival is everything. They are going well.

I'm calling it Oracle...down to mk 2

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:( Now it's Team NZ who have absolutly NO answers...the power of a super computer billionair.


Oracle has staged the biggest comeback in Americas Cup history, no other yacht has done that!

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