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PyeongChang 2018 Emblem Unveiling

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So what does everyone predict? I'm hoping PC follows the path of Vancouver and Sochi and removes itself from the overdone snowflake concept - something I feel somewhat restrains the creativity of winter branding. Will we see a return of the Taegeuk swirl, that featured on the Seoul 1988 logo? Or will it be combined in some sort of cross symbolism with a snowflake, like Calgary did with the maple leaf/snowflake? It wouldn't surprise me if there was some kind of continuity, like there was between Tokyo and Sapporo - even though more recently Sochi doesn't echo Moscow in the slightest.

Quite interesting - only the third ever Asian Winter logo.

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I'm watching ! So exciting, never really watched a logo unveiling live before. Although I was in London in 2007 when the logo was unveiled, and when half the country apparently collapsed and had a seizure. Keep it classy, Korea.

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"it is very good looking, and very Korean too. It uses the Korean language. To the Korean people, it will be very familiar - to foreigners it will symbolise Winter and the Olympics' (not verbatim)

Whats the bet its the Korean swirl (ala 1988 logo) in snowflake form??

Is that the logo behind the Governor ????

I think its part of it. It looked very distinct. If that is the style, we'll be looking at something minimal, and very unique. and in PASTEL colours?

Haha i Think that IS the logo hanging about - it looks very stick figureish?? hilarious slip up, if thats what I think it is???

OMG they are making this so much more complicated that it needs to be.

THAT IS RIDICULOUS! That gigantic unveiling ceremony coming after seeing the logo already draped in the hall in PyeongChang!! What a hilarious stuff up!

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I can see how the logo has potential in being integrated in other aspects of Games design, however, the logo in itself - Im not sold. Would have been nice if the video was translated into English.

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