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What is Your Favorite Olympic Ceremonies?

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Off the top of my head:

1. Athens 2004

2. Sydney 2000

3. Barcelona 1992

4. London 2012

5. Vancouver 2010

Finishing out the top 10 (in no order) would be Beijing 2008, Salt Lake City 2002, Atlanta 1996, Los Angeles 1984 and Moscow 1980.

Turin 2006, Nagano 1998 and Seoul 1988, are to me the least interesting of all the 'recent' Ceremonies. I've seen them all once, couldn't really care to see them again. (although, I do love Pavarotti's performance in 2006)

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I'm glad the question asked favourite, not best. Honestly, between different eras, it's really hard to objectively rate them. I'll nominate those I ENJOYED the most, in order:

1: Sydney (home town, emotional for me, what else could be on my personal top of the list?)

2: Lillehammer (simply magical)

3: London (I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but I laughed out loud, enjoyed it and generally had fun watching it)

4: Barcelona (Was just a wow ceremony for me - classy and colourful)

5: Beijing (Tough one - I lumped for Beijing at the end simply for its giant scale extravaganza)

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1. Athens / Beijing

Honorable mention: LA84 -just liked all the pictures I've seen of the colors and stage area, very fresh looking and creative combinations, very LA. And I saw some videos of the giant marching band, which proves you don't have to be a communist regime with a population of 3 billion to demonstrate incredible precision in an OC!

I only list the ones I remember, I have not watched that many.

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1- Munich 1972 - great music and a colourful, well choreographed presentation by the youngsters.

2 - Mexico City 1968 - all those balloons!

3 - Montreal 1976 - the Queen's pink dress, good music, the dancers in white were cool (although not long enough), and WOW! two torch bearers!

4 - Sapporo 1972 - wow, that skater with the torch was so graceful.

5 - Melbourne 1956 - great marching bands and the torch was so sparkly.

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Oh, here we go again!

This is difficult as I was at the London 2012 Ceremonies (all 4 of them) so I'll exclude them from my calculations:

1 - Beijing Opening - just a fantastic spectacle.

2 - Barcelona Opening - very 'cultured' ceremony; spectacular cauldron-lighting.

3 - LA Opening - looked great fun, everyone having a 'blast;'

4 - Sydney Opening - great music, great introduction to the Australian Games.

5 - Moscow Opening - spectacular, very much a product of it's age but great to watch, nevertheless.

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