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Istanbul 2020 Reveals Ability To Finance $19.2 Billion Plan

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19.2 billion :o

Oops found a page with all the costs. Holy sh!t Beijing $43 billion and Sochi $50 billion for a winter games!

London was $19 billion so Istanbul is below there costs but they always skyrocket London initially thought $3 billion LOL.

Nagano lost heaps and hasn't paid off


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I read somewhere else that Beijing was $60B when everything was all said & done.

And I'm sure that London was $3B, on operating costs that is.

And Istanbul can probably bring it down to $17B by just scrapping the spectacle that is suppose to be the Bosphorus.

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Did US games inflate their budgets as bad as these from he bids? Guess it's just SOP to BS the bid then fnck everybody after you win.

No. The US Games were pretty much on the mark. [Of the last 4 Games, Lake Placid was the only one that lost money..under $8 mil...which was about the budget Atlanta had to win the Games. Can u believe that? A $7.9 mil loss when Lake Placid closed its books. a $7.8 mil bid for Atlanta to win the Games; and that $8 mil was a private contribution from the Eccles family to pay for the cauldrons and improvements at Rice-Eccles stadium twenty years later at Salt Lake!]

But you know, who likes to stay on budget? It's so boring. The IOC likes to live dangerously! Spend like there's no tomorrow. After all, it's only money..and not theirs at that!! LOL! :lol:

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