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Bid books in for Gay Games X: Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando, and Paris continue in race to host 2018 event

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Read the bid books at 2018.gaygames.org


San Francisco

1 March 2013

Federation of Gay Games receives bid books for Gay Games X

Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando, and Paris continue in race to host 2018 event

Today the Federation of Gay Games announced that it had received bid
books from groups in Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando, and Paris
vying to be chosen to host Gay Games X in 2018. The documents can be
found online at 2018.gaygames.org.

Officer for Site Selection Dennis Sneyers (Chicago) expressed the
Federation’s pleasure at these submissions: “Bidding is an intensive and
costly process, mobilizing dozens of volunteers in each bidding city.
We began this process with over twenty expressions of interest. Groups
from seven cities submitted letters of intent to bid. Five responded to
our Request for Proposals. Now all five groups have completed this most
recent major step on the road to Cleveland where our site selection
meeting will take place in October 2013.”

Cochair of the Site Selection Committee David Killian (Philadelphia)
noted the months of communication between bidding organizations and the
FGG: “We began by providing these organizations with our RFP which lays
out the requirements for hosting the Gay Games and for presenting their
bid. The Gay Games are a major endeavor, the largest sport and culture
festival open to all in the world. For an event with over 10,000
participants and 40 sport and culture events, just producing a bid book
is extraordinarily demanding. We have provided as much pertinent
information about past hosts as we could, and have remained in constant
contact with these organizations, holding weekly teleconferences to
respond to their questions and requests for information.”

FGG co-president Emy Ritt (Paris) spoke of the excitement among FGG
board members, delegates, and volunteers: “After the Gay Games
themselves and the site selection meeting, the submission of bid books
is one of the most important moments in the life of the Federation. It’s
a bit like unwrapping a present when we discover the very different
visions these organizations have of producing the Gay Games, which have
changed thousands of lives since 1982, and which will be celebrating
their 36th anniversary in 2018.”

Ritt’s male counterpart Kurt Dahl (Chicago) laid out the next steps
in the process: “We have set up a system to collect questions about
these bids. At 2018.gaygames.org,anyone can submit a question to bidding
organizations in view of it being selected for publication on our blog.
In the meantime, we are pleased to have received 14 applications for
the position of site inspector for the visits to finalist cities that
will take place in late July and early August of this year, and will
soon be announcing the teams. Those three finalist cities will be chosen
by the FGG Site Selection Assembly at the end of May. The Assembly will
meet in person at our 2013 Annual General Assembly to be held in
October in Cleveland, Ohio, which along with neighboring Akron, will be
hosting Gay Games 9 in just 18 months.”

Sneyers concluded: “I’ve got to say that given the demands put on
potential bidders, we are surprised that all five organizations that
submitted letters of intent have followed through with what appear to be
excellent bid books. We’re all very eager to look at these documents,
with a total of nearly 1000 pages of information, and will be providing a
summary of key points in the coming days. To follow all news about
bids, visit 2018.gaygames.org and blog.gaygames.org.”

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London, Paris and Limerick shortlisted to host 2018 Gay Games

London and Paris are set to go head-to-head to host the 2018 Gay Games after both cities were shortlisted, alongside Limerick.

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) announced that the three cities had been put forward to the next stage of the bid process as Amsterdam and Orlando were cut.

The three finalists collected the most votes from among the members of the FGG's site selection assembly during an online poll.

"Ever since competitive bidding to host the Gay Games began for Gay Games IV, ultimately won by New York 1994, we have faced the welcome challenge of choosing from among several qualified bidders," said Dennis Sneyers, the American who is the officer for site selection at the FGG

"This cycle has brought us particularly outstanding bids from Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando and Paris.

"Each group has brought a truly distinctive take on what the Gay Games can be, and has enriched our own thinking about our event.

"All have been highly professional and responsive to the demands of our bidding process."

The decision to shortlist both London and Paris promises a re-run of the race to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, which the British capital won despite its French counterpart having been the favourite.

London's plan for the 2018 Gay Games - which would be expected to attract more than 11,000 athletes from nearly 100 countries - includes using several of the venues built for the Olympics and Paralympics, including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Velodrome.

"This is fantastic news and a testimony to the hard work of the London Gay Games bid team," said London Mayor Boris Johnson after the announcement of the shortlist.

"London could host a world-beating event in 2018, underlining our city's reputation as a tolerant place to live and visit.

"I wish London's organising team every success as they progress to this next crucial stage of the selection process."

An evaluation process is scheduled to be carried out by the FGG next month with the decision due to be announced during the Annual General Assembly in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 10.

Cleveland is due to co-host the 2014 Gay Games with Akron.


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All three have interesting qualities- Limerick being the smaller option makes it appealing, especially in Ireland which has made a dramatic turn for the better, in terms of gay rights in the last 40 years. The Irish economy could use the shot in the arm from the pink dollar, too.

As for Paris and London - no doubt this will open old wounds from 2005, even if its an event of much less significance. I'd love it in Paris as it would fly in the face of those vicious anti gay protests of recent months- and London would be obviously marvellous if it utilises QE2 Olympic Park. London is such a progressive city, and given the enthusiasm of the city post-Olympics, I could see a Gay Games being embraced by Londoners - gay or straight.

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Limerick to be first 2018 Gay Games candidate to have bid evaluated


June 29 - Inspection visits to the three cities shortlisted to host the 2018 Gay Games are due to begin next Wednesday (July 3) when a team visits Limerick.

The delegation from the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) will spend three days in the Irish city before travelling to Paris and then concluding their tour in London.

Limerick, known as the Treaty City because of the agreement in 1691 which signalled the end of Williamite war in Ireland which was fought between supporters of the Catholic King James II and the Protestant King William of Orange, is considered the outsider in the three-city race, especially with London proposing using may of the facilties built for last year's Olympics and Paralympics.

But the city, the third biggest in Ireland, is optimistic that they can pull off a shock and have been working with the country's national tourism development authority, Fáilte Ireland, and the Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau, to organise the visit.

If Limerick's bid is successful it is estimated that it would be worth up to €50 million (£43 million/$65 million) to the local economy with more than 10,000 competitors expected to take part.

"The Bureau have been working in partnership with Fáilte Ireland and the Limerick 2018 bid Committee to ensure a really memorable trip to Limerick for the site inspection committee," said Karen Brosnahan, manager of Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau.

"They have a very busy schedule seeing over 25 venues plus hotels while her.

"We are doing our utmost to make sure they have a fun time in the process and get to experience what we are famous for, our hospitality and warm welcome.

"If secured this will be an incredible event both from an economic impact perspective and also in terms of putting Limerick on the map as the world-class destination it is for events."

The announcement of the winning city is due to be made at the FGG Annual Conference on October 7 in Cleveland, Ohio, host city of the 2014 Games.

"[The inspection team] will spend three-and-a-half days in each city, visiting the key venues, meeting the leaders of the bidding organisations, and attending community events," said Kurt Dahl, Co-President of the FGG.

"At the end of these visits, the inspectors will prepare a report for the FGG site selection meeting which will take place at the Federation's Annual General Assembly.

"After various committee reports, Q&A sessions, and the official bidder presentations, the voting members of the Assembly will choose the host of Gay Games X."


I hope Ireland does it - just something that appeals to me about them getting the GGs. Always had a thing for Irish boys as well.

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I hope Ireland does it - just something that appeals to me about them getting the GGs. Always had a thing for Irish boys as well.

You can't help be anything but charming or cheeky with that accent. I agree, Ireland would be interesting. Also, on a practical level, it appears to be the multisport event well suited to a city like Limerick. In our region Wellington would do a good job of this event, given recent developments over there. They deserve the economic reward.

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Irish Prime Minister backs Limerick’s Gay Games bid

by Scott Roberts
1 October 2013, 12:41pm
Ireland’s Prime Minister (Taoiseach) has thrown his weight behind Limerick’s bid to host the 2018 Gay Games.
In a letter to the judging committee, Enda Kenny said: “Limerick has some of the best sporting infrastructure in the country with the potential to provide a really fantastic backdrop for the Games. The utilisation of the University of Limerick Arena and Activity Centre, Thomond Park Stadium and the outdoor biking facilities at Ballyhoura, to name just a few, would help to make the 2018 Games an outstanding success.”
He added: “Above all else the competitors and their families will be assured of a world-famous Irish welcome with the passion and dedication of the event organisers combined with the friendly nature of the Irish people certain to make for a very memorable event.”
Limerick, a small historic city in the west of Ireland, along with Paris and London are competing for the 2018 Gay Games.
Last week, the London Evening Standard used an editorial to argue the case for the capital to host the sporting event.
In July, UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said hosting the Gay Games in 2018 would make a huge difference to the perception of LGBT people and sport.
The Federation of Gay Games will make its decision on 7 October.
High profile backers of the London bid include Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Sports Minister Hugh Robertson and House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.
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The Election and the Announcement of the host city of the Gay Games X will take place at the FGG 2013 Annual General Assembly on Monday 7 October 2013 at Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sunday 6 October 2013

0900-1030 General Assembly #5 Inspection Committee Report
1. Limerick
2. London
3. Paris
1030-1045 Bidder 1 bump in Morning Tea
1045-1130 General Assembly #6 Bidder 1 Presentation
1130-1200 Bidder 1 Q&A
1200-1215 Bidder 1 bump out
1200-1330 Lunch
1315-1330 Bidder 2 bump in
1330-1415 General Assembly #7 Bidder 2 Presentation
1415-1445 Bidder 2 Q&A
1445-1500 Bidder 2 bump out Afternoon Tea
1500-1515 Bidder 3 bump in
1515-1600 General Assembly #8 Bidder 3 Presentation
1600-1630 Bidder 3 Q&A
1630-1645 Bidder 3 bump out
Night Activity
Free Night – contemplation Ambassador Room will be available for delegates to discuss Site Selection
Monday 7 October 2013
0900-1000 General Assembly #9 Committee Chair SWOT Analysis of Bids
1. Scholarship – Paul Oostenbrug
2. Diversity – Marc Naimark
3. Marketing – Doug Litwin & Kelly Stevens
4. Support (Community, Govt, Business) - Marc Naimark
1000-1030 Morning Tea
1030-1200 General Assembly #10 Committee Chair SWOT Analysis of Bids
1. Sports – Senastien Datiche & Martha Ehrenfeld
2. Culture/Ceremonies – Michael Tolliver & Shamey Cramer
3. Legal – TBC
4. Finance – Mike Myers & Sonia Abecassis
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 General Assembly #11 Bidders Q&A
1. Questions to be provided before 1300
2. One person asking questions
3. No props for bidders
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea
1530-1630 General Assembly #12 Voting for successful bid
1. Review of balloting process
2. Verification of eligible voters
3. Ballot papers prepared and distributed
4. Voting
1700-1900 Site Selection Announcement Announcement of presumptive host of Gay Games X
Signing Ceremony
Press Conference
Note: Some FGG Awards will be presented as part of this function
Night Activity
Celebration with Presumptive Host Venue: House of Blues

The Announcement will take place at 17:00-19:00 EDT

21:00-23:00 GMT/UTC

22:00-00:00 BST

23:00-01:00 CET

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French Sports Minister lead Paris 2018 delegation in Gay Games bid

Sunday, 06 October 2013
By Duncan Mackay
October 6 - Paris' bid to host the 2018 Gay Games has been given a big boost by the presence of French Sports Minister Valérie Fourneyron and double Olympic gold medal winning fencer Laura Flessel.
They headed the delegation from the French capital when Paris, along with rivals Limerick and London, made their final presentations at the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) Annual General Assembly in Cleveland today.
The final decision is due to be made tomorrow with the winner hosting an event that is expected to be attended by more than 8,000 athletes from over 70 countries competing in nearly 40 events.
It is Paris' second bid to host the Games, having been defeated in 2005 by Cologne for the 2010 edition, a defeat French officials blamed on the fact the campaign was running simultaneously with the race to find a host city for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.
"In 2005, the schedule was against us because of the candidacy of Paris 2012," said Michael Geffroy, co-President of Paris 2018.
"Nobody could fight on two fronts, not even the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe."
Paris were also beaten in the campaign for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics by London, a rivalry that has been reignited during this candidature.
Fourneyron has been at the forefront of Paris' bid, hosting a reception when the FGG Evaluation Committee visited the city in July.
"For me, it was natural to support the Gay Games," she said.
"I have always claimed that sport is a place where the should be no form of discrimination, whether they concern gender or sexual orientation."
Paris 2018, whose honorary President is Pierre Bergé, co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent Couture House, has also received the support of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and more than 20 National Federations, including athletics, football and rugby.
The presence of Flessel, winner of five Olympic medals, including two gold at Atlanta 1996, is another sign of the high profile support Paris enjoys.
Fessel, who carried the French flag at the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 on what her fifth and final appearance in the Olympics, is a member of the National Committee Against Discrimination in Sport.
Other big name supporters of Paris' bid include world famous designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.
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October 7 - Paris were today awarded the 2018 Gay Games ahead of Limerick and London, it was announced.

The decision was announced by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) at its Annual General Assembly in Cleveland today.

The international delegates and board of directors of the FGG voted at the end of a three-day meeting featuring site inspection reports, question-and-answer sessions, committee reviews and, a highlight of the event, the oral presentation by each bidding organisation.

"The vote is the result of dozens of individual choices, but some points stood out for many voters," said David Killian, co-chair of the FGG Site Selection Committee.

"Paris proposed a wide range of sports in quality venues, many of which offer good visibility for the event.

"French LGBT sport organisations already have a great deal of experience hosting international multisport tournaments, and their LGBT community presents outstanding cultural events.

"They are already well advanced in planning, for example, with the designation of a dedicated sports manager.

"They arrived with demonstrable political support, including Minister for Sport Valerie Fourneyron and five-time Olympic fencing medalist Laura Flessel, who were part of the presentation team.

"And of course Paris is a great destination to visit or revisit."


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