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Tokyo wants you to think it's an environmental friendly city, but did you know Tokyo government has been on a rampage against bicycles for 2 years.

They do "sweeps" twice a month where they take all the bicycles inocuously parked by some train station to a "bicycle pound". Well of course. Too sensible that someone should ride their bike to a train station, right?

Yes, they started putting pay bicycle parking lots in some areas, concurrent to the "sweeps". But without any of the infrastructure in all those European cities - no rental system, no "pick up at site A and drop off at Site B".

To tell the truth, there aren't really any bicycle lanes in Tokyo. They built one on Gaien Higashi Street, opened it in September, and after 3 weeks closed it again "for repairs". And, it's still closed, with no visible progress. I guess the LDP prefers to place their construction budgets where the big pork is.

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